NCC - 77447 - B
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The Appropriate Appointments.

Posted on Tue Jan 12th, 2021 @ 3:34pm by Lieutenant Acacia Thomas & Olivia Carlyle & Lieutenant Skovik cha Silask

Mission: Broken
Location: Sickbay

Acacia quietly flicked through the reports that she'd written over the past week, and her eyes fell on the one for the Chief Intelligence Officer. She tapped the contact button, in order to schedule him for the strengthening he needed for his shoulder and back. She was surprised to see him immediately answer with an internal comm channel.

"Commander Skovik?"

"How can I help you Doctor?"

"I would like to schedule you with the physical therapist, do you have any times you would prefer to have therapy sessions?"

"I would prefer to be the first appointment in the morning if that can be arranged."

"It can, expect contact with Dr. Carlyle first thing tomorrow."

"I shall. My thanks."

She inclined her head to the man on the screen.

Repeating the gesture in reverse, he ended the comm link with the push of a button. Licking her lips, the doctor pushed away the tea that had gone cold and was therefore unpalatable. A breath through her nose eased the slight nausea that moving induced in her. She couldn't safely dose herself again with anti-emetic medication, without risk to her child.

Tapping her PADD once more she spoke to it. "Computer send message to Dr. Olivia Carlyle."


"Doctor Carlyle,

I saw you briefly on my stop in Luna, if you are safely aboard I should like to speak to you at your earliest convenience. Regards- Dr. Acacia Thomas."

The message pinged in the office that Olivia had set up until the spa space was finished. Interest furrowed her brow for who would know that she didn't have a communicator issued to her yet? Curiousity won out and she called out "Play message."

The playback began obediently and Olivia laughed softly. "Please reply that I am at the doctor's convenience."

The office rang with Acacia's laughter, and she wandered down to the location that had been approved for the new spa. The Doctor was the only one in the space. "Doctor Carlyle?"

"Olivia, if that's Dr. Thomas I'm speaking to."

"Acacia" and the bright headed woman grinned at her, raising a file in her hand. "How are you finding your new space?"

"Oh, loads of potential but I need some serious help from engineering and fabrication." Olivia turned to look around the empty room. "It's going to be glorious."

"If I wanted to drop a patient on you for therapy, would that be a problem?"

"I do have space to do proper therapy, but if it's not urgent and I can put it off until tomorrow then I will have all of my equipment in place as well."

"He's fine to do it first thing in the morning, if that's enough scheduling time for you."

"Tell me about him, and I'll let you know."

"Vulcan, 73 years old. Has been suffering with numbness and tingling to his left upper extremety. Partially due to a congenital defect, which caused a grade 2 subluxation of the 4th cervical vertebrae and some corresponding nerve impingement. I'll let him tell you the factors that were involved." Acacia giggled in remembrance of the story he'd told about the music.

"I can't wait. I can work with that, providing that you repaired the defect? I'll just assume you did" Olivia didn't pause to wait for the nod of ascent that Acacia had given. "I will assign it to his calendar tomorrow morning, if you will send me over his imaging scans. I like to see the repair and the musculature involved before I lay hands on him." Her fingers pressed a few buttons to assign the slot to the Commander, and pressed Send.

"Make sure you wear hand coverings." Acacia warned, remembering his foray into her mind, accidental though she knew it still made her uncomfortable.

Olivia snorted and waved away the concern "Saw something in your mind you didn't want him to hmm? " She teased the other physician, and laughed outright when Acacia blushed. "Don't worry about me, I'm practically mind blind."

The appointment time popped up on Skovik's calendar. The barest hint of a smile touched his lips at the precise following of his request. "She is efficient, this Doctor Thomas."


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