NCC - 77447 - B
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Better Than Doing Nothing

Posted on Sat Nov 7th, 2020 @ 10:41am by Lieutenant Commander Zan Luthar

Mission: Broken
Location: Hanger Bay 6
Timeline: Current

As a fighter pilot Zan liked to keep himself focused, he liked to be aware of the situation around him while doing what he was trained to do. Today this nature worked against him as he stood in the hanger control room overlooking the floor. Row upon row of fighters nearly arranged all prepared and ready for use and for all their abilities and the skills of the pilots....right now...useless.

Zan had spent a good while studying the Dreadnought's hanger specifications, he knew what the ship contained, the amount, types and functions but for all of that....useless.

Zan felt like he was grounded and even though he knew this was not the case it irritated him still. Zan viewed himself as a man that did his duty, carried out his orders and remembered his training to see him return to the ship at the end of a battle. This was no battle though, there was no enemy to fight, no foe to out manoeuvre or battle of wits to engage in.

He watched some of the pilots and ground crews working on some of the craft, one had several outer panels removed for maintenance, another with cables and links attached. 150 fighters, a score of shuttles and runabouts, transports and worker bees but right now they just sat motionless, pilotless. It was difficult to keep moral high with the wing, they were good pilots, trained men and women all but orders were to not to get involved.

"Sir." Zan heard a voice from his right. He didn't even notice the woman there he was zoned out to the floor before him. "Sir.."

Zan turned and saw one of his ground crew Chiefs standing there with a PaDD outstretched towards him in her hand. "The update you asked for on the 4th Sqn."

"Oh, thanks. Anything leap out?" Zan asked as he turned his gaze to the report.

"Routine at most. Every craft is new as if straight off the production line and passed assessment." She was right, most of them had passed assessment and were flown straight to the ship for assignment. "Craft Three needed some minor calibration of the port thrusters but it's been done."

"Make sure the Sqn commander and the assigned pilot is aware." Zan liked to make sure that when it came to anything like repairs or maintenance, the commander the craft was assigned to and the pilot was aware of it. He knew himself if his craft had been touched or anything like that he'd want and expect to be informed.

"Will do."

Zan watched her leave then resumed his reading of the report. It was just as she had said, routine and made for a mostly dull reading but all he needed to really know was that his fighters were ready and able to answer the call when it came. Once he'd finished it he put it on the console in front of him and looked at the floor again wishing he was out there flying, doing what he was trained to do instead of this....



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