NCC - 77447 - B
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Let The Healing Begin

Posted on Sun Aug 30th, 2020 @ 3:03pm by Lieutenant Nimeeh Vixil & Lieutenant Acacia Thomas

Mission: Broken
Location: Sickbay

The jarring of the ship coming out of warp was just enough to toss Acacia- who had been sleeping on the very edge of her bed out onto the floor. Breath hissing from her lungs she lay- tangled in her blankets for a long moment "What the..."

Looking out the window, the stars were stationary and then the red alert klaxon sounded. "Custodian protect us..." She cursed under her breath before raking her fingers through a cascade of forest green hair. It took only a moment for her to catch her breath enough to rise and throw on a uniform. Her pajamas were left in a pile on the floor, forgotten immediately upon removal. Black flats- not her normal uniform boots slid onto her feet and she moved towards sickbay at a fast walk while she threw her hair into a plait. Her elbow burned and Acacia made a note to run a dermal regenerator over it before she started work.

Sickbay was controlled chaos and Acacia slid into the calmness of Dr. Thomas. A quick hum of a hand regenerator calmed the burn of her elbows. "Nim - Any critical injuries?"

Nim glanced up as she heard her name being called and offered a weary smile. "No rest for the wicked huh?" she responded with a soft laugh. "We have basically every trauma bay full, but I'm heading to iso three if you want to join me? Your consult may be beneficial. Severe burns from a plasma relay that exploded."

Nodding she donned the Isolation gear needed to care for a plasma burn and winced at the smell of it when she entered the isolation area. The sharp acrid scent of plasma as well as the sickly sweet meat like scent of burned skin. Fortunately no screams met her ears, as sedation had already been applied and a life support bubble was already around the Lieutenant's face. "Alright, lets wet him down and see what's there."

Nim retreated to the edge of the room, letting Acacia and the attending nurse work. "Lieutenant Eddam Grerix, Betazoid, Operations Officer," she accessed his medical file from the PaDD in her hand. "No known allergies or medical issues known..." she frowned slightly. "Last visit to sickbay was for a broken radius, that was approximately ten months ago. Everything else is up to date. Suffered plasma burns on deck eighty three and was transported to sickbay. No mention of anything that happened on site."

"We should find out if anyone else came in contact with the plasma fires. Or else we're going to be dealing with lung damage in a few days time" She activated the absorbtion on the bed, and took a hand sprayer to begin to remove what was left of his uniform, and see the damage to the skin below. "Left arm, circumferential total thickness. Left chest over the ribs total thickness with bone exposed, progressing to deep partial thickness. Left thigh has a laceration, bleeding sluggishly. Possibly cauterized immediately by the object doing the lacerating. Right side looks undamaged. "

Making notes as Acacia spoke, Nim nodded along. "I'll get a call out once we're through with casualties. Lung damage can wait for the moment, at least until the red alert is lifted." She scanned through a list on the PaDD. "We're running low on trauma and surgery bays, do you think you can treat him here?"

"Mostly. The superficial stuff I can clear right here on the table. The chest is going to need grafting which will take a day or so. If we can get an isolation bed for him I can program the graft to build over the next few days."

"I'll see what we have available," Nim replied, watching as Acacia worked. "You mentioned a laceration on the left thigh, do you want me to check that while you're working with the rest of it?"

"Please do. Looks like it might be compromising circulation to the foot." Acacia replied as she wet down a silver cloth and went to work on the blistered skin. It peeled like the rind of an orange, leaving clear outlines of the blast pattern on his skin.

Setting the PaDD aside, Nim scrubbed and approached the bed, screwing her face up a little as she watched Acacia work. "No matter how many times I see it, that's still disgusting," she murmured as she started cutting Lieutenant Grerix's uniform pants to give herself access to the wound before she started her own investigation.

"Be glad technology is what it is. On ancient Earth they would have had to do this daily, for weeks while he healed from the bottom up. The scarring was...unimaginable." she smiled at the chief before examining the bone exposed.

"And that," Nim responded as she scanned the laceration with a tricorder, "is why the deities invented technology." Putting the tricorder aside she started working. "There's some residual shrapnel that's impacting on the femoral, probably what's causing the impact to the circulation." She cast a glance at Acacia before looking back to the wound she was tending to. "So how's things with that man of yours? Did you end up having the conversation?"

"No, and not because I haven't wanted to. He's been recruiting and I've not seen him." her sigh was soft "I suppose I need to get used to that since I'm involved with a Marine. They go where Duty calls them and they don't really get a say."

"You know, I've heard a lot of people say that about Starfleet as well," Nim replied as she worked. "How are you handling being alone while he's gone? You doing okay with everything?"

"A little short on sleep" she shrugged one shoulder absently. "It does mean I can experiment with cooking without worrying about disasters and having to explain them to the marine that will eat anything without complaint."

Nim laughed openly at the remark. "Well, you're officially better than me. "I think when Vic left I spent the first two weeks living on wine and tequila before I started replicating stuff, which, mind, was only because my Father told me if I didn't eat vegetables in front of him he was going to close down the restaurant and come find me."

"I think I remember that." she murmured glancing back at Nim with a sad smile. "I'm sorry he did that to you. I'm not sorry your dad decided to kick your butt about it, because I was getting tired of running things here."

Nim raised an eyebrow slightly but decided to overlook it. "Blood circulation to the lower extremities seems to be slightly improved but that should improve over the next few hours. So how long is Jack away for?"

Another wordless shrug answered that question. She chewed her lip as she finally got the burned tissue stripped away. "Its hard to say. He'll be back when the job is done I suppose."

“Well if we ever get out of this red alert, we can grab a drink if you want? I’m in no hurry to go back to my quarters and sit there alone.” Nim glanced toward Acacia and offered a friendly smile. “We can commiserate and drown our sorrows.”

"I'd like that" Acacia answered with a smile equal to Nim's. Her quarters smelled like Jack and she missed him terribly. "We can even ask the bartender for something...real..."

"Now that," Nim replied with a laugh, "Sounds like a REAL plan!"


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