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Your Idea....or Mine?

Posted on Sat Nov 21st, 2020 @ 3:28pm by Alain D'Aramitz & Lieutenant Amélie D'Aramitz

Mission: Broken
Location: Quarters

After her lunch with Acacia, Amélie had found herself feeling much brighter, even in light of the current situation. The morning sickness that had been plaguing her was gone, at least for the moment, and with no scheduled appointments for the afternoon, she'd decided to return to her quarters to see Alain.

As the doors closed behind her, she paused for a moment just watching him as he moved about the kitchen, a smile dancing on her lips as a warm rush of love washed over her. Watching him in the kitchen was one of the first things that drew her to him when she was still a cadet, the way he moved with such confidence. She brushed her long hair back over her shoulder as she closed the distance between them, sliding her arms around his waist from behind. "You know, you're still incredibly sexy in the kitchen," she murmured softly.

"Well I have to give you some reason to keep me around." He replied as he continued to work thankful that everything he needed was now within arms reach so he didn't need to pull away from her. "You done for the day or this a mid session escape home?" He wondered if she was hungry and wanted a quick bite to eat or something to take back to her office to eat there when time permitted.

"Actually, I have no appointments this afternoon so I called out early, I wanted to spend some time with my amazing husband," she said with a grin as she pulled away and moved to the end of the bench to watch him. "What are you making? I am absolutely starving."

"Beef stew and dumplings." He replied giving her the menu. "Simple, straight forward and it beats the restaurant demands at least." Working at the restaurant was ok, but customers could be picky, add this, remove that, more of this. Sometimes he just wanted a simple meal order that was zero fuss to work with.

"What time do you start work?" Amélie asked, reaching out to carefully snag a piece of carrot from the board in front of him and biting on it. "I had this idea... but if you have to go to work it can wait..."

"Day off....thankfully." Lazy days were sometimes a welcome change of pace but even then he liked to get his hands in the kitchen and try something different, something new or add a touch of his own to a meal or creation. "Why, what was you thinking?"

Pushing herself away from the counter, she held one hand toward him, grinning broadly. "Come look at something with me? Just in the other room?" she asked, her voice light with excitement.

Putting the knife down and wiping his hands on the towel he had tucked into the waistband of his pants. "Alright." He turned to her, hand out and into hers ready to see this 'idea' of hers.

Before they started walking, Amélie gripped his hand tightly pulling him in and reaching up on her toes to kiss him softly before leading him through their quarters to the second bedroom right next to the one they shared. "I was thinking about this room," she said with a smile as they stepped into the room. "I thought I might get Operations in to do some remodelling, if you aren't opposed? I was thinking maybe remove the bed there, and then recolour the walls to white... and we could put the crib against that wall with a view of the stars... and in a couple of months we could find out whether the trims should be pink or blue... that is, if you want to know?" She turned, looking up at him hopefully.

At first Alain was a little slow out of the gate, he was still in kitchen creativity mode but as his darling Wife spoke she pulled him to the moment. He couldn't nail exactly what blanked his mind, a word or something but everything seemed to stop, like he was missing a critical piece of the puzzle and his brain had not caught up yet. There was that expression on his face like he was processing what he'd just heard, that little hamster turning its little wheel.

"Ok." He'd still not got it yet, the words had not transited from ear to brain yet. The sight of him had to be amusing, his eyes, his face, the rub of his chin. Then a pause, a spark, something was happening. It was like he'd just tried to put a puzzle together in the dark and decided it was better to try with a light on. His head snapped to the side to face her with eyes wide......"Come again?"

Amélie paused for a moment, only slightly taken aback by his reaction. With her hand tightening around his, she led him futher into the room. "I thought maybe I could put a rocking chair in that corner," she said softly. "It still has a nice view of the windows and the stars." She smiled as she turned into him, looking up at him, waiting to see if he'd caught up yet.

"Did you say Crib?" He managed to get out as the brain fought to catch up. "Trims, pink and blue?" He asked as it seemed that the pieces were taking shape behind his eyes.

She took his hands, moving them to the flat of her stomach, another smile making her eyes sparkle. "Pink for a girl, blue for a boy, isn't that how it normally goes?" she asked softly as she looked up at him.

That blank face broke into a smile as it all came to him. He was going to be a Father. "Really?" His smile got bigger. "Yeah?" He looked down to his hand, hers on top of it then back up at her eyes again.

"I've suspected for a bit... but medical finally comfirmed it this morning," Amélie said with a smile. "Please, tell me you're happy?" she asked as she watched him closely. "I know we'd talked about it, but it wasn't exactly planned..."

"Happy?" He probably realised that his facial expression was more surprise than anything. "Ye...yes of course I'm happy....I" This was something he really didn't expect. "This is amazing."

Taking his hand, she pulled him in behind her, pulling his arms around her and again resting the palms of his hands over her stomach with her hands covering his. "So what do you think? Can we make this into a nice nursery for our baby?"

"I think that sounds perfect." Even now he was visualising the room about him, baby ready, decorated, rocking chair with a view of the stars.

With his arms still around her, Amélie turned to look up at him, her hand resting against his cheek. "Maybe it's a little bit selfish and presumptuous, but I hope it's a little girl," she said with a warm smile. "But with her Daddy's eyes."

"What's wrong with your eyes?" He asked looking down at her. "Nothing wrong with your eyes too."

"Your eyes are always filled with love," Amélie replied with a soft smile. "I like that."

"Flatterer." He spoke still basking in that warm feeling of surprise and that he was going to be a Father. They had spoken about it before but nothing really concrete, but it was here now and he couldn't be happier.


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