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Questioning the suspect

Posted on Mon Feb 22nd, 2021 @ 4:11am by Lieutenant Commander Andromeda Lightfeather 'Andi' & Lieutenant Amélie D'Aramitz

Mission: Guilty By Association
Location: Dreadnought Brig
Timeline: Current


As Andi arrived at the brig the suspect in question was being directed to interrogation, she looked at the name Mrs Katherine Warrington was, it seemed also suspected on the promenades breaking and entering of a shop there, as the suspect was being settled in she looked up and saw D'Aramitz enter the observation room that had a one-way mirror, she looked up with a smile "Hello Lieutenant, has the First Officer brought you up to date?" Lightfeather asked.

Amélie nodded quickly as she stepped closer to the Chief Security Officer. "Yes Commander," she said quietly. "I treated Ms Warrington as a patient, I'm aware of the situation." She clasped her hands behind her back to try and stop them from shaking. "Uh... I don't know what I'm supposed to do here Commander, I've never sat in on interrogation before. What am I supposed to do or say?"

Looking from the woman sitting in the room to the officer standing nervously beside her "I need you to be a friendly face in there, I may have to go bad cop in there and as she has spoken to you, so you will be vital to have someone who will not question her, you only need to sit there and look sympathetic, understand Lieutenant?" Lightfeather asked.

Amélie nodded slightly. "Yes Commander," she responded, glancing toward the brig uncertainly. "I'll do the best I can. I assume you want to get started straight away?"

"Yes, I do, now if you will follow me in and be friendly and remain quiet I will do the rest," Andi said and then she entered the room with a smile and took a seat opposite the suspect. As she sat "hello Mrs Warrington, may I call you Katherine? I am Lieutenant Commander Lightfeather Security Chief" she asked and ended with an introduction. "This is Lieutenant D'Aramitz, I believe you pair have met?"

Amélie smiled graciously and took a seat. "Thank you, Commander," she said quietly. "Katherine, how are you holding up? Before this starts, do you need anything?"

Katherine scraped her red hair back from her face, looking up, revealing eyes that were red and swollen from spent tears. She nodded toward Andi before turning her attention back to Amélie and shaking her head slightly. "Can we just get this over and done with?" she spoke softly.

Watching the other woman carefully, Amélie nodded slightly. "Of course Katherine," she said softly. "I'm here for you, so if at any time you want Commander Lightfeather to stop, just ask and we can take a short break, okay?" she offered gently.

Finally sitting down and interlacing her fingers she looked at the suspect "Mrs Warrington, we found your fingerprints all over a store on the Promenade which had been broken into and vandalised, would you mind telling why?" She began.

Katherine turned a tearful eye toward Andi before her gaze drifted slowly toward Amélie, the tears beginning to flow freely, her shoulders shaking with sobs. "I made a terrible, terrible mistake," her words were broken between sobs. "I didn't mean to, I was angry, I thought..." her words broke off again as she covered her face with her hands. "It was my fault."

Feeling a little puzzled at the sudden confession "So you broke into a shop vandalised it, but why did you murder someone on the holodeck, Mrs Warrington? Your fingerprints were found on the weapon!" Andi asked the woman was going to prison for a B&E charge and a will full destruction of property. "So tell me, Mrs Warrington, why did you murder your husband on the holodeck?" She added a bit more "as I said your fingerprints were all over the murder weapon and your husband who we identified him as was dead with a knife in him" Lightfeather said.

As the questions and answers continued on it was clear that while the woman was sorry for her actions, she still broke the law and would pay the ultimate price of life in prison as Andi stood "Some security officers will take you back to the cells then supply will pack up your items from your room and a prison ship will meet us and you will board it escorted by security" Lightfeather said and left the room.

[Outside the Interrogation Room]

Walking out of the brig, Amélie exhaled slowly as she reflected on the last two hours and everything Katherine had said. "Well, I think that gives you enough to finish the investigation," she said softly to Andi as they walked. "I can't help but feel a little bit sorry for her."

She shrugs "well she is lucky there is no death penalty for murders so she will be going down for a very long time, but I still cannot understand how someone who seemed so broken up could do such a thing, I mean you heard her she owned up to the B&E before I could ask her questions. I am just surprised she committed a murder, this would be my first murder suspect, on a day like today I miss the days when I was a First Officer" Andi responded and shrugged.

Amélie smiled slightly. "Love makes people behave irrationally," she finished softly. "Sometimes not always in a good way." She paused, biting her bottom lip momentarily. "Is there anything else you need from me, Commander? I think, if you don't need me for anything else, I might finish my day early and go home to my husband."

Lightfeather smiled "no, nothing else and thank you, Lieutenant," Andi said with a smile and watched D'Aramitz leave the Security area and with that, she sighed and returned to her office to file some paperwork, yes she was missing her days as XO, but she wondered if it was her bad luck that had her two previous postings as XO the COs quit, probably not, but with a remote possibility the thought was very depressing.


Lieutenant Commander Andromeda Lightfeather
Chief of Security

Lieutenant Ameilie D'Aramitz


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