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Double the Good News

Posted on Thu Nov 8th, 2018 @ 11:50am by Fleet Captain William Hood

Hello One and All.

Two pieces of good news. I waited on one of them so I could announce both together. The first is we have a new crew member. Lt. Rebecca Sandoval, will be taking up post as our new Chief of Operations.

Already off to a good start hammering out some content for us to read and contributing to others.

Welcome to the Dreadnought, don't worry, not all of us bite....sort of.

The second....

Yesterday the Dreadnought turned 13 years old. Over that time we have gone from mission to mission, plots, sub plots, the occasional torture, abduction and maybe a few crew injuries. However what's important is that people are here to add to it, create something and watch it grow. Many have been with the Dreadnought since it started, some joined after and some are recent additions. Regardless of how long you have been on board I'd like to hand on heart say thank you to everyone for putting up for all the evil things I put you through enough to stay.

I would say there is cake in 10 Forward but we all know the cake is a lie, that...and Dr Patrovski will no doubt put us all on food plans...aka diets.

Thank you all.



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