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Beware the Dragons

Posted on Fri Feb 19th, 2021 @ 5:53am by Commander Bianca Caselli & Lieutenant Nimeeh Vixil

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: Sickbay

Aurore Capillon had always been told that when someone got hurt they went to sickbay to get healed. She had escaped from her quarters while her mother had been engrossed with talking to a friend on the screen and gone on an adventure with her teddy bear Henry, navigating the maze of corridors trying to find where the unicorn lived. And then the worst possible thing happened: Henry had gotten bitten by a dragon (a door that shut on him) and was now leaking his insides (fluff) that she had gathered to the best of her ability. Having gone to sickbay with her mother any number of times, she recognized the surroundings and stumbled through the opening doors, tears running down her face.

Another thing Mere had always told her was to be polite, so Aurore made her way up to the doctor who was reading something from a big book, bigger than she'd ever seen before, and tugged at her skirt, "Doctor? C-c-ould I have some help, please?"

Nim looked around the side of the book, took one look at the tear stained face of the little one who was trying so hard to be polite despite the fact that the teddy, who appeared to be mortally wounded was cradled oh so gently in her arms.

Dropping the book, Nim quickly moved from her chair and crouched down in front of Aurore. "Oh," she exclaimed gently. "Quick, bring him over here and put him on this bed, let me take a look. What monster has this brave knight been fighting to have sustained such grievous injuries?" Nim questioned, deciding to tackle the issue of the teddy first before she got to the identity of the child.

"It-it-it was a dragon." Aurore pointed at the door out towards the corridor, "It bit Henry! And, and, and when I tried to rescue him, it hurt him badly!" Fresh tears streamed down as the girl broke down, sobbing.

Moving back to crouch down in front of the girl after the teddy had been placed oh so gently on the bed, Nim took her hand and smiled reassuringly. "Darlin' you have been very brave, but do you think you can be brave a little longer?" she asked gently. "I'm all alone in sickbay right now, and I think I could really use a strong brave girl to help me with Henry's surgery. Do you think you can help me?"

Watching as Aurore nodded through her tears, Nim pointed to a set of drawers next to the bio bed. "If you have a look in those drawers, you will find a white coat just like mine. If you grab one of those out, you can officially be my surgical assistant, okay?"

Again, Nim watched as Aurore nodded and quickly rushed to the drawers, grabbing one of the white coats out and pulling it on, even though it was many many times too big on her.

"Alright, now that we're both dressed and ready... I'm Nim, what's your name Sweetheart?" she asked gently. "It's always a good thing that we get to know who we're working with before such an important procedure."

Her mood had already changed from absolutely destroyed from the injuries to Henry to glee from dressing up like her mother was so often and she giggled and blushed, "Aurore, Doctor Nim, Aurore Capillon, and this is Henry." She kept trying to shove her arms all the way through the coats and finally gave up.

Stopping to help Aurore roll up the sleeves of her coat until her hands were visible, Nim smiled again. "Alright Nurse Aurore, now, I am going to get Henry's medical records up here on my little screen," she said, grabbing a PADD and holding it up, already having searched up the name Aurore Capillon. "While I read up on his medical history very quickly, do you think you can grab him a nice warm blanket from the blanket warmer box over there?" she asked, pointing to another cabinet on the other side of the wall.

As Aurore rushed off excitedly to grab the blanket, Nim quickly figured out that Aurore was the daughter of the one of the nurses in sickbay, Eries. A check with the computer told her that Eries was in her quarters, so Nim typed out a quick message to Eries, just to let her know that Aurore was in sickbay, but she was perfectly okay and there was no rush to retrieve her. Setting the PADD aside, she looked back to the bio bed and the little girl that was now lovingly covering her teddy with a warm blanket.

"Alright Nurse Aurore," Nim exclaimed, "Let's see what we're workin' with. I trust you're proficient with using a medical tricorder?" she asked, holding one out to the little girl.

"Yes, Doctor Nim." She grabbed the tricorder with both hands and fumbled with it before struggling to open it, pushing a couple buttons at random to make it sparkle and beep impressively. "Doctor, it is telling me he's hurt badly." She giggled, obviously not knowing how to read it.

"Ok, you keep check on him, Nurse Aurore," Nim said encouragingly. "Now, I'm going to give Henry a shot, it will help make sure he has no pain. I think brave Sir Henry is going to need a very big operation. Are you ready Nurse Aurore?" She grabbed a hypospray and loaded it with a a cartridge of saline before turning back to Aurore, waiting for her approval before continuing. "Can you hold his hand, Nurse Aurore, while I give him this shot?"

Aurore put down the tricorder and grabbed Henry's paw and began to stroke it gently, "It will be all right, Henry, Doctor Nim will fix you right up, good as new!" She looked up to Nim for confirmation, having missed the 'shot' the doctor had given him.

Slipping the hypospray into her pocket, Nim nodded reassuringly toward Aurore. "We are going to do the very best we can for Sir Henry," she said gently. She reached for another tricorder and scanned the teddy bear carefully. He was missing one leg and a large amount of stuffing had been stolen from him, but it shouldn't be terribly hard to fix. Taking some measurements from Teddy's remaining leg, she uploaded them to the replicator in sickbay and set the tricorder aside, before turning her attention back to the little girl.

"Alright Nurse Aurore, Sir Henry is in a bad state. That mean old dragon stole one of his legs and he has some quite severe lacerations across his body, probably from those nasty, nasty teeth." She saw the little girls bottom lip starting to waver and took her hand gently. "Be brave Nurse Aurore, because with your help, we can fix this." she said firmly. "Now, how is Sir Henry hold up? Can you check your tricorder again while I go and get some important surgical supplies from the replicator?"

"Yes, Doctor..." Aurore swallowed hard and fumbled with with the tricorder again, impressively punching buttons at random, trying her best to decipher things, wondering what the big flat line was that was scrolling across the screen. She really, really hoped this nice doctor was going to be able to fix Henry, "He has been with me since I was a little girl." She said, emphasis on the word 'little', "We must save him."

Biting back a smile at the emphasis that she put on the word little, Nim moved to the replicator and picked up a small tray, carrying it back to the bio bed they were occupying, pulling over a table and a small stool, she sank down onto the stool and picked up a needle, threading it carefully with nearly invisible thread. "Now, Nurse Aurore," Nim said gently. "You have the most important job to do first. We need to put back some of the squishy that that mean old dragon stole from our brave Sir Henry, but I need you to tell me when we get to just the right level of squishiness, okay?"

Aurore nodded bravely at Nim and stood there nervously waiting.

Picking up a white cloth, Nim placed it carefully over Henry's eyes so he could 'sleep' and then grabbed the bowl of super soft stuffing, carefully pulling back the blanket to reveal the extent of Henry's wounds. She set the bowl of stuffing on the bio bed and reached for the needle and thread first, quickly taking care of the superficial wounds that may cause stuffing to leak out. Setting the needle aside again she started pushing small amounts of stuffing back into the little teddy's body through the gap where his leg had been ripped off. Each additional bit of stuffing she pushed in, she stopped and looked at Aurore, who gently poked at Henry's body before shaking her head silently. Finally, with the bowl about half empty, Aurore nodded quickly.

"That is perfect, Doctor!" She squealed slightly in joy, "And now you must put his leg back on!" Excitement and hope filled her voice now

Picking up the newly replicated leg, Nim grabbed the bowl of stuffing and stuffed the leg quickly before using the needle and thread to reattach it to Henry's body. Finally, once Henry had been sewed up and the bowl and needle had been put aside, Nim reached into her pocket and pulled out a soft fabric gold star on a purple ribbon and tied it around Henry's neck while he was 'sleeping'. "There you go Nurse Aurore," Nim said with a warm smile. "Henry is all fixed up, and he has a gold star for bravely protectin' beautiful princesses from mean old dragons!" She glanced at the door and contemplated for a brief moment. Aurore's mother still hadn't arrived and she didn't feel entirely confident letting the little girl go roaming about the ship on her own again, you know, just in case there were more dragons. She paused for a moment.

"Now, Nurse Aurore, how about you join me for a chocolate milk and some cookies while we wait for Sir Henry to wake from his surgery and you can help me keep guard, just in case more dragons come."

Aurore nodded and jumped off the chair to follow Nim, "Can they be chocolate chip, Doctor Nim?"

Nim slipped off her white coat, putting it on the end of the bio bed before walking over to the replicator, recycling the left overs from the teddy surgery and ordering a tall glass of chocolate milk and a small plate of cookies and taking them back to the small rolling table next to Teddy's bed before retrieving a rolling chair from the medical office for her to sit on. "Here you go, come sit over here."

As Aurore was set up with her milk and cookies, Nim took a few moments to tidy up around the bio bed, listening as the little girl started telling her all about their grand adventure through the ship. Apparently this little one fancied herself something of a unicorn hunter, a fact that made Nim smile warmly as she recalled the countless hours she had spent as a child looking for mermaids.

Finally, after the last of the cookies disappeared, leaving just a scattering of crumbs on the plate, Nim recycled the plate and the glass before turning to face Aurore again. "Alright, Nurse Aurore, will we check on our patient again?" she asked, holding her hand out toward her littlest nurse. "I think he might be waking up!"

Aurore slid off this chair and grabbed Nim's habd and pulled the doctor over to the biobed Henry was laying on, trying to pull herself up onto it to get a really good look at the bear. Behind them, the door slid open and Eries all but ran in, but stopped as she saw what was happening and smiled at them "Doctor," Aurore pleaded, "Is he all right?"

Picking Aurore up carefully and sitting on the edge of the biobed, Nim stood next to her, close enough to make sure she wouldn't fall. "You tell me, Nurse Aurore," she said gently. She reached out and pulled away the small white cloth that had been covering teddy's eyes. "Well, it looks like he's awake, so that's a good start." She grabbed the medical tricorder and handed it back to Aurore again and smiled at the child. "Are you ready to see if his wounds have healed?"

As Aurore nodded furiously, opening the tricorder and again stabbing randomly at buttons, Nim pulled back the blanket that was covering the bear. The stitches were almost invisible unless you looked very closely, in fact, the only easy tell that something was 'amiss' was the fact that one leg looked slightly newer and fluffier than the rest of the much loved companion. "What do you think Nurse Aurore?" she asked gently. "Do you think Sir Henry will live to fight dragons another day?"

"I think he will be fine!" Aurore dropped the tricorder and grabbed the bear and squeezed it into a hug, "But he will not be fighting any more dragons, they are too dangerous!" She released the full hug on the ear, holding it with by one arm, then turned and threw her arms around Nim's neck and gave her the biggest hug she could, "Thank you, Doctor Nim!"

With a smile, Nim held the little girl and hugged her back. "You're most definitely very welcome," she replied gently, realising for the first time that Eries was standing at the door watching them. "I am guessing that that's your Momma," she let go of Aurore and helped her carefully off the bio bed. "It seems Sir Henry had a bit of a misadventure," Nim explained, walking across to Eries with Aurore. "But he should be as good as new now, he just needs to stay away from those dragons!" she said, looking down at Aurore and winking quickly.

Eries bent down and Aurore ran and gave her mother a massive hug as well, the nurse picking up the girl, "Thank you, Docteur Vixil, I was talking to my husband on the comm and Aurore is remarkably quiet when she plays. After I go off the comm, she was gone and I saw got your message. Thank you very much for watching over her."

Nim smiled warmly, “oh, believe me, the pleasure was all mine. She proved herself to be quite the adept little nurse today, she can work with me any time.” She looked at the little girl again who was still clutching her teddy firmly. “Just next time, tell your Momma before you go off adventuring Okay?”

"Yes, Doctor Nim." Aurore replied, head against her mother's shoulder, "I promise." She beamed at Nim, "And Henry told me he wants to visit you again soon!"

"Well, you will have to bring Henry back in a few days so we can check on his stitches, and make sure he's all fully healed," Nim replied easily. "How about you ask your Momma to make an appointment for Henry, at the end of one of my shifts." She looked at Eries and smiled before looking back at Aurore. "I'll see you again real soon Nurse Aurore, you make sure you take good care of Sir Henry for me, okay?"

She smiled as the little girl broke into another huge grin and waved over her mother's retreating shoulder. 'Well, that was definitely an interesting way to pass the last of the afternoon,' she thought to herself as she finished tidying up so she could complete her shift.


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