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News of Family Matters.

Posted on Fri Sep 11th, 2020 @ 9:15pm by Lieutenant Skovik cha Silask

Mission: Broken
Location: Crew Quarters

The chime of a comm sounded over the quiet classical music that Skovik had playing while he ate. It chimed again, and the Vulcan laid down his fork. Taking his tea in his hand, he rose from the table and walked to his comm station. The sigil of the Vulcan Science Academy was displayed on his screen and he accepted the comm. The whitewashed walls showed it was evening, from the darkening mulberry tones to the light. Before him, in a carved darkwood chair was his eldest son. He was the picture of sophistication, in a robe of emerald and white. The only thing out of place was the lack of under tunic, and a single button undone. As if he'd just arisen from bed. Interesting...

"Strasuk, it is gratifying to speak to you."

"Father. " The younger Vulcan, whose features clearly favored his mother nodded politely on the screen. "Your absence has been noted here on Vulcan."

"You honor me."

"I speak only the truth. I have some news to share with you, that you may find gratifying."

Skovik raised his eyebrow in a typical fashion and waited for his son to speak further. Strasuk didn't speak but instead extended his fingers to a figure standing off screen. A womans hand found his fingers, and Strasuk's eyes closed. Skovik was silent in the face of the emotion he could see on his son's face even in that simple gesture. They were not shielded from each other and it showed, raw upon his face. His eldest son had found a mate. The phantom sensation of T'Plyvils fingers on his struck him like a hammer, and the loss of his mate screamed from the core of his soul. The pain of her absence was sometimes worse than the way his soul had broken when their bond had been torn asunder. His own eyes closed, to maintain control of his face. The hand in his lap clenched into a fist, invisible to the new daughter that he had acquired. He would not begin to give her the impression that she wasn't welcome in his family, nor the idea that he disliked her. He remained impassive, but the skin around his eyes tightened slightly, 1.6 minutes passed and both men were able to open eyes, that mirrored one another.

"Father, I would introduce to you she who is my wife, Maren"

A woman with bright chocolate eyes and an easy smile looked back at him. Her dark curls and the slight point to her ears marked her as a half-breed. Betazoid if he didn't miss his guess. She was smaller than Strasuk, standing only at his shoulder.

"Maren." Skovik's hand rested in the center of his chest and he bowed to her from the waist. "Daughter. Welcome. My parental concerns are assuaged, to see my son so well tended."

Maren laughed in delight and he could instantly see why his son found her pleasing. "Father. Your welcome honors me. I've loved your son for some years, and I finally had enough of waiting."

Skovik almost smirked, for he knew that Strasuk was the most patient and docile of his children. He was the perfect vulcan for teaching the very youngest of children at the Science Academy's private tutoring services. "Please, tell me of yourself."

Maren settled down into Strasuk's lap and Skovik found his mouth quirking up at the corners at the possessive way that his son's hand came to wrap around her waist, and drift through her hair. Clearly they had just come out of seclusion. Perhaps they had not remained for long enough. Cherish her, my son.

"I am the second daughter of T'Pareil and Clarion. I was raised on Vulcan so I know all the traditions, but of course being half Betazoid made it impossible to follow them all. Papa taught me how to manage being the outsider, since I strongly favor him in looks and personality."

"I believe I see why my son finds you so refreshing."

Her laugh sounded again, but slightly more breathless. Embarrassment colored her cheeks pink, and Skovik inclined his head to her once more. "I am not keeping you from other pressing duties?"

"No Father."

He inclined his head "I am curious, what is your occupation?"

"I am a professional musician. I play the bassoon and contrabassoon in the Shi'khar Philharmonic Orchestra. I play some other instruments, but not as well as the double reed variety. We're currently rehearsing Telemann's Sonata in F minor. It is quite challenging."

"I can imagine that it would be. I would very much enjoy the hololink to your next concert."

"That can be arranged."

Skovik ended the call after some more pleasantries and sipped his tea serenely. I wonder how long before I get the call she is expecting my first grandchild?


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