NCC - 77447 - B
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Tied At The Wrist

Posted on Sun Nov 8th, 2020 @ 7:56am by Amber Omier Dr & Lieutenant James Bradshaw

Mission: Broken
Location: Engineering

James was running recalibration checks on some of the EPS power grid following some repairs that were made in light of the sudden stop the ship made exiting warp. They were minor really but the inconvenience to the various sections on those decks would make up for it and that was something he would keenly like to avoid. He was still suffering from losing Tif and Kelly as they didn't join him on the ship opting to leave it instead. He missed them but knew that they wanted other things and he respected that.

"Have the repairs been completed to the EPS Grid on decks 19 through 21?" Amber asked as she walked to the main table in the large room.

"Just running final diagnostics now." James replied as he kept his attention on the readouts in front of him.

"They should have been completed over an hour ago." Amber commented as she looked at another monitor for her own duties.

"There were complications in the relays on deck 20 junctions 33 and 34 baker." James wondered if the 'good' Doctor had even bothered to read the latest updates if she had to ask that. "We should be done in 15 to 20 minutes."

Amber walked round the table to another side to access a console there, in silence, not a word of reply. She moved to a wall section and did the same there gathering more information. She wanted to provide the Captain with a detailed update on the repair status of the ship and proper estimates on how long before each repair was completed.

"Doctor..." James spoke breaking the silence. "What's your take on the situation regarding the planet?"

The question stopped Amber and caused her to turn towards the Lieutenant. "What about it specifically?" She asked as she still didn't lift her gaze to him, a turn was sufficient to denote some attention.

"Well, we are doing nothing." James spoke.

"Your point?" Amber returned.

"All those people are going to die, doesn't that bother you at all?" James replied. "We have enough space on board for everyone and we are doing nothing." It didn't sit right with James one bit, there was a difference between right and wrong, but there was also a line between moral and immoral.

"Should it?" Amber retorted only now lifting her gaze from her information to look at the man. "People die all the time, we can't help them all, can't save them all. There is a fine line between what we can do and what we should do and command has been very specific on the latter, which is nothing."

"How can you be so cold to the large scale suffering we are watching over?" James spoke. He just couldn't believe someone could be so dismissive of the situation that had all the hall marks of being wrong attached to it.

"On my world Lieutenant women should stay at home, cook meals, have babies and look after our Husbands. Any woman seeking to do more or be more are shunned by society for breaking the norm of expectation. We are not taken seriously until we prove ourselves to be taken seriously, men don't need such proof. I have spent many years in study and research, developing myself to what I am today, to what I can do today. Since joining your Starfleet I have for the first time been accepted as I am, for who I am and what I can do and not because I'm female." Amber explained a bit more about the rigors of what she faced during her younger years and a few of the life changing experiences that gave her that cold exterior.

"So you can understand Lieutenant, while I accept there is nothing I can do about the situation down on the planet, I am not ignorant to the morality of it but having grown up as I have I understand what I can change and that which I can not."

James was not really sure what to say about that. In the one hand he could understand her position while in the other hand it didn't make it any less wrong to do nothing. "So you're ok with letting everyone on the planet die?"

"Accepting of it or not, it's a choice made easier by not being the one making it. That would be the Captain. As for myself I have a ship to keep do you." Amber turned back to the console she as looking at before, new data had arrived and she needed the new estimates from it.


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