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Lunch Plans

Posted on Sat Nov 21st, 2020 @ 3:17pm by Lieutenant Amélie D'Aramitz & Lieutenant Acacia Thomas

Mission: Broken

Amélie was already in the mess hall, waiting for Acacia to join her. Though she had been starving when she walked in, the smell of the fries she replicated, combined with all the other smells in the room had since soured her appetite, leaving her picking at the cheesy, bacony loaded fries one at a time.

Dragging a small fry through the side of ranch, Amélie watched the pattern left behind in the dipping sauce before dropping the fry on her plate and instead reaching for her water, looking up just in time to see Acacia slipping through the doors.

Swallowing hard at the upswing of nausea that the scent of perfume and food combined, Acacia closed her eyes and took a slow deep breath in through her nose. She definitely needed to get a scented oil diffuser to wear under her uniform. Her tongue darted out to wet lips gone dry from the roiling sensation in her gut.

"Little loud in here" she commented "Care to go somewhere quieter?"

Amélie nodded quickly, picking up the glass and the tray for recycling. "Oh, absolutely. It's not the noise that bothers me, it's the smell." She wrinkled her nose up as they started walking toward the replicator so she could recycle her tray. "I think someone's eating sardines."

"Custodian, don't mention that please..." Acacia said under her breath, her lips a little pale from how hard she was pressing them together.

Noting the sudden paling on Acacia's face, Amélie's eyes widened slightly. "Are you okay?" she asked quickly after recycling her tray and following Acacia into the corridor outside of the mess hall. "You seem to be channeling my morning sickness..." she laughed softly at the joke.

Once the doors closed behind them and she wasn't able to smell everything she relaxed a little. Taking a long slow breath, she offered nothing more than a shy smile at Amelie's joke. She wagered it would take all of 5 seconds for the other woman to catch on.

As the doors closed Amélie had been silently questioning Acacia's medical issues... yet the sealing of the doors, the loss of the smell, the noise, the sensory overload, it suddenly hit her.

Rounding on Acacia, Amélie grabbed her arm, eyes wide with anticipation. "Oh my Goddess... Acacia... are you?" she demanded suddenly, searching the other woman's face for clues.

Acacia simply raised a finger to her lips, and then slid her arm around Amelie to tug her into the smaller lounge where they could eat in relative peace. "Ginger tea." she said to the replicator.

"Sparkling water and a bowl of frozen mandarin segments," Amélie ordered, picking up the glass and the bowl before following Acacia to a table and slipping into the seat. The first thing she did was pick up an mandarin segment and dropped it carefully into the glass, watching as the bubbles surrounded the frozen fruit before adding several more, momentarily mesmerized by the contents of the glass before her gaze drifted back to Acacia questioningly.

Acacia had been watching her carefully and laughed at the scrutiny she was getting. "Oh go on...ask away. I can see you want to."

Amélie picked up a mandarin segment and bit part of it off, chewing carefully while watching Acacia. "Are you?" she finally asked softly. "Are you pregnant?"

"Yes." Acacias answer came at the tail end of a huge sigh. She'd wanted to tell Jack first but that was seemingly not an option.

There was a moment of silence while Amélie did nothing but smile. "I'm happy for you my friend," was all she finally said. "I'm very happy for you."

"I just wish I could tell Jack" she said quietly before brightening "how did Alain take the news?"

"I haven't told him," Amélie finally said quietly, picking up her glass and taking a sip of the fruit flavoured water. "I will, at some point."

At some point? Concern flittered through Acacias veins at those words. The surgeon studied her for a long moment before speaking "Any reason you waiting to tell him? "

"He's working long hours," Amélie said softly with a slight shrug. "When he comes home he..." she sighed softly. "I don't know. It just doesn't feel like the right time just yet."

"Is there anything that would help it feel like the right time? You seemed so excited to tell him yesterday. " Her observation of the other woman had her concerned.

Amélie smiled. "When the time is right, I'll know," she said quietly. "That's my hope at least... but, you know... just in case, once there's a screaming baby in our quarters he's bound to realise isn't he?"

A giggle escaped her lips "You might consider telling him sooner. I've heard it's nice to have support in labor.".

There was a laugh and Amélie shrugged. "Well, I guess that's why I have friends." She took a sip of the water and set the glass down, watching it intently. "I will tell him, when he's not so stressed and so preoccupied with other things." She sighed, and looked at Acacia with a smile. "I was going to tell my Dad, but the stupid black hole is affecting communications and I couldn't get a solid signal out."

"I am happy to help however I can" she said reaching across the table to squeeze her friends hand. "Its funny were going to go through this together."

The counselor smiled as her fingers closed with Acacia's, squeezing gently. "Now, tell me, is Jack excited? Have you started making plans for everything?" Amélie asked, changing the subject quickly.

"He left before I found out....and his comms officer won't let me speak to him. I won't be able to talk to him until the communication blackout is lifted. I don't even know where he is.". Her worry made her voice shiver with the force of her emotion. "I don't know anything..."

Amélie squeezed Acacia's hands tighter. "Have you spoken to Captain Hood?" she asked quietly. "Can you get him to get a message through or get Jack to contact you? This is important news, I'm sure he wants to know."

"I think that the comms silence is from higher than Captain Hood can get through...I think...well I'm being stupid paranoid but I feel like it's deliberate. There was something in the comms officers body language..."

Amélie frowned, pulling her hands away and looking down at the bowl of frozen fruit segments. "You will be okay," she said softly. "We're in this together."

"We're both going to be okay" she whispered back, swallowing hard around the lump in her throat. What if he didn't get back in time and she had to do everything alone. "I'm glad we're not doing this alone."

There was a moment of silence before Amélie grinned, looking across at Acacia. "Have you considered names yet?" she finally asked with a wide smile.

"It is all I have been thinking about." She beamed at her friend before rising to walk to the replicator. "BLT with avacado and spiced French fries. Mayo on the side."

Amélie waited until she returned to the table before biting another mandarin segment and chewing it slowly. "I know it's supposed to be exciting, but, honestly? I'm terrified," she finally confessed quietly.

"I... I think I'm both?" Acacia replied just as softly. "I'm most afraid of going through a hybrid pregnancy alone. What if he doesn't come back?"

Reaching across the table, Amélie took her hand and offered what she hoped was a reassuring smile. "You've got me and we'll be going through it together," she said, trying to comfort her friend. "But, if you start eating sardines with chocolate ice cream, you're completely on your own," she added with a grin.

"Nope, no fish for me." she murmured making a hideous face. "I have been craving spicy things and bacon. I'm going to end up with an ulcer before this pregnancy is over because I'm eating so much jalapeño. "

Amélie grimaced. "I haven't had much luck with food, everything seems to turn my stomach and make me feel awful. The frozen fruit isn't entirely terrible." She laughed and shook her head. "I'll be glad when I can eat again, I miss chocolate."

Her laugh was soft as she fished around in her bag and pulled out a hypospray. Programming it with swift fingers she then pressed it to Amélie's' neck. "Amazingly we have the technology to fix that. Go eat."

Remaining seated for a few moments, Amélie waited for the medication to take effect before she drew in a deep breath. "Oh wow," she laughed softly. "That is magical. I will eat soon, I promise." She drew in another deep breath. "I keep telling myself that this is the easy part," she added with a laugh.

"This is the easy part." Acacia said with a sigh that told Amelie she shared her concerns about that. "That's the scary part....well one of them."

Amélie sighed as well, shaking her head slightly. "We'll get through, no matter what," she said, offering a reassuring smile. "Besides, there are plenty of good things that come out of it, I mean, for the next 7 months or so I can get away with eating as much chocolate as I want," she finished with a grin. "Speaking of food," she pushed the plate of melting fruit in front of her away. "I think I am going to go home and talk to my husband. I'm suddenly feeling in the mood for his special recipes," Amélie added with a grin. "I'll come see you in the morning, before work. We can share breakfast and baby pictures."

Standing up and gathering her plates, Amélie cast one last look at her new friend. "You have my word, we'll get through this together."


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