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Third Time's The Charm

Posted on Thu May 14th, 2020 @ 8:26am by Lieutenant Commander Andromeda Lightfeather 'Andi' & Commander Bianca Caselli
Edited on on Sat May 16th, 2020 @ 1:48am

Mission: Under A Glassy Surface, Where We Don't Belong...
Location: XO's Office

Bianca was in her office, the same place she had been all morning, and the same place she would be until many hours after her duty shift should technically end.

There were so many new transfers to be finalized, reports to be filed, requisition requests to be approved. With close to 8000 people aboard, it took a lot of paperwork to keep a ship the size of the Dreadnought running on a daily basis, and that paperwork increased exponentially whenever they had the ability to resupply.

Leaning back in the chair behind the desk, she rubbed her eyes momentarily, trying to clear her vision before returning to the mountain of PaDD's in front of her, even though she could feel her brain shouting at her to get a coffee. A very large, very strong coffee. She was just about to push her chair back and oblige when the chime sounded. "Enter," she called as she rose to her feet, quickly checking her calendar to see if she had missed an appointment.

Outside the First Officer's office she checked to see if she was presentable as it had been but a few hours since Andi had landed her fighter and arranged to have her stuff delivered to her quarters, she took that time to freshen up as best she could, she was lucky the flight up was but a short one. Padd in hand she tugged down on her tunic and looked at herself in a reflection she was still getting used to the yellow shirt, making the final adjustments she pressed the buzzer. and heard the First Officer shout "enter" she walked in and stopped in the doorway out of range of the sensor so the door was closed and looked at the First Officer.

"Lieutenant Commander Andromeda Lightfeather, your new Security Chief reporting for duty Commander" she announced herself.

"Lightfeather... Lightfeather..." Bianca repeated the name as she snapped her fingers, motioning for the other woman to take a seat. "I swear I just had my hands on your transfer orders, I just hadn't realised you'd come aboard yet." She sighed and shuffled some PaDD's around on her cluttered desk. "Sorry Commander, as I'm sure you can understand, returning from leave is always an interesting time. So much paperwork to catch up on and not enough hours in the day to get it all done. "I was just contemplating a coffee though, can I get you something?"

Nodding "yes please Commander a Raktijino," Andi said taking the offered seat, she sat back and crossed her legs and waited for the First Officer to continue.

Replicating the Rakitijino and a mug of coffee about the size of a small bucket for herself, Bianca carried them both back to the desk and handed the Raktijino across to Andi. Sinking down into her seat again, she held the mug in front of her lips, inhaling the scent deeply before taking a sip. "Oh sweet caffeine, my merciful friend," she murmured, closing her eyes and enjoying the taste. After a moment, she opened her eyes again and looked back at the other woman. "So, you're our new Chief of Security?" she asked curiously.

Andi simply raised an eyebrow and bit back a smart alec comment 'must not use given ammunition' She said to herself but verbally "yes Commander, I have two previous positions as a ships XO, but due to those captain's being totally inept, one imploded the other Captain lost their command. I accepted the Security Chief position as for the moment I want to be free of the Redshirt, I still want a command eventually, but for the moment I am happy where I am. She takes a sip of her Klingon Coffee "what else, is there?!" She asked herself aloud "I am a daughter of a Tribal Chieftain of the Cherokee Tribe born and bred on Earth, is there anything the First Officer would like to ask?" Andi said ending with a question as she took another sip of her drink and relaxed a little.

"The Dreadnought isn't like other ships," Bianca replied calmly, leaning back in her seat, her mug of coffee resting in the palm of one hand. "Her sheer size and population mean that you have quite a job ahead of you. You will report directly to me on all things Security and I expect to be meeting with you on a weekly basis to have updated status reports for what is happening around the ship. I have high expectations and zero tolerance for people wasting my time." She paused, raised the mug to her lips and sipped carefully, her gaze never wavering from the woman across the desk from her.

"Do you think you're up to the task?" Bianca finally asked bluntly.

Hiding the surprise at such a blunt question coming out of nowhere Andi diplomatically responded "I guess we will find out Commander, I have yet to walk the area and assess what needs to be done, I have learned one must never go into something with a blindfold, and then there is finding my feet as Security on a ship this size is an adjustment for anyone regardless of Security experience. Hence my response we will find out, but I do need to see what needs what" she pauses to take a sip of her coffee and then looks at the XO "I have a question, does the Command Staff and Department Heads and Deputies of those departments have ID badges? Also is there a way to distinguish Security Personnel from other Operations personnel?" Lightfeather asked.

Bianca shook her head slightly. "Presently, I don't believe so. Feel free to raise ideas if you want and I'll see what I can do. Anything else you need from me, Commander?"

Smiling "well then I will make up a list and arrange a meeting at another time then, hopefully by that time I should have gotten a basic feel for the place by then, she pauses and then considers something, yes there is one thing and it relates to my question, now is as good a time as any. I would like to put forward the idea of having all Security personnel wear an armband or have a cloth badge allowed to be worn to denote that they are Security, not Engineering, an armband with MP or simply Security on would suffice in the short term, but a properly visible badge would be good for a later stage" she said in response.

Bianca nodded. "I'll discuss it with the Captain and get back to you as soon as I can." She smiled. "If there's nothing else Commander I suggest you go settle in and get ready for your first duty shift."

Finishing her beverage as she stood and placing the mug back into the reclimator "nothing else Commander, I will go finish unpacking then assess what is happening with Security and go on a walkabout to get a general feel for my domain. As for the suggestion on the armbands, what will be the eta on hearing back on that?" Andi asked turning to face the First Officer.

"I'll get back to you within 24 hours," Bianca said with a smile. "I'll take it to Fleet Captain Hood for you and get back to you. Now, if there's nothing else, I really do have a lot to do. But, Welcome Aboard Commander."

She smiled, "Thank you Sir it would be appreciated and I will let you to your duties, as I must start mine" Andi responded with a final nod and left the First Officers office.


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