NCC - 77447 - B
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Posted on Mon Mar 16th, 2020 @ 5:18am by Commander Bianca Caselli & Commander Ayla Bawden & Lieutenant Acacia Thomas & Lieutenant Nimeeh Vixil & Lieutenant Zeri Zanti & Lieutenant Amélie D'Aramitz

Mission: Under A Glassy Surface, Where We Don't Belong...

Bianca had no idea how many hours had passed since their transport had gone awry. It could have been an hour, it could have been many hours, it certainly already had started to feel like it had been an eternity.

There was still only darkness. The only noise that came had been the softly spoken words between the group of them, words of concern, uncertainty, unease. Standing up, Bianca edged toward the perimeter of the room again. "Zeri, how much can you see in this light?" she asked softly.

“Well enough, Commander. I’m taking your hand.” Zeri reached out and cupped Bianca’s hand in her own to guide her to the wall. “It is not a large room.”

"Let's walk the perimeter again. We'll see if we can find anything that might be a door or an exit, even a ventilation shaft might be helpful if we can find one."

"I think it's likely our transporter was hijacked," Nim said quietly. "But it doesn't make a lot of sense why no one has spoken to us yet. Unless this is some new form of torture. Sitting in the dark like this is kind of bothersome." She could already feel the psychosomatic pain in her wrists and instinctively she rubbed one wrist gently before tugging her sleeves down, making sure they were covered, despite the darkness around them.

Amélie exhaled. "Well, we could always start making noise?" She offered quietly. "It's bound to attract some kind of attention isn't it?"

“My Commbadge doesn’t work; could mean we’re out of range or there’s a dampening field in place. If we were beamed to a ship in Earth’s orbit, they managed to get past many levels of security to abduct us right under the nose of...everyone. They might be maintaining our isolation until they’ve placed enough distance between the ship and Federation space - or we’re being monitored.” There was a pause as Zeri examined the upper elements of the room. “I don’t see any sensor array, but it’s possible.”

As they went around the room, hands against the walls, using touch to try and find any sign of an exit, hatch or anything, Bianca kept her voice low as she spoke. "It doesn't make sense though," she said quietly. "No one knew we were planning to transport until we arrived at the transporter room. This can't have been planned."

“There could have been a malignant subroutine dormant in the transporter system, intended for someone else. We don’t have the resources to determine who was scheduled for transport at that time, but as Senior staff, our own transport would have moved them down the queue. We can look into that when we get back to the ship. Here,” Zeri stopped and turned Bianca by the shoulders to face the wall. “The light is strongest from this direction. I don’t see any seams, but....there’s airflow down here along the floor. I can feel it on my bare toes. And Nim thought my heels would serve no purpose.”

"I admit, I thought they were largely unpractical as well, but I'm glad to stand corrected," Bianca replied quietly, running her hands back and forward over the wall before kneeling down to run her hand along the seam where the wall met the floor. "There's no seam, there's nothing that feels like a door could open here in any way, but you're right, there is air. I'm wondering if it's coming up through the floor though? Maybe like..." her voice trailed off. "That's odd, it just stopped."

Acacia shivered and murmured, "So they can see and hear us." Unconciously she peered into the darkness. "I wonder where the cameras are."

Ayla kept Miracle close to her as she could see as she looked around at the others and at their predicament. She listened to what sounds she could pick up other than those with her in the group.

There was silence as each woman considered the implications. Who would be watching them? For what purpose? Zeri tried to keep her thoughts focused on escape, on rescue, but... She cleared her throat and tapped gently against the wall. “We made these arrangements for a visit to the spa very last minute; was anyone notified? Perhaps a spouse?” Would anyone be looking for us, she wondered to herself as she began knocking against the walls at random intervals, searching for hollows which might indicate an access panel.

"I left a note for Alain," Amélie offered quietly. "But he's working late in the restaurant so I don't know what time he'll be home."

Instinctively, Nim scooted across the floor, closer to Acacia, putting an arm around the other woman's shoulders, rubbing her arm in an offer of warmth and comfort. "You okay?" she asked softly.

"No." Acacia whispered back, another shiver creeping down her spine. The darkness wasn't bad, but combined with the unknown watcher had her extremely on edge.

There was a sound from somewhere beyond the walls. A series of clicks, followed by a crunch that almost sounded like metal on metal, followed by a flash of light so bright it was almost startling.

Bianca instinctively raised her hands to cover her face, shielding her from what ever this attack would be, yet no attack came, just a barrage of noise. Lowering her hands, Bianca looked around at the familiar sight of the Dreadnought's promenade and the growing group of people that were staring at them, likely curious by their sudden appearance.

"What the hell just happened?" Bianca asked, confusion clear in her voice as she looked across at the others.

"I have no idea" Acacia spoke, regaining her voice as she stood up from her seated position and offered a hand to Nim.

Miracle let out a squeak of surprise to find her and her Mother on the Dreadnought's promenade. Ayla stood up from her kneeling position, holding onto her daughters hand.

"Definitely very unusual," Ayla spoke softly as her mind raced through many possibilities, feeling Miracle tugging to be let go.

Nim blinked slowly as she looked around, the sudden noise and light an assault on her senses. "Right, how about we all go to sickbay?" she suggested. "We'll run some routine scans and just make sure everyone's okay."

"Good idea Lieutenant," Bianca replied calmly before reaching up to tap her commbadge. "Captain Hood, I'd appreciate it if you could meet me in sickbay."


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