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Life Giveth and Life Taketh Away

Posted on Tue Oct 27th, 2020 @ 4:03am by Lieutenant Amélie D'Aramitz & Lieutenant Acacia Thomas

Mission: Broken
Location: Sickbay

It was an hour before her duty shift was meant to start that Amélie slipped quietly into sickbay, glancing around quickly. She was hoping for a familiar face, but there were none to be seen, at least not immediately. Shoulders dropping slightly, she was about to turn and walk out again when she heard the familiar voice of Acacia. Turning back, she turned the corner, walking toward the medical officer, Amélie offered a slight smile. "Lieutenant Thomas?" she asked hesitantly. "I know it's early but I was wondering if you had a few moments?"

"Sure do." the emerald haired woman answered as she turned at the familiar voice. She tucked the PADD she was working on into a pocket of her lab coat before coming out. "What can I do for you?"

"I was hoping you might be able to fit me in for a quick medical before I started my duty shift? I know you have your own patients and responsibilities..." She paused and shook her head. "On second thoughts, don't worry, you're busy, I'm sorry to have bothered you..."

Under Amélie's eyes were dark circles that looked even more pronounced than usual, though that could have been partly by the fact that her skin was paler than normal. In fact, almost everything about her seemed to be out of sorts compared to her normal put together self.

"It's no bother" she murmured putting away the specialist scanner she'd been using. Reaching out she rested a hand on Amelie's shoulder and guided her into her 'office' a small consulting area that she primarily used. She pushed a chair out with her foot and quietly said "talk to me."

"I guess I didn't sleep well last night, I kept thinking about everyone on the planet." She paused, sinking down into the seat and leaning back, crossing her legs and resting her hands in her lap. "I haven't had it confirmed yet, and I haven't told Alain, but I'm pregnant." She paused, sighing heavily, her shoulders dropping slightly. "It feels wrong, to even be considering bringing a life into the universe while we're watching so many others die."

"My people revere children above all else. They bring hope, for the future and represent the truest form of love. There is no better time than now. "

"I know, I know you're right and this has nothing to do with what's happening on the planet," Amélie looked across at Acacia. "What about their children? It feels selfish to protect mine and do nothing to help them. We're sitting here, safe in our big ship with our modern technology and our weapons to keep us safe, our lives are considered valuable enough to save just because, by the grace of the Gods, we just happened to be born in the right place at the right time." She rested her hands across the flat of her stomach. "This baby gets the right to live because it's being born here, now, on this ship. It doesn't feel right to say that one life is more valuable than another because of a stupid piece of technology." She stopped talking and bit her bottom lip, aware of the tears that were threatening the corners of her eyes. "I'm Sorry," she apologised after a moment. "It's been weighing on me since the meeting yesterday."

"My people once kidnapped the children of the USS Enterprise, because they thought in error that they would be better parents than those they were born to. Maybe the prime directive is wrong, but rules exist for a reason. We're not gods my friend, and we shouldn't behave like we are. If the positions were reversed and some more powerful society was meddling in our lives we would be....incensed. I'm glad I'm not the Captain and have to enforce something so terrible. "

"I know," Amélie sighed again. "It doesn't make it any easier to watch. I feel helpless. I've spent my entire career helping people, it isn't easy to stand by and watch so much suffering and devastation."

"I know." Acacia whispered, settling down next to her friend and resting her hand on hers. The surgeon sighted deeply and bowed her head a little. Her fingers tightened slightly and released, and she hoped Amelie knew she was here for her.

Amélie offered a faint smile and squeezed Acacia's hand in return. "Thank you," she said softly. "I mean it, thank you."

"We gotta stick together." She whispered offering her an equally damp smile. "Do you want me to confirm your pregnancy?"

"That was why I originally came, I didn't mean to get all emotional." Amélie gave a slight nod. "I think I'm about 8 weeks, but I want to make sure everything is okay before I tell Alain."

She chuckled "Right. Well, emotional does come with the territory. You'd best get used to the idea." Pulling out a tricorder from a labcoat pocket she ran a tiny scanner over her. Tapping her handheld display, she pulled up an image of her uterus. "There it is..." she murmured, bringing up the image of the tiny fetus.

"Wow..." Amélie breathed with a smile as she looked at the image. "And everything is okay? Nothing I should be concerned about?" She stared at the image for a moment longer. "Can you save that to my file? I can show Alain later," her smile became wistful.

"Measurement wise, everything is fine. Your hormone levels are where they should be." Acacia said with a gentle smile. "Standard pregnancy precautions, no real alcohol. No radiation exposure. None of your mother or grandmothers remedies for nausea or morning sickness unless they've been cleared by me. Prenatal hypo every night at bedtime. Come and get a scan once a month." Acacia chuckled softly, and saved the image on it, where the fetus was clearly visible.

There was a sharp inhalation of breath before Amélie smiled. 'Thank you," she said softly before looking up at Acacia, her expression becoming full of gratitude. 'I appreciate it, I truly do."

"It's my pleasure, truly. " she answered squeezing her hand again. She scheduled an appointment reminder in the computer for her, and then sent the pictures to her private file. "Congratulations."

Amélie nodded slightly, almost awestruck by the image. "I guess this makes it really real," she said, suddenly laughing nervously. "Thank you. I guess I'd better work out how to tell Alain."

"I'm told that's the fun part" Acacia teased gently beaming at her.

"Well, I hope so," Amélie replied with a laugh. "I really hope so. Maybe we can have lunch tomorrow and I'll let you know how it goes?"

She giggled softly, hiding it under her hand. "I'd like that very much."


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