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The One that Didn't Get Away

Posted on Sat Feb 29th, 2020 @ 8:02am by Commander Bianca Caselli & 1st Lieutenant Krahl

Mission: Under A Glassy Surface, Where We Don't Belong...

Ever since returning from the away team, Bianca had been up to her eyes in paperwork, and it seemed to be mounting by the hour. The most recent PaDD to cross her desk was the death of one of the Captives in custody. While she had reviewed the security footage and compiled it accordingly, she now needed to speak to Lieutenant Krahl directly.

She had already sent the request for him to join her in her office, now she just needed to wait.

Krahl stopped outside the ship's XO's office to straighten the uniform he wore and to make sure his fur was in order. He palmed the chime to announce his presence as he took a deep breath. He knew this would be coming but he hadn't expected to be called to the ship's XO but his CO in the marines.

"Enter," Bianca called, not looking up from the PaDD she had been going over. Finally, as she heard the doors both open and close again, she looked up at the physical form of the large felinoid occupying the space in front of her desk. Even though she had already known of his species, she had even served with both Kzinti and Caitian's previously, she still felt slightly overwhelmed by his sheer size, even more so from her seated position.

"Lieutenant Krahl," she said as she offered a smile. "Thank you for joining me on short notice, please, take a seat."

Krahl had to duck a bit to enter Bianca's office and had came to attention once the door had shut. He nodded his head at his name and gently sat in the proffered seat. The chair groaned slightly under his 500 plus pounds and hit tail curled around his waist. "You wished to see me Ma'am?" He asked as he laid his large hands into his lap. He kept himself straight and his eyes never left hers.

"I won't keep you Lieutenant, and I need you to be aware that this is definitely not an official investigation. Official investigations will still be handled through the Marines. I just need to go over a few quick details with you so I can submit a report to Starfleet." Her smile was weary but genuine as she leaned back in her seat. "When did you first become aware of the fact that the prisoners had attempted to escape?"

"When I was sent to medical to escort the injured prisoners back to holding, there was a discrepancy in the numbers I had and the ones that had been checked in and treated. The doctor was the one who discovered that there were two missing and hadn't been checked in. I then proceeded to track them down." Krahl stated. He sat in his chair unmoving except for the occasional twitch of his tail.

Bianca nodded. "Okay, I'll speak to Medical to confirm that. Can you walk me through what happened next? As I said, this isn't formal, I just need details that I can provide in my report before the Captain is finished dealing with Command. Anything beyond this will be dealt with internally by Colonel Frost."

Krahl nodded and smiled a bit. "I understand Ma'am." He cleared his throat a bit before he continued. "Being familiar with most scents aboard the ship, I followed their oder to a Jeffrey's tude. After some difficulty, I managed to follow them through the Jeffery's tube to shuttle bay 2 where I confronted the prisoners attempting to gain access to a shuttle." He paused a moment then asked, "May I have a glass of water Ma'am?"

It took a moment for Bianca to respond, an aghast expression crossing her face as she quickly stood up, pushing her chair back. "Of course, my sincerest apologies Lieutenant," she said as she walked toward the replicator. "Do you want room temperature or chilled?"

Krahl smiled at her. "Which ever you prefer Ma'am. I am not partial and you need not apologize." His ears were perked forward and his tail tip twitched a bit.

Replicating two glasses of water, she returned to the desk, handing one across to him before resuming her seat. "Again, I'm sorry, I should have offered you a drink when you arrived. My mind has been all over the place since we came back from the surface."

"Ship side wasn't much different. I just wish I had the chance at the creature you encountered." Krahl said with a twitch of his ears. "Now where was I?" He took a drink of water. He had to refrain from lapping at the water but drinking it like humans did. "Ah yes. When I confronted the two, one attacked me while the other tried to run. I hit the first and tackled the second. After a brief word, the second surrendered. The first proceeded to throw a hydro spanner at me. I turned my attention to the first escapee who had tried to find another tool. I grabbed him and lifted him but he had grabbed a plasma torch and when he attacked me with it, I slammed him into the shuttle side. Unfortunately when I did, it broke his back, neck and ribs. I had the second prisoner carry the first prisoner back to medical where I informed the Doctor of said incident." He finished by downing the rest of his water.

"I see," Bianca said quietly. "Thank you Lieutenant, I'll record it as an accidental death for Starfleet and leave the rest of the investigation up to Colonel Frost, he'll be in touch with you as soon as he's able." She offered a faint smile. "Enjoy your shore leave."

She watched in silence as the marine stood up, gave a slight nod and left her office before turning her attention back to the PaDD in front of her and the mountain of work that still needed her attention. Shore leave. Such a novel thought.


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