NCC - 77447 - B
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Investigations and Results

Posted on Sat Aug 22nd, 2020 @ 3:59am by Lieutenant Nimeeh Vixil & Lieutenant Commander Andromeda Lightfeather 'Andi'

Mission: Broken
Location: Security Office
Timeline: Current

Andi was in her office going over the CSI reports, she was still waiting for the CMO report, but from what she had seen, the killer was a high functioning sociopath, this person was very intelligent and highly motivated. Going by the visual results the killer used some kind of toxin to subdue the victim before plunging the knife into the body. Andi was saddened by the current events, she knew this type of stuff did not happen on the core or mid-rim member worlds, she thought it would be even rarer happening on a Starfleet ship, but here it was a good old fashioned murder.

Her computer pinged an alert, she accessed the computer and find it was the CMOS report on the victim the report was succinct she read:

Name: Lucas Warrington
Sex: Male
Age 46
Height: 6.5 ft
Weight 185 lbs
Hair: Brown (short)
Eyes: Brown

The report continued to say that the had numerous injuries and lots of blood loss the victim was a healthy male with no apparent deformities or the like, apart from blood loss and stab wounds there was no sign of any other type of injury beyond what is usually associated with a victim.

Stab wound on the abdomen medial area is a slit-like cut which measured 28 mm in length with a depth of 52mm.

"Long knife and sharp" Andi commented to herself as she continued to read the rest of the report.

There is another Stab wound in the Umbilical area which was approximately 5cm lateral to the navel with a slit 34mm in length and 64mm in depth the CMO mentioned that it was a fatal injury.

"I would never have guessed" Andi commented to herself.

She read the rest of the report, numerous stab wounds all over the body and what did not surprise her was that there was a low amount of ethanol. This told her that the victim was taken by surprise and initially from behind, the killer most likely placed their hand over the victim's mouth and struck fast, considering the holodeck level was quite busy the deed would need to be done quickly as possible. What was puzzling her was which stabbing was the killing blow as it seemed all other wounds were for show. It looked like it was blood loss that did the final injury. But if a single or double-edged blade was involved then it would be someone who knew what they were doing, she was sure the victim had been drugged prior to the stabbing. She signed off on the report sending an acknowledgement to the Doctor then tapped her Commbadge.

"Commander Lightfeather to Vixil, I got your report and I have some questions for you" she began.

Barely a few moments had passed and Nim hit the chime at the door to Andi's office. Once she had been granted admission, she stepped in and offered a smile. "I thought you might have some questions and I was in the area anyway, so I figured it'd be easier for me to just drop by, I hope that's okay?"

She paused for a fraction "okay!" Andi said as the door chime sounded "enter Doctor" she added and in walked the CMO, she looked up with a smile "I would have been okay with a Commbadge response, but no matter you are here, please have a seat and would you like something to drink?" Andi asked the doctor standing up and walking over to the replicator.

"I would kill for a coffee," Nim replied with a grin as she slid into the seat. "And honestly, it's not a problem. I was nearby checking on a patient so it's not out of my way at all, and I have some free time right now. So, how can I help?"

"I hope you are joking about killing for a coffee?" Andi asked with a straight face "Milk and sugar or sweeteners, or black?" she continued without skipping a beat as she tapped a button on the replicator.

"Relax Commander, it was a joke," Nim replied. "Extra cream and four sugars please," she added. "Now, what can I do for you? I assume you got the report?"

Andi spoke in the order "one Coffee with extra cream and four sugars and a cup of herb tea" she said and a mug of coffee with the requested ingredients appeared in the tray, the drinks were hot, Andi picked them up and brought them over to the desk and handed the doctors hers as she sat down and took a tentative sip of hers before answering the question.

"Yes I got the report, thank you it was concise and had a lot of information, but how come you did not detect any poisons of any kind, I mean the holodeck level was busy and the killing had to be done quickly and quietly as there was no struggling and that damn smudged print on the knife handle could not be traced or identified. What time did you put the murder happening again?" Andi asked curiously as she had just thought of something.

"I didn't detect any poisons because there was none to detect," Nim replied calmly before taking a sip of her drink. "As talented as I may be in the medical profession Commander, even I can't find what isn't there. Time of death was estimated between 6 pm and midnight. Unfortunately because of how long the body had been on the holodeck for I can't really narrow it down any more than that."

she grumbles "there is nothing more I hate than a difficult puzzle to solve!" she exclaimed and tapped something on her computer before turning it to show the Doctor. "CSI sent me these fingerprints, while the one on the knife was smudged, there were others in that room that matched a set CSI found in a residential shop on the Promenade," she said, "I still cannot get used to a starship having one a promenade now" she added shaking her head ruefully.

Nim smiled slightly. "Well, the Dreadnought is definitely a ship like no other," she replied. "Do you think whoever killed him also did something in a shop?"

"Doubt, I have none. Someone on this ship is a killer one that knows their way around and knows how to hack command codes, I have come to this conclusion as the XOs codes were hacked if the holodeck records to go by. But for now," she added finishing her drink the killer could be anyone, if this was a smaller ship then this type of thing would not happen, I wonder what possessed the Captain to want a ship this big?" she asked herself "A problem for another time" she said finishing her drink and looking at the doctor. "Is there anything else you can tell me doctor about the victim that was not in your report, suspicions and guesswork would be a welcome thing because currently it is killer 3 Security zero?" she asked.

Before Nim could reply the ship shuddered violently and red alert klaxon started to sound, the red light strobing through the reduced lighting on the ship. Picking herself up from the floor and ignoring the fact that she now had hot coffee seeping through her uniform, Nim cursed. "What the hell..."

"Lieutenant Vixil, please report to sickbay immediately!"

"Sorry Commander looks like we have more immediate problems to deal with," the medical officer replied, dusting herself off before tapping her commbadge. "I'm on my way."

Andi nodded "thank you Doctor, this interaction was stimulating, if you find anything further, you will let me know?" Andi asked.

"Of course, you'll be the first I report to," Nim replied with a smile before heading out the door.

With that, Andi watched the Doctor leave and when she had gone, she collected the mugs and returned them to the reclimator and then returned to her desk and checked some files all the while cursing the strangeness of this current case and made a mental note to speak to the shop owner again at some point.


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