NCC - 77447 - B
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The Line Continues

Posted on Mon Feb 1st, 2021 @ 9:25pm by Lieutenant Acacia Thomas

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: Earth.

This was the first time that she'd been able to sit down and actually send this message. The interference had made communication impossible for a time, and more recently the very act of sitting in the chair had made her burst into tears. This time, was the third time just this evening that she'd tried to do this. Snivelling wasn't going to make this message any easier. "Computer, begin recording."


"This feels weird, and like something out of a story. This isn't a story I want to be living but we'll try it anyway. You've been on assignment for almost 2 months. We're back on Earth, but I fear going anywhere. Silly I know, but should you get any of these messages I need to be here to retrieve your reply." Acacia's voice changed on the words on assignment, taking on a bitterness that she hadn't expected that she held.

Her hair was under-dyed a brilliant baby blue on one side, and a lovey rose pink on the other. The top was a brilliant white, so that the corresponding braid shimmered in between the two colors. "This color is special for the conversation." she stated spinning around so the full effect could be seen on the camera.

She beamed at the camera and briefly paused for the effect to sink in. "I hope you get it." Her face fell after that statement and she tugged at the end of the long braid. Fingers caressing the strands of blue and pink lightly. Acacia took a little more time to just stare at the camera on her Comms panel, smirking a little. Part of her was enjoying this. "Pink and blue."

A single tear slid down her cheek, and sparkled as it caught the light. "My people say hope grows within, when announcing they are pregnant, but not...usually to the father of said child" Brushing the tear away she looked into the camera with reddened eyes that seemed to make the blue more vibrant.

"I wish I could see you. I bet you look poleaxed at the idea of having a baby." Her giggle was everything that it had been before he left, and yet it too faded too quickly. The red around her eyes indicated many nights of crying, and putting on a calm face in the morning.

"This wasn't how I'd intended to do it. Tell you I was pregnant I mean." her face took on a look of despair. "I was planning to cook something lovely, and have my hair all done up to see if you got the message. And I don't even get to see your face when you receive this message."

"I don't even know where in the universe you are, or if you're safe...but you'd best come back to me alive and fully functional. I hold you to your promise."

The tears in her eyes had kept their holding pattern for too long, and finally spilled over and down her cheeks and Acacia sniffled. The burn of them against her skin made her wince, even as she sniffled the skin raw underneath her careful application of makeup. "I love you Jason."


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