NCC - 77447 - B
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A Right Fine Mess

Posted on Sat Aug 22nd, 2020 @ 3:59am by Fleet Captain William Hood & Amber Omier Dr

Mission: Broken
Location: Main Engineering

Picking herself up off the floor Amber took a moment to compose herself before she took stock of the situation, and a situation it was. Alarms practically lit up every console the lined the walls with some error, malfunction or system failure. A glance over the ships structure display revealed that the external hull and internal bracing were intact and undamaged, though with a ship this size you can't slam on the brakes like that without something put under considerable strain.

Ordering a team to check the internal bracing systems deck by deck she wanted to make sure that the ship wouldn't buckle at an inopportune time. A glance at another console revealed EPS power fluctuations, another showed the same with life support. Replicators were down on some decks, she saw many littering the displays that monitored the hanger bays for the ships fighter and shuttle compliments.

Will was not looking forward to what was about to happen. If anything he had read was true Dr Amber Omier was a force to be respected. While not Starfleet she was assigned to the ship by Command and with the less than stellar history he had with Command he didn't argue it. Her record was impressively littered with qualifications, publications, certifications and experience. A no-fuss woman with a clear passion for Engineering and a noted drive. Her previous assignments all noted a somewhat cold, almost lofty approach and several notes hinting to her speaking up her ideas when they were relevant.

When the doors to Main Engineering opened and revealed the sheer expanse of itself to him it made his previous command pale in comparison. He saw the Doctor leaning against a table looking down on it with a Padd in one hand. Feeling that it was now or never Will walked over to her. "Dr Omier I'm..."

"I know who you are." Amber replied. "I'm rather busy as you can see, but would you fill me in as to what happened?"

There was the coldness Will had read about. "Apparently we hit a gravitation distortion that seemed to originate from where we are heading." Will paused as he studied the woman who was clearly busy.

"In any event it's preventing the creation of a stable warp bubble." Amber spoke as she continued to work. "We have system issues shipwide, EPS, life support, hanger bays. I have ordered a check of the internal structure of the ship. I will be hard pressed to believe that a ship of this size can be brought to a halt without some kind of structural issue."

"Any of the critical systems?" Will asked, hoping that they would not be needed in the condition they were in.

"Weapons and shield generators are functional, Impulse is available but repairs will be needed to the EPS manifold to ensure stability. The two docked escorts are undamaged and all hanger exit doors are operational." Amber spoke as she jotted a note down.

Even as Will listened he couldn't help the mild frustration caused by the Doctor yet that was the trade off, she was good at what she did and her background had molded her in some way plus, she was not Starfleet so he couldn't expect her to act and behave as such. He also had prior warnings from reading her records and reports from her previous assignments, gifted individuals often had personality oddities, perhaps this was one of hers. "Very well, I won't take up anymore of your time." Will spoke figuring that was perhaps the most attention he'd get right now out of her. "Welcome to the Dreadnought." He was mid turn to leave when she replied.

"An interesting welcome indeed."

Will couldn't help but detect perhaps the double edge to that remark as he left.


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