NCC - 77447 - B
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Final Touches

Posted on Sun Jan 24th, 2021 @ 9:59am by Major Samantha Snyder

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: Marine Deck

Nothing ever seemed to go smoothly Sam figured as she pondered through yet another batch of training reports, remedial requirements for some and certifications on others. While it was good that the troops were taking the downtime to sharpen skills or learn new ones she began to wonder just when they would get to put them into practical use.

Since joining the ship many years ago they had only really engaged in a handful of actual combat deployments. Part of this history nagged at her since she joined the Marines to do something other than stargaze and trail blaze on one ship or another. Still however in her still new role as Marine Commander she wanted to be sure that when the call came through, the troops would be ready to act on it.

Sam had taken measures to promote ratings and officers that were due on the promotion board, even though currently she lacked an Exec she knew sooner or later one would be assigned or she'd find one herself. Not that this bothered her as she was dedicated to the job trusted to her, she only hoped that the new Commanding Officer would be as welcoming as the previous had been.

It was understandable that people would be uneasy with the unknown and so far Sam knew nothing about this new Captain bar that they were getting one. Since the last mission there had been a number of issues that cropped up and most of those were because of differences of opinions between right and wrong. Sam had tried to stay out of picking a side beyond stopping the issue but she wouldn't punish anyone for having an opinion.

Feeling that she had been cooped up in her office for too long Sam decided to take a walk and a breath of fresh air, or a change of air from the office. Sam's mind was thinking of the future and what it would bring, hopes and wants, maybe even a stomp on a planet for a change that isn't the Holodeck. Training exercises were one thing but they never really matched the real dirt and grass feel.

As things went however while walking the halls of the ship all they could do was wait for the new Captain to get on board and get the show on the road, at least, that's how the saying went.


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