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Girls Night In

Posted on Wed Feb 19th, 2020 @ 2:50am by Commander Bianca Caselli & Commander Ayla Bawden & Lieutenant Acacia Thomas & Lieutenant Amélie D'Aramitz & Lieutenant Nimeeh Vixil & Lieutenant Zeri Zanti

Mission: Under A Glassy Surface, Where We Don't Belong...
Location: Holodeck One
Timeline: 18:00 Hours

Amélie had been looking forward to this quiet time, her booking had been in place since early morning. She was somewhat surprised that there had been a booking available so quickly, but she was nevertheless more than happy to take it. This program had been her favourite for quiet relaxation since it had first been given to her and it had been ages since she'd last gotten to enjoy it; that was, ‪before tonight‬.

"Computer, begin program D'Aramitz Delta Nine Tango Seven," she ordered.

"I'm sorry," Nim smiled warmly as she rounded the corner, book in hand. "I've got this holodeck booked. I just booked it this morning; maybe you're meant to be on another holodeck?"

Amélie shook her head slightly. "I just booked it this morning; Holodeck One at eighteen hundred hours."

Nim sighed, trying to mask her exasperation. "Computer, please confirm the correct holodeck booking for Holodeck One at eighteen hundred hours."

"There are no current bookings for Holodeck One for eighteen hundred hours."

It was Amélie’s turn to sigh. "I guess there are still lingering issues," she said quietly. "I'm happy to share," she offered.

Bianca saw the two young women from medical standing in front of the holdeck talking as she approached and offered a smile. "Good evening ladies," she said politely. "I was just on my way into the holodeck."

"Holodeck One is available, Miracle," came the voice of Ayla as she appeared with Miracle from the opposite direction which Bianca had come from. "Iz will show yooz the planet where Iz grew up on." Looking up at seeing the gathered group of females in front of the entrance of Holodeck One. "Excuse us." She gave each a warm smile as she threaded her way to the entrance with Miracle firmly in her grasp.

Miracle waved to those she had seen before; mainly Bianca as she followed her mother. "Squeaaaah! Catch the bad guys who was messing with the gel filled balloons?" She yelled out to Bianca.

"We sure did," Bianca replied to the child with a smile. "I hope that you're staying out of trouble too little miss!"

With the Doctor, the Counselor, the First and Second Officer , with child in tow - the corridor outside Holodeck One was becoming quite the gathering point. And with each attempting to initiate their preferred program or posit queries to the holodeck’s interface, it was perhaps no wonder the simulation already running inside was experiencing slight glitches. Under normal circumstances these events should not have been enough to interfere with the operations of the holo-grid, but under normal circumstances the grav-plating in the Zen Gardens should not have failed either. And it was in the spirit of recovery from those events in the Zen Gardens - and the required surgery following those events - that Zeri Zanti had sought the relaxation of the holodeck in the first place. And it most certainly had absolutely nothing to do with a nonexistent need for intimate gratification and sensual relief. None whatsoever.

When the warm hands of the two holographic Deltan males administering her massage began to tremor and spasm, the Chief Counselor was prepared to disregard the minor malfunction. After all, she’d been on the receiving end - numerous times - of a worse massage by human men more phony than these. But when the third Deltan’s motor-skills began to slip - who just so happened to be kneading and rubbing near an exceedingly responsive location on her body - Zeri could no longer dismiss the glitch, or disengage.

She heard the swish of the holodeck doors opening, revealing each party to the other and Zeri’s golden eyes went wide. This was not the sort of program where one typically sought an audience. “Fuck me,” she muttered to herself, both embarrassed and irritated that she’d been interrupted.

“Acknowledged,” came the voice of the computer and the visual parameters of the third Deltan male were refreshed even as he was beginning to climb up onto the heavily padded surface of the elaborate massage table.

“Computer, end program,” Zeri called out quickly in multiple frustrations.

Ayla eyes widened at the developing scene before her in the holodeck. Reacting quickly, Ayla turned her daughter away.

Miracle eyes widen as she was turned facing out into the hallway, catching only a glimpse of what happening. "Why was that male coming up on top of that woman?" Trying to turn to see more.

Ayla's ears wilted at Miracle question as she moved with her daughter from the entrance way of now open doorway to the holodeck. "Squeah… ah... squak! Its an adult thing." Kneeling to come to eye level with her daughter. "Yooz have many more years before yooz will need to know." She smiled attentively at Miracle as her daughter nodded.

Unable to restrain her laughter, Nim turned away, tears forming in her eyes. "I guess this is a good reason we should think before we speak," she finally responded.

Acacia was biting her lip to hold in the hysterical laughter that threatened to bubble up out of her. "Ladies....why don't we take this party planetside. There's this spa in Japan that I go to that could easily take us all."

Bianca bit back laughter as the scene played out, her heart simultaneously going out to both the Chief Counselor and the Chief Science Officer who was trying to deal with her child. "I think that sounds like a great idea," she said to Acacia. "We'll see if this can be salvaged." Turning to Miracle, Bianca shook her head. "It's just a holodeck malfunction, that's all. Some of the characters were acting a bit silly."

"Planetside?" Amélie asked curiously. "You mean like down on Earth, not just in the holodeck?" She had had plans to go down to the planet in a few days with Alain, but he was still working for the moment. "Sure, you know what, I think we all need a break."

"Squeak! That sounds like a good idea." Ayla eyes twinkled merrily as she kneeled before Miracle, looking up at the others.
Ayla sympathized with Zeri at her awkward moment.

Miracle leaned up against her mother, nodded sagely at hearing Bianca about the computer glitch.

Bianca smiled once more. "Alright ladies, lets say we meet in the transporter room in an hour? That will give us time to, uhmmm," she glanced at Zeri, "get better attired for public company."


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