NCC - 77447 - B
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To Chase A Rocket

Posted on Sun Dec 13th, 2020 @ 6:17pm by Fleet Captain William Hood & Commander Ayla Bawden

Mission: Broken
Location: Dreadnought : Captain's Location
Timeline: A slight backpost

Ayla came bursting into the presence of Captain Hood. "Squeak!" She let forth in an excited loud annoying tone that if you wasn't used to it. "Captain!" She scampered over to to him. Her comfortable floor length dress swished about her as her sandals slapped the deck plating.

"Yes Ayla, what is it?" Will spoke somewhat surprised by the sheer energy that his Chief Science Officer was giving off right now.

Ayla came to sliding halt near Captain Hood. "Theyz got a rocket launched and sent into deep space. Vara primitive like the Sol-3's Saturn rocket."

She held out a PaDD with the screen in view. "Itz broke free from the effects of the Blackhole. Itz on a trajectory of 20 mark 340 from planet where it was launched. Iz like to recover it to see whot it is carrying."

Eyes twinkling with merriment and curiosity to recover the rocket. "Wez could have the fighter wing to go recover it. Once wez reach a safe distance from the blackhole." Looking hopeful at Captain Hood.

This latest development was something unexpected but desperation could drive anyone to do anything if backed into a corner. If they could scan what was in the rocket then Ayla wouldn't be next to him asking to retrieve the rocket. Will had to think as his orders were very clear.

Ayla's tail wiggled in anticipation of a favorable response as she looked at him. "It would ease the conscious of the crew to learn that they took means upon themselves to survive." Ayla turned her attention to the limited action on the screen of the Data PaDD as vid looped back to the beginning to repeat showing the rocket heading away from the doomed planet.

"Very well, I will have CAG deploy to retrieve but I should point out that if there are crew on board and they are in danger I am bound by the prime directive to not interfere." As morbid as the idea was, it was the unfortunate truth. "I'll order scans as they close and link you the sensor feeds but more orders will follow once they are in range and information comes back."

"Squeeee!" Warmth in her voice as her eyes lit up. "Iz just need scans. Besides even though the rocket is huge. itz definitely not big enough to support sentient life!" A bit of excitement was showing through her tight control to remain professional. "It don't have ftl drive on it. Just a chemical combustion thrust..." Pulling out another PaDD and holding it to show the Captain. "... squeee, according to the distorted scans. At least that shows up."

Ayla turned away, then turned back. "Thank yooz, Sir." Scampering off the bridge to confer with Zan.

"Bridge to CAG, report to the Bridge." Will spoke.


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