NCC - 77447 - B
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Core of the Matter

Posted on Thu Jan 7th, 2021 @ 1:36pm by Fleet Captain William Hood

Mission: Broken
Location: Bridge / Ready Room.

Will could only sit and watch as the death throws of the planet gave in at last to the pull and mighty draw of the Black Hole that started its threat not so long ago. Watching from a safe distance the Dreadnought gazed upon the brutish and unyielding will of the phenomena as the still molten core was leached away leaving behind a yellow, orange tendril leading to its eventual consumption.

The craft that had hastily departed the planet had been retrieved now lay in a secured hanger bay. Now a relic of a gone civilisation and yet with little doubt worth much to many during investigation. Hood didn't wait to watch the planetary matter dance its last circles around the Accretion disk as he ordered a course back to Earth. The mood was grim, worse than when they had arrived and even Will joined in its resonance that swept the ship.

There was something wrong, very fundamentally wrong about having the ability to save a people and yet be forbidden to do so. He had more than enough room to take on the populace but his orders were strict. He was not even sure what the impact would be when they presented the craft upon their return.

He doubted it would be good and from the solitude of his Ready Room is where it sank in.

Will had left his First Officer on the Bridge to handle things while he sat and considered the sequence of events. The burden of his actions or lack of weighed heavily on him, he had the means and the power but the shackles bound him tightly. Will had started his final report several times already and deleted each to try again, the contents being difficult to put into words never the less stomach. As much as he tried to tell himself that the blame rested on the shoulders of others, that he was only following orders given to him like a loyal and dedicated officer seemed to blur the line between right and wrong.

Following orders didn't seem to ease him of blame, following orders didn't unburden his conscience.

The return trip to Earth changed very little his mood and even when Command started communicating with him again they acted as if it was nothing, not a care in the world for the people, just the data collected. It was cold, unnerving, left him uneased by the reaction to what happened by those calling themselves leaders and Admirals. When he presented the craft that was collected things took a swift turn.

In the one hand he was ordered not to interfere, while in the other the information that could be gleamed was valuable. He couldn't tell if he was being congratulated or punished. As he waited what happened ate at him, he sat there and did nothing while people died slowly and unpleasantly. When the final brief came through from Command they made note that the craft that was collected was offloaded and sent to the departments of science and engineering to go through.

As he waited for new orders that was when he decided. Life was precious no matter the origin, fighting in a war or battle was one thing but idly standing by letting death consume an entire people is another. With that Fleet Captain William Hood submitted his resignation from the Dreadnought and Starfleet.

A move which from Command, was met with only a acknowledgement and silence.


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