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Getting Answers

Posted on Sun Nov 29th, 2020 @ 8:13am by Lieutenant Commander Andromeda Lightfeather 'Andi' & Commander Bianca Caselli
Edited on on Tue Dec 1st, 2020 @ 12:40am

Mission: Broken
Location: XO's Office

Bianca had requested that Commander Lightfeather join her in her office. With their current situation in a holding pattern, there was no reason they couldn't continue routine work across the ship, so long as it didn't interfere with the bridge or Sciences. The top of the list was to finalize the investigation of the holodeck murder. With some new evidence that had come to light, courtesy of their medical department, it seemed they had a viable suspect that they could at least look into.

[Security Office]

Andi was in her office working on some paperwork when the call came in from the First Officer, she wanted to speak, Andi was hoping that she did not ask more of the murder as not much more had appeared, beyond what was already known, whoever it was known how to cover their tracks. With Padd in hand, Andi made her way up to the XO's office, so she entered the nearest turbo lift and waited until the doors closed "Commander Bianca's office" she said and the lift moved up and across. Eventually, the lift stopped on the desired level and Andi exited the lift and headed to the XO's office she was still getting used to a large ship, but all journey eventually ends, now hers did, she straightened her tunic up and pressed the buzzer.

"Enter," Bianca called from behind the desk where she sat studying a Padd. Looking up, she smiled as the Chief of Security entered. "Commander Lightfeather, thank you for joining me. Won't you take a seat?" She offered the chair on the other side of the desk. "I wanted to speak with you about the ongoing investigation we have for the holodeck murder. It seems we may have finally been given a solid lead."

Smiling back, "not a problem Commander," Andi said as she sat down and pulled out her Padd "ah, yes the murder I have been looking and the killer has to seem to gone to ground, all we do know is this person stole or copied your ID card and hacked your clearances to deactivate sensors and alarms on the holodeck and to register the holodeck as under maintenance, beyond that we are stumped," she said and looked up "please tell me you have new leads Commander?" She asked hopefully.

"The wife," Bianca replied simply, picking up a PaDD and entering her access code. "She's been seeing the counsellors for marriage difficulties, she suspected him of infidelity. I think she warrants a second look."

"Okay, please give me the details and I will have her escorted to one of my interrogations, ahem interview rooms one with a one-way mirror if you wanted to watch," she said looking at the Commander.

Sliding a PaDD across the desk, Bianca nodded slightly. "I would suggest that you also consider her as a suspect in the incident on the promenade, the break and enter. It seems she may have been in the area prior to it happening. Other than that, let me know when you have her and I'll come on down, if for no reason other than overseeing the situation as it evolves."

Andi takes the Padd and reads through it "interesting Commander, how did you come by this information?" Lightfeather began "it fills in a lot of the holes I had" she added.

"The counsellor in question raised her concerns with me after discovering about death. She seemed genuinely concerned, indicated that she had had a session with the patient that day and the patient seemed out of sorts. It would have been in the leadup to the break and enter on the promenade and then the murder itself," Bianca replied calmly.

Nods in understanding, well I will want to question this person of course, shall I dispatch my Security or will you get the person here for me?" Andi asked her mind was a whirlwind of a mess, this would be new territory for her, being security was one thing, having to question someone was something she had not yet done, well she knew she would have to do it at some point in her career might as well be now.

Bianca paused for a moment and contemplated. "Have security pick her up, but do it discreetly. I'll get Lieutenant D'Aramitz and meet you in the brig in an hour."

Andi Nodded "understood Commander," Andi said and left the XO's office pulling out her Padd and sending the instructions to her team as she headed straight to the brig.


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