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Posted on Sat Nov 14th, 2020 @ 8:53pm by Lieutenant Acacia Thomas & Lieutenant Colonel Jason "Jack" Frost
Edited on on Sat Nov 14th, 2020 @ 8:54pm

Mission: Broken
Timeline: 3 weeks ago.

The silk of her black teddy rippled as Acacia propped herself up on one elbow to watch Jack undress from her vantage point on the bed. She giggled again when she saw the empty dye bottle on the floor, and the aqua dye splattered on the floor. Another giggle escaped, along with a tiny snort. "Did you get a picture of that disaster?"

One by one the pieces of Jack's attire came away, dropped unceremoniously on the floor for the moment. "I wish I had." Jack liked that Acacia let him help but his hands were more used to firearms than the delicate crown of hair on her head. "Still, it was a learning experience, and an amusing one." Standing in only boxers he turned to the bed, gazing at his fine Acacia who enjoyed wearing the little teasing niceties that he was so fond of.

Acacia's nimble fingers stroked through her fine hair, which was now black at the crown at her head, and emerald green at the base of her curls. "It was absolutely worth it for the head massage" she teased him, "I might have you do it again when this color starts to wear out."

Another challenge. "I think you say that because we have to go to the hairdresser to undo my damage for your head massage." Not that he minded one bit, she seemed to enjoy the experience and so did he watching her smile in the chair.

"Repairing the damage was just as delicious as getting it I'll have you know." her deliberate challenge to him, was clear in the gleam in her sapphire eyes. She had been delighted at his outright laughter at her former appearance which was something akin to a sunburned zebra.

Jack sat down on the edge of the bed admiring his colorful haired beauty. "Its going to take ages getting all that color off the walls and floor." In hindsight, Jack probably should have fully closed the door to the shower area.

Both her hands covered her mouth in an effort to hold in the giggles. She failed utterly and dissolved into hysterical laughter once again. Green strands spread across the pale grey fabric of the pillowcase as she fell back into its embrace.

Acacia was indeed as beautiful as he was lucky to have her. She cared nought for his profession while he had it, nor his age or size. She loved him for him and everything that it included. Seeing her laugh though made him happy, like a painting she lay, teddy and hair, bed and a smile.....he was indeed fortunate.

Tucking her arms behind her head, and dashing the tears from her eyes, she simply gazed at him. She raised her eyebrows with an expression of are you coming in or not?

Jack lifted up and blankets and shifted his legs under them. He shuffled closer to her, next to her enough that he was almost touching but for sure could feel her body head having warmed up the bed. His hand came to lay on her stomach feeling the silky teddy upon her. Jack was very tactile, touch he enjoyed and more so now that Acacia didn't seem phased by his damaged hands.

His hand was unexpectedly warm on her belly, and that drew her attention before she even noticed the contrast of pale flesh against her black satin. Heart jumping to her throat, she raises her hand to touch his. Hesitantly, her fingertips traces over his bare fingers. "Jack" she whispered, not knowing what to say or do.

"Whats wrong?" Blind to the fact his gloves were off, something he was rather particular about wearing. It dawned on him that she had not seen his hands before, in all this time he hid such details from her because of his past. He did so because they were a reminder of the dangers being a marine held and every day he was reminded of that fact.

Instead of speaking, she entwined her fingers with his and tugs them up over her negligee. A gentle kiss on his knuckles answered his question. He'd never touched her before, with his hands uncovered and she was trying to fight back tears of what that meant to her. Tiny little kisses touched his fingers and palms with a look of wonder glittering in her eyes.

Jack had often wanted to touch her without his gloves, to feel her skin, her heat, her hair. Over the years he'd gone through many pairs of such gloves and each set identical to the prior. His hands were badly burned and scarred, there was not a piece of his hands surface that was otherwise considered normal. He never spoke of what caused his injuries but it was plain to see the situation must have been dire to cause such.

A single tear glittered in its path down her cheek as she nuzzled into the palm of his hand. She'd seen his hands once before, but practically the first thing she'd done after setting the bones was to put his gloves back on him. He had never willingly touched her without that barrier-until now. Warmth filled her chest at the display of that much trust in her.

Jack realized then what was going on, she was exploring the very things he'd hidden from her all this time. Surprisingly he was ok, he was not worried or fearful as it was something he had issues with that Acacia would leave him for some reason after seeing them. "It's been a long time since I actually felt skin on my fingers."

"I...have hoped for a long time to feel your hands on me, Jack. " she practically breathed the words, warmth filling her entirely from the simple touch. "I would have been content forever with your gloves if that had been your choice"

"Times change I guess and I can't change whats happened." It was also the fact that it was Acacia, it was nobody else seeing his hands so, it was still private to him and anyone else need not know outside the four walls of the room.

Her eyes closed for a moment and she pressed another kiss to his scarred fingertips. "You...are an extraordinary man Jack. I don't think you truly realize your own strength. I..."

Jack smiled, unsure at what to say to the intimate compliment. It was then he saw she saw his strength differently to he did, he was a trained marine, to him strength came in the form of what he could do and his training taught him but to her there was that sweet other perspective that he liked about her.

Laying his hand on her hip she seemed to be thinking hard about something before she leaned in and brushed her lips to his. Seemingly making her decision with the uncertainty in his face, she whispered "You know, I love you Jack Frost."

"Wait till Christmas, everyone hates me then." It was not the first time he'd been through that ring but it did sometimes help lighten the mood. "I love you too babe."

"Everyone except me" she whispered resting her head on his chest. "Besides, Aldeans don't have holidays."

"Well what a stroke of fortune for me then." Jack replied with a bigger smile than before. "By the way, you get to clean the bathroom. It was your idea that made the mess. Cause and effect I'm afraid." Feeling rather amused with himself.

"You just want to see me on my knees on the tile" she shot back with a wicked smirk. "I don't think you care one lick about the mess."

"Well, now that you put it that, no I don't." Jack chuckled picturing Acacia on her knees....again.

"Whatever am I going to do with you?" Acacias voice was barely audible since she was a bare inch from his body, still propped up on one elbow.

"Not trade me in when I get too old and grey would be nice?" Jack joked. "Or maybe when I get much much older and start losing my marbles?"

"I am afraid you are stuck with me Jack. I'm made of sterner stuff than to be frightened off by a few lost marbles or grey hairs.".

"Who said anything about a few?" Jack smiled as he lay on his side instead of propped up with his elbow.

"A few more isn't going to make you less attractive to me love..." Acacia shot back without missing a beat. "After all everyone knows I like older men who are out of my league."

"I think you got it the wrong way round babe, you are out of mine, and some of the marines frequently remind me so." Jack answered remembering some of the more envious younger marines commenting about the relationship between them.

Acacia laughed in delight at his correction"Are your men jealous Colonel?"

"I think one or two might be, one of my young Corporals seems to speak of you often." He answered. "That's what happens when you make an impression."

"Oh I made an impression alright, in a jacket that had your name on it and with my face on the ground. ". She grimaced remembering the black eye and broken nose she'd had.

"Yeah, well only yourself to blame then for the impression." Jack answered. "Though, does seem like a long time ago now, so much has changed over the last year."

"That day was a turning point for us I think. The look in your eyes when you ordered me out of the room..." She shivered and smiled at him.

Jack thought about the day they met, the events that lead them to where they were now, the road bumps, the pitfalls, the joys and happiness. He remembered to when he was 'married to the corps' and didn't think of anything else. Now though he couldn't think of things without her.

"She wanted you and I was so furiously jealous..." laughing softly at herself "I was probably in denial about being in love with you then...telling myself it was all sex appeal."

Jack chuckled. He remembered the fight and it was as heated as it was passionate in its signal. "Well I guess I still got it then."

"Every moment of every day." She acknowledged with a faint blush painting her cheeks pink. He definitely still had it for her.

"Careful, I could get used to this." It never hurt to have the ego stroked a little.

"In that case....allow me to elaborate...completely..." She wanted him to get used to it. To need her with the same intensity that she needed him. To be hers... A smooth motion had her flush against his body, her thigh tossed recklessly over his hip.


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