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The Hunt

Posted on Fri Jan 31st, 2020 @ 2:17pm by Lieutenant Nimeeh Vixil & Lieutenant JG Cassandra Mathews & 1st Lieutenant Krahl

Mission: What Stalks The Night
Location: The Dreadnaught

Krahl stalked down the hall, his nose sniffed for the scent of the two prisoners unaccounted for in medical. He had been tracking them for about fifteen minutes and felt they were close. He had a hard time slipping into the Jeffries tubes and it had slowed him down.

Krahl reached the shuttlebay and, with much struggling, managed to extricate himself from the Jeffries tubes and seen the two men trying to sneak into one of the twins. He smiled a toothy smile as he stepped up to them quietly. "Need a hand?" He said from behind them.

The shorter of the two glanced behind him upon seeing the most terrifying thing he'd ever seen in his life, a huge furried cat like beast man with teeth the size of knives he let out a screech and did what any one might do in the situation. He spun around and with every bit of horror and adrenaline he could muster brought his foot up into the beasts groin. It was the only option as his left arm hung loosely obviously broken at his side the other grasped for his fellow escapee.

Krahl's knees came together and he bent slightly as the pain from the kick radiated from his groin up into his stomach and down his legs. He let out a growl in pain.

Racine hesitated as his companion kicked at the beast like creature and it's subsequent howl of pain. His indecision was clear on his face. He could try and run, use the attack on the creature as a distraction and get away, even if it was deeper into the ship to buy his time until he could get more help. Maybe he could get to the cargo bay and get to the rest of his crew. Freeing them they might stand a chance.

Krahl stood back up, his mouth frozen in a teeth baring snarl. "You shouldn't have done that!" He said as he backhanded the man who had kicked him.

Finic felt his eyes widen as he realized just what he'd done. He had a few moments to push Racine out of the way before the beast sent him flying in the opposite direction. He landed in a crippling heap a few feet away his mind not yet registering the pain from the arbusis blow and the subsequent hard landing. He would have shouted for his companion to run but his chest was tight and he had trouble drawing air into them which sent his fear addled mind into panic mode.

As Finic pushed him, Racine stumbled then started running back toward the nearest door, fear and adrenaline now coursing through his body. Escape. He had to escape. That was all. Out the door, into the corridor and run. It didn't matter where, just away.

Krahl smiled and leaped after the fleeing prisoner. He loved the hunt and with them fleeing, it made them prey. He dropped to all fours and pounced on Racine. The man collapsed under the 500 pounds of muscle that landed on him. "Where do you think your going? I wouldn't flee or i might not be able to control my 'killer' instincts." He said. He bared his teeth with a low, deep chested growl.

Hitting the ground hard, Racine didn't bother to try and fight back. "I won't," he stammered, realising quickly he had no choice. If he wanted to live, he had to give in to the beast. Face down on the deck, he moved enough to put his hands behind his head, suddenly aware of the trickle of blood from his forehead where he hit the deck.

Fenic began to try to crawl away with the beast pre occupied with his friend maybe he could find a weapon of some sort. Luck was with him sorta. He spotted a maintenance kit near the wing of the fighter they had been trying to get into. Slowly he made his way to it and grabbed the first thing he could with a bit of weight to it. He turned and chucked it hard as he could at the beasts head.

The hydrospanner hit Krahl in the head but it barely caused him any pain but it did piss him off. "You move, you die!" He said to Racine as he got up off the man. He turned to face Fenic, a smile crossed his face as he stalked towards the other man. "You should really just give up. Your really are pissing me off. Besides, I missed lunch and I'm hungry."

"I won't give up til I'm dead you overgrown tribble!" Finic declared as he threw yet another item at the approaching creatures head.

Krahl swatted at the thrown item, knocking it aside as he stalked closer. His smile grew broader as he stopped above the man. "Last chance to go quietly like your friend there." He pointed a thumb behind him towards where he had left Racine.

Call it fortunate or mid fortune but in that moment Finics hand grasped something he was familiar with a plasma torch. He brought it to hand and then tried to turn it on quickly. This required him to take his eyes off the Kzinti.

Racine watched the scene start to play out. As soon as he realised what was in Finic's hand he knew there was no way this could end well. "Finic!" he shouted. "NO!"

Krahl reached down and eadily lifted the man from the deck. "Your not that smart are you?!" He reached for the plasma torch with his free hand intending to remove it from Finic's possession and take him into cudtody.

Thus the struggle resumed. Finic was not sure what drove him but he began to hit and kick and bite at the beast. Even going as far as trying to bludgeon the creature with the useless plasma torch that in his panic he could not hope to turn on as Krahl tried to grab it. "I won't let you take me! I won't! I'll die first!" Finic snarled. His companions desperate cry ringing in his ears still as he made for a second kick to the beasts most tender bits.

Krahl moved a knee to intercept the incoming foot as his patience waned and his anger rose. "Stop fighting 'mraowhist'!" He exclaimed as he slammed the man into the side of the shuttle. Krahl didn't realize the amount of strength he used though until the man's head hit. There was a wet, sickening thwump upon impact.

Finic didn't have time to react as his body got bashed into the side of the shuttle at breakneck speed and strength. He ragdolled upon impact aside from his body twitching in convulsing a few seconds as it became acquainted and married with death releasing it's bodily fluids all over the giant cat creature like some final act of defiance, though it was simply just the body shutting down.

Krahl released the body with a growl. He kept forgetting that most races aren't as tough as kzin. He looked over at the other man and scowled. "Are you going to resist or must i force your to return as well?" He asked as he walked over to Racine and towered over him. His hands rested on his hips. He would hear about this but he'll deal with it later.

There was a glimpse of a broken body beside the shuttle, the body that had once been his friend and crew mate. As the giant feline towered over him, Racine fell to his knees, heaving at the feet of the Kzinti marine. Clearly there was going to be no resistance at this point.

Krahl nodded and smiled. "Good, now go pick up your comrade and we will return to medical." He pointed to Fenic's body and stepped out of his way to comply with his order.

There was little more than tacit compliance as Racine climbed slowly to his feet, head down, making his way toward the broken body that was his friend. Hauling the body up and over his shoulder, Racine fought back the urge to start heaving again as he became aware of the marine standing next to him, motioning impatiently for him to start moving. Slowly he shuffled out, head remaining down, eyes downcast as he was escorted back to sickbay.

Krahl followed behind the prisoner. They got a few looks as the walked but he reassured everyone it was under control. The finally arrived at medical and after they entered, he pointed to an empty bed and called for the Doc. "Prisoners back in custody, 1 dead." He said with near no emotion. His eyes never left Racine.

Placing Fenic's body on the bed, Racine moved toward the wall before sinking down onto the hard chair next to the bed, no fight left in him. Even his eyes were almost completely devoid of any kind of response or reaction. He just sat and waited for his fate.

Krahl nodded before he moved to Lt. Vixil's office door. "Doc, can you check the prisoner's health before i escort him and the rest back please. He kept glancing back towards the man in the seat to make sure he was obeying.

Nim had only just returned to her office after finishing with Zeri, but she nodded anyway and headed into the room she was directed to. At first her gaze was drawn to the battered and broken body on the bed, her eyes widening in surprise. Moving quickly, she grabbed a blanket and covered him before glancing back toward Krahl and shaking her head slightly. "I'll have him transported to the morgue for examination," she said quietly before grabbing a tricorder and turning her attention back to Racine, scanning him quickly.

Picking up a hypospray, she loaded a cartridge and pressed it to his neck. "He's in shock," she said quietly. "He can return to the cargo bay, but he should be monitored. I'll make notes in the system and have a doctor down there within a couple of hours to check on him."

"Sounds good Lt. I'll be sure to inform the guards to expect them." He smiled a toothy grin. "Thank you." He looked down at Racine. "On your feet and go see your new home for now." He escorted Racine from the room and gathered the rest together. With a final nod to LT. Vixil, he escorted them out the door.


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