NCC - 77447 - B
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The Bridge Must Go On

Posted on Sun Nov 29th, 2020 @ 1:54pm by Lieutenant Midori Kimoto & Commander Bianca Caselli

Mission: Broken
Location: Main Bridge

Bianca sat on the bridge, staring at the black hole in front of them. It still seemed surreal that they were sitting here watching an entire species cease to exist. She glanced toward Midori who was sitting at the helm, eyes darting between the view in front of them and the console she was seated at. "How are we holding up Lieutenant?"

"I'm holding up as well as expected." Midori wasn't happy about the situation, "It's really sad that we can't do anything about those poor people, isn't it?"

Bianca sighed, nodding slowly. "It's hard to watch," she responded quietly. "I..." she paused, gripping the armrest of her chair tightly. "I've seen a lot of missions, but I've never had one that makes me feel so helpless as this. We're meant to help people, this feels wrong."

"It does." She looked down at her console for a moment, "It's a shame that we can't just destroy the black hole or at least, close it up. Scientist back in the 21st century played with the idea but unfortunately, they concluded that nothing can destroy one."

"You'd think with a ship this powerful we'd be able to do something, even if it were just to tractor the planet into a new orbit or something," Bianca grimaced and shook her head slightly. "And yes, I am aware of exactly how ridiculous that sounds," she said resignedly. "But doing something, anything would be better than doing nothing."

"I agree." But their hands were tied, "This whole situation is ridiculous. I'm probably going to get reprimanded here but I think we should say screw the prime directive and save them. How many COs in the past has gone against the prime directive and only get their hands slapped? I can name two off the top of my head." She looked around the bridge to see everyone looking at her in shock, "I'm sorry but you can't say you haven't thought the same thing. I'm just being real."

Bianca glanced around the bridge before nodding slightly. "Believe me, Lieutenant, I have had the thought many times while sitting here watching this whole thing," she said quietly. "Though something tells me that if we were to do that it'd be Captain Hood to be concerned about and not Starfleet Command."

"I guess." She took a breath and exhaled softly, "So, in the meantime, we just will sit here, twiddle our thumbs and do nothing. Sounds like a great plan." She spoke under her breath, "Shiyakusho to tatakau koto wa dekimasen."

While Bianca couldn't hear the words exactly, the tone of voice implied the sentiment behind them. "Theoretically speaking, Lieutenant, if you were the one in charge, what would you do?" There was no sass or mockery in her voice, just curiosity.

Midori faced her, "Well, I certainly wouldn't let these people die. In a perfect world? I'd relocate them. If there was a way to do it without them knowing, I'd do it. Unfortunately, this isn't a perfect world and there's no time to find one for them. So, I'd say the hell with the directive and help them. This ship is huge. They would be scrunched like a can of sardines but it's better than being dead." She turned back to the console.

Bianca nodded slightly, hesitating for a moment before standing up abruptly. "Lieutenant Kimoto, you have the bridge. I'm going to go speak with the Captain."

Midori turned quickly, "Um, yes ma'am." She watched her leave, hoping she didn't overstep.


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