NCC - 77447 - B
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I'll Read Myself In.

Posted on Sun Nov 29th, 2020 @ 7:50pm by Lieutenant Skovik cha Silask
Edited on on Sun Nov 29th, 2020 @ 7:54pm

Mission: Broken
Location: Chief of Intelligence's Office

Skovik traced the line of the report in front of him, his dark eyes focused on the single line in the security chiefs report. One referencing a murder. That single word had immediately grasped his full attention.

“Computer play Kellar’s Etudes.” The soft strains of a harp and lyre began to play as the Vulcan got to work. The murder investigation that was ongoing had finally crossed his desk as something to be aware of. It was a bit disconcerting that those working the case hadn’t thought to ask for his assistance in tracking down any inaccuracies in the data presented to them. Normally he didn't double check Security reports unless some other computer glitch or error prompted him to do so.

He pulled up the computer logs, and ran them through the ORB computer's database. The ORB was performing more than adequately, and gave him daily reports on any suspicious activity or unusual accesses. Up until now, the only unusual things that were to happen had to do with crewmen using the wrong workstation for their projects. The science department had a couple of Junior Lieutenants that would oft use the workstation designated for their chief to do their work. Briefly he wondered if this was due to ego or superstition, for he'd heard people say that the chief's stations worked better. That sort of speculation bordered on the ridiculous, for all the computer stations worked in precisely the same manner. There was no difference between one computer terminal and another save if one happened to be malfunctioning. Humans, he noted, tended to border on the ridiculous. Superstitions and luck were things that the Vulcan just couldn't fathom.

He recalled in the academy the stench of the 'lucky socks' of his roommate Solomon, who would not wash the pair he was winning in Paresis Squares, until they ran out of luck. The man was an accomplished athlete and his skill brought him many victories all of which he attributed to luck. Skovik had been hard pressed to remain in their quarters, with such an unpleasant odor in his gym bag. Even deodorizers didn't help after a month of daily matches. Their quarters smelled of rancid sweat and feet for months after the turning of the Paresis Squares season.

Turning his mind back to the task at hand, Skovik traced the leads they'd followed with dark eyes. If memory served, the first person investigated in any murder was the spouse, unless there was sufficient evidence to implicate some other person. He didn't see any such implications in the information immediately available to him. His first task was to access the communication records, which would trace where a comm badge went on the ship. Mostly those records were purged after a period of time, but his ORB would save them in its massive database.

"Computer, display all locative information for one Lucas Warrington, on his death day. Color code Yellow."

The PADD began to trace a yellow line in three dimensions, indicating where the man had gone aboard the ship that day, and the exact times that he'd been there. Each stop was notated with the time, location and length of time spent in that area.

"Display all locative information for one Mrs. Lucas Warrington, same day. Color code blue."

A similar line of blue began to form and Skovik took his attention away from the map it was building in order to access the next set of logs.

"Computer, access all pertinent logs for Stardate, prior to 2300" On a separate PADD he began pulling up the crime scene imagery so that he could look at it from his own perspective. Silently he imput requests for a holo-reconstruction of the injuries along with the angles and depths of the wounds. That could get him a height and approximate strength of the attacker.

Systematically the Vulcan accessed all information input into the computer in the consoles around where the body had been found. He moved outward, tracing and making note of any discrepancies no matter how small.

When he found something useful, he would of course report it to the Chief of Security. They would be watching, and he expected to be contacted soon based soley on his inquiries to the computer. Commander Lightfeather had no idea of his intentions and he would not recognize her if she was in the same room with him so it was reasonable to assume the reverse was true and that she would follow up on his requests for more information with scrutiny. He speculated that the Security Chief and the First Officer would not neglect to bring him into the official investigation next time. There would always be a next time, no matter how distressing the loss of life was for those involved.


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