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New Place on the Bloc

Posted on Wed Dec 9th, 2020 @ 8:44pm by Fleet Captain William Hood & Olivia Carlyle

Mission: Broken
Location: Ready Room / Bridge

Olivia was more than a little overwhelmed by the sheer size of the USS Dreadnought. A totally self-contained flying starbase was how it had been explained to her before she'd agreed to come aboard. There was unsurprisingly quite a bit of call for her specialty of physical therapy. However she'd noted when she arrived that there was very little recreation available to the crew except for the holodecks. It was a totally different thing what she was proposing now, a purely recreational spa. She would have all the facilities to take therapy clients, without any impact on the day to day spa activities.

She wore medical blue, but not in a Starfleet confirmation. The color she noted tended to inspire trust in officers, even when not in its designated layout. Her tunic was a gradient from medical blue to White, and had cuffs at the elbows that had tiny crystal cuffs. A similar crystal hung from the bottommost of a trio of silver chains around her neck. When worn on top of a pair of black leggings it was clear she was part of the medical department, but also clear that she was not Starfleet. Her wedges made soft clicking noises as she approached the office of one William Hood.

Licking full lips she rang the chime...and waited.

Will knew that commanding a vessel such as this would come with new challenges, new experiences. He had commanded a large vessel before but nothing of the scope and size as this. With this iteration of the Dreadnought came a sizable figure of civilians and with that came requests and demands of their own.

As with any population came a need to develop and maintain the needs. A request had come through which was deemed to need approval due to the requirements to renovate and reroute power and other systems. The details were still vague to him but the permissions needed to were very clear. He walked to the replicator and fetched himself a Tea when the chime went off. "Yes, come."

Olivia entered and looked around the spacious office. It was tastefully decorated and there was even a plant. Lovely. She liked the Captain already. "Good morning."

"Ms Carlyle." Will spoke choosing the safer title when in doubt. "Please." He offered one of the many chairs that were available. "Can I get you anything?" Will asked as he stood next to the Replicator.

"Olivia please." she responded with a gentle smile. "Doctor Carlyle if you absolutely must, but that makes me feel old."

"I understand you have submitted a request for a venue on board. Tell me about it." Will spoke, while it was good that civilian life was moving along it was good at least that they felt comfortable to send requests like this.

"I've been onboard for about a month, and I've noticed that there is a distinct lack of recreational activities available to the crew. So, what I want to do is build the Dreadnought a spa." her eyes sparkled with enthusiasm. "I brought my actual plans, which are more clear than the request."

Will walked back to his desk. "Well, the Dreadnought is unique in its design and a first of it. So there are bound to be some areas that could do with improvement within the civilian sections." A fact Will knew well from his time commanding the Ascension class. I understand that Engineering and Operations have copies of these plans to facilitate this request also?"

"Yes, but only provisionally...pending your approval of course." Her eyes raised from her plans to his eyes, and she held his gaze for just long enough to take a breath. "It's not just the civilian section that needs improvement. There is a requirement for touch that people are not currently receiving. Newborn human babies will die if they're not touched, and I think that the majority of the crew is suffering from some sort of touch starvation."

"So what services would your venue provide that the ships medical or other facilities not provide?" Will knew that civilians sometimes didn't like go to see a Starfleet doctor, not wanting to take a service away from a serving officer but Will also knew that he couldn't ignore the need of the civilian population. "I'm not against it, but there would still need to be regulation, health and safety, privacy concerns that need to be managed. "

"I am a physical and massage therapist. I offer rehabilitation services as well as therapies that your Doctors are not qualified to administer. Hydrotherapy for one, as well as cryotherapy. That was why they requested that I take up the opening here. " She countered easily. "I am an MD and I can take patients in an emergency should the need arise. I have no intention of taking medical or physical therapy patients without another MD's referral. Massage clients can come to me at will."

"How many staff would work there? Are they qualified or more importantly are they inter species trained, we have a variety of races in board each with individual cultures and beliefs to observe?" Will could see the benighted of the proposal, he just also wanted to make sure all the avenues were covered.

"I have 2 therapists besides myself and a receptionist in my practice." she answered "I take pride in our work, as I am very good at what I do. We all are inter species trained, but we ask our clients to inform us of any cultural norms we might not be aware of. We are also trained in how to recognize body language." her practiced eye swept over him and she spoke softly "For example, you Captain, carry your tension in your neck and shoulders. I'd wager you get headaches and your right hand goes numb when your stress levels skyrocket."

"Something all commanding officers no doubt share." Will answered knowing full well that he'd spent considerable time in the centre chair watching, just as he said he would in the staff meeting. "Have you been given estimates for construction and power allocation?" Last thing Will wanted was for other venues to have business disruptions during construction.

"Captain Evangilista carries his tension in his hips, and he gets sciatic pain when he's stressed. Truly it's different for everyone. There shouldn't be any power allocation issues, ideally. Most of the heavy construction I've slated for Delta shift so that way other businesses aren't affected. "

"How long will construction take?" It was good that most would be done during a less busy time which would reduce potential disruptions. He knew that most of that would be handle by Engineering but there were little things like fixtures, furniture, lighting and drainage aspects to consider.

"Depends on how creative your engineers are" she answered with a light laugh. Her eyes danced at him amused at the thought. "A few days, I'd say."

"While I appreciate the need for client and customer confidentiality, you should make your calenders available to medical should they need to use your services and myself for obvious reasons. Hard to command a vessel with a civilian population on board if I don't know what is going on and where." Will spoke in reply considering the legal implications and management ones as ships Captain.

"That's already been arranged as far as medical is concerned. Actually I already have a patient from medical waiting for an appointment. Therapy sessions are considered medical treatment, and show up in medical records. Relaxation sessions are confidential, as it's no one's business what the crew does in their off time, since nothing in my spa is illegal. "

"Then I don't see much of a problem, obviously any maintenance through engineering, security for any client issues, you are already tied into Sickbay." Will didn't see much else to cover. "Is there anything else before I return to the Bridge?"

"Just one...". She gazed levelly at him and her eyes warmed as she made the decision "Your first treatment is on the house, if you care to accept the invitation.".


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