NCC - 77447 - B

Major Samantha Snyder

Name Samantha Snyder

Position Marine Commanding Officer

Rank Major


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 155
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Blonde hair and green eyes with an attractive slender build. She keeps her hair tied back when on duty but when off duty or a social situation her hair is down, shoulder length partially covering the left side of her face. Physically she's capable of handling herself thanks to her marine training, she has a scar in the palm of her left hand from an accident during training.


Spouse Never Married
Children None
Father Ishikawa Snyder
Mother Cassandra Snyder
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Cousin died at Wolf 359
Aunt died when Samantha was Six years old

Personality & Traits

General Overview Samantha is a dedicated and devoted to her duties. Traditional in her ideas of honour, loyalty, respect and honesty to some this has made her seem somewhat passive on the outside. Others would view this as an unusual mix of traits to combine with the marine lifestyle but it has served her well during her years of service rewarding her several times in rank and commendations.

When faced with a challenge shes known to think inside and outside of the box when it comes to tactics. Sound and well thought out, she applies herself to achieve not only the task at hand but also maintaining as much safety to those around her as possible.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:-

* Loyalty
* Devotion to duty
* Honesty
* Respectful
* Traditional


* Has a slight tendency to push herself to her limits once too often. Especially while in the gym to keep fit.
* Quick to anger if her gender is used in a negative way within a mostly male filled department.
Ambitions To make her family proud and serve out her career term before Returning to Earth.

In the mean time Samantha strives to lead by example, demonstrate that women are just as capable as men in the field. Though not aiming for a command of her own she has considered the option though having been assigned to the U.S.S Dreadnought she wants to settle in and make her mark first with a new team of marines.

Hobbies & Interests * Music
* Cooking
* Traditional Art

Personal History Samantha's childhood was at one point sweet and cute, that lasted up to her teenage years when she started to rebel against everything. Her parents, authority figures, society in general. Her parents were at a loss as to what to do to curb Samantha's violent tendencies. Eventually after she was suspended from her fourth school and the police force beginning to take more of a firm hand in response to her actions it was decided that for her own good she would be sent to Military Academy.

Aside from meeting aggressive resistance from Samantha she arrived at the at Military Academy. Her induction to her new home didn't go smoothly, on her first day she struck out against one of the instructors when ordered to her dormitory. She was subdued easily much to her surprise and was put in detention for three days. Things went this way for most of the first semester and more fights with Instructors and fellow students followed. Without her knowing her parents fought hard to keep her in the Academy, despite her rule breaking, fighting, disobedience and difficult nature.

It was during a stint in detention when it dawned on her that something had to change and the system wouldn't so it left her. When she was released she went to see the Commandant, there the two of them discussed a few things. She realized that she couldn't keep going on this way, it was not making her parents proud, she'd lost her self respect and sooner or later she'd end up in prison. The Commandant could see she had potential but needed direction, molding into shape, fine tuning into something she could use.

Her change came much to the relief of everyone around her including her parents. She began to focus and achieve, even taking part in classes and learning other skills. Graduation saw her reach the top 4% of her class and the respects of those around her, even those she once attacked and tormented. At the end of the ceremony she went to see the Commandant again. There she discussed with him a recommendation for Officers training at the Starfleet Marine Academy.

Thus starting her career as a full fledged Marine.
Service Record Joined Marine Academy aged 18, Texas, Earth.

Reprimanded for insubordination and fighting on first day during induction. Detention for two days. Lenient punishment for first offence.

Reprimanded for fighting, altercation between Cadet Snyder and Cadet Williamson. Williamson in Medical Ward for three days. Detention for two days, defaulter duties for two days.

Commendation for preventing injury to another Cadet. Cadet Vladamir was found intoxicated on campus, Cadet Snyder talked him down from roof of the dormitory before attacking him. Reprimand follows:-

Reprimanded for fighting, Cadet Snyder attacked Cadet Vladamir whom was intoxicated at the time and in the process of conducting himself in a dangerous and suicidal manner. Warning issued.

Reprimanded for insubordination, disobeying orders given by Instructors. Detention for two days. Defaulter duties for one day.

Commendation for Best Improved Cadet.

Commendation for demonstration leadership ability during group activities.

Promoted to Cadet Corporal.

Joined Starfleet Marine Training Academy aged 21, inducted into basic 8 week initial training course. Cadet Private rank.

Passed 8 week initial training with passing grades, inducted into officers training program. Cadet 2nd Lieutenant rank, 71st Battalion, 3rd Company.

Graduated from SFMC training fourth in class. Promoted to 2nd Lieutenant. Selected for covert operations, infiltration and intelligence gathering by the Mars Marine Training Program (MMTP). Aged 25.

Passed MMTP second in her class, promoted to 1st Lieutenant and assigned to Starbase 91. Echo Squad Commander. Later promoted to Captain after completion of the rescue of 73 crewmembers of the Freighter Obsidian, following hostile take over by disgruntled crew. Freighter was rigged to explode by the crew. Snyder and her team infiltrated the ship, subdued the crew and made safe the explosive device. Captain and First Officer of Obsidian taken into custody and charged. Aged 31.

Tasked with covert operation in the Alpha Oridis Cluster, drug cartel was known to be manufacturing and distributing highly addictive narcotics to local systems. Team was compromised was within, Private Adrian Lions betrayed the mission and revealed information as to the teams location and strength to the enemy. Five members including Captain Snyder were badly wounded in the resulting firefight and had to be emergency evacuated for treatment. Three confirmed fatalities including Private Lions. Mission deemed a failure. Following rehabilitation for her injuries Captain Snyder returned to active duty.

Captain Snyder assigned to undercover operations on the industrial world of Polaris III. Intelligence reports indicated that a rogue faction was developing moderate yield anti-matter weapons for terrorist activities. Snyder inserted as *INFORMATION CLASSIFIED* Mission completed, rogue elements eliminated following destruction of manufacturing facility and the capture and arrest of 38 members, including ring leader. Captain Snyder promoted to Major, aged 35.

Major Synder requested reassignment, assigned Flagship U.S.S Dreadnought as Executive Officer, Marine Detachment.