NCC - 77447 - B

Lieutenant Colonel Jason "Jack" Frost

Name Jason "Jack" Frost

Position Civilian

Rank Lieutenant Colonel


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Thu May 14th, 2020 @ 9:17am

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 177lbs
Hair Color Dirty Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Jason is a fit young man, its very clear he was one of the 'Born to be a Marine' type, hair is short back and sides but his hair is longer and hidden usually under work head dress or helmet. Slightly toned skin with a strong looking face, not too thin but definatly the sort that 'old school' drill instructors had.

Broad shoulders often carry his gear or weapon and strong legs that are constantly put to use in the Gym or the Holodeck, he watches what he eats to make sure he doesnt get out of shape. He's not a fitness freak but he does try keep in shape. His right hand has many scares on it, the skin is scarred almost as if caught in a fire which explains why often wearing gloves to hide it.


Spouse Single
Children None
Father Maj. Gen Alan Frost, Commanding Officer, 27th Mobile Inf Division
Mother Prof Angela Frost, Professor of History, London, Earth
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Sarah Frost, Still born, Died 3 hours old.
Other Family Not known - Possible cousin in Starfleet though unconfirmed.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jason comes over confident and able, keen about his job and strong willed when it comes to doing anything about it. A proud Marine with a small reputation behind him from serving with two prior units with high merits. When it comes to being a Marine some have said they would like none other beside them, but in a social setting Jason has not been seen as having much in way of a hobby or project.

Smart appearance he wants to put across a friendly face even though sometimes he can come over intimidating which is not what he intends. Capable marine but friend to few outside his job, nothing much known is known about home life or past love interests if any. Though Jason wont say anything, his father is Major General Adam Frost, all his life he's had to live up the expectations of his father which has been the driving force behind his effort, however a falling out with his father has seen him moved to the USS Dreadnought.

Jason does not see the move as the intended punishment his father had hoped and has taken it in his stride hoping to use his own ability and name to make something of himself instead of being thought of as leeching off his fathers name.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: When it comes to being a Marine, he is as confident as they come, capable and able in most aspects of his role and always keen to improve his skills.

Weaknesses: Gloved hands cover up a painfull past which he tries to ignore, he avoids the topic when brought up and temper has been known to flare if persued. Being social is an uncertianty for him, he has always considered himself difficult to get along with.

Does not like being compared to his father, hates being placed in the light of his father. Jason wants to make his own career, just like his father.
Ambitions To make a career off his own name instead of his fathers. He wants to make sure that when people talk of him that they think of his achievements and not what his father has done.
Hobbies & Interests Outside of being a marine all that is known is Gym workouts and Holodeck time, what programs are used is unknown from deceptive names in his program titles.

Service Record Starfleet Marine Academy - Age 21 - Private - Jason joined the SFMA due to strong encouragement from his father then Colonel Frost. Jason over 4 years endured a difficult learning curve and stumbled a few times especially in physical aspects of training. Twice undertook remedial training to improve his physical standards.

Starfleet Marine Academy - Age 25 - Private First Class - Graduation saw Jason gain his first promotion, his father saw his appointment to the 27th Mobile Inf Division under him. Jason initially saw this as a great opertunity until 3 years later distance grew between father and son. Jason had already earned the respect of his superior officers who tried to see Jason progress but his father put a hold on his advancement to ensure his safety, it was this that forced Jason to reach out on his own.

5th Mech Inf Division - Age 30 - Sgt Major - Jason with some years of experience behind him now used that to train new additions to the 5th. Gaining the nickname 'Jack Frost' for his cold and even handed way of dealing with everyong new showing no one person favoratism or different treatment. He did this for 3 before being moved by behind the scenes act from his father after Jason refused to mend bridges between them, opting instead to continue his own career.

USS Dreadnought - Age 33 - Warrent Officer - Jason was moved to the USS Dreadnought, many saw this as a move by his father to force his son to return to the 27th, Jason though took this in his stride and aims to make a name and reputation for himself instead of drawing off his fathers.

Later accepting a commission Jack found himself working under Lt.Col Bawden. He was not sure what to make of the Colonel to begin with but soon found himself liking how the Colonel thought and worked. As time went on Jack quickly found himself as a 1st Lieutenant leading one of the recon squads. During one mission which involved a rescue of the Admiral nearly every marine was involved in a heated and escalating firefight with the Admiral's captors. For his efforts he was promoted to Captain and appointed the new MXO to replace the loss of the previous.

At 38 Jack found himself at a cross roads. He was not sure if he wanted to remain on the Dreadnought or seek other pastures. Not even sure if he wanted to stay in the Marines anymore. Then a bombshell was landed on him. Mark told him that he was leaving the Marines and that the MCO position would go to Jack. Jack accepted, but with hesitation and doubt.