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When it rains it pours

Posted on Thu Jan 23rd, 2020 @ 3:39am by Lieutenant Amélie D'Aramitz & Commander Bianca Caselli & Lieutenant JG Cassandra Mathews & 1st Lieutenant Krahl & Fleet Captain William Hood

Mission: What Stalks The Night
Location: Bridge


Christine went over the newer scans of the planet bellow. Sure enough the anomaise readings had returned again. "Sir! We are getting readings of a geological anomaly taking place. It's centralized in section 342 grid 9." She said turning to the science officer for confirmation.

Teesha looked at the operations console in front of her, her brow furrowing with concern. "It looks like the planet is unstable, there's definite tectonic activity" she replied. "We may need to recall the Captain," she continued, turning her attention toward Christine. "I'm start cyclic scans of the planet and record all telemetry, what were the coordinates for the last known location of the away team?"

"Aye ma'am." Christine's hands flew over the console. Running the scans and setting up the monitoring and recording of the information coming in. "Definitely something happening..." She said to herself as she compiled the data. "I have the data on the away team sending it to your station now."

Diverting the data, Teesha set it as an overlay on the view screen in front of them. "What's that?" she asked quickly. "The ground is breaking up from the planetary instabilities, but what's that?" she highlighted a large shape that appeared to be becoming visible on the surface, or rather, beneath the surface.

Ensign Yates at the science station looked at the screen for a moment, tilting her head to one side as she examined it. "Sensor readings indicate it could be some kind of an underground bunker? It has the right composition and location for it." Her fingers danced across the console, a solid string of taps and beeps following. "Every time there's a seismic reaction underground more of the structure is revealed. It looks like there is life signs down there..." her brow furrowed as she examined it more closely. "Lieutenant Teesha, right there at the coordinates Christine supplied, section 324 of grid 9, I just had a bunch of life signs and then they were gone."

"I have them," Teesha replied. "There's too much interference but it's likely that's our away team." Reaching up, she tapped her combadge. "Bridge to Captain Hood, Sir, I think we've located the away team."

"Good, are we able to retrieve them?" This was good news, at last something about the away team.

"I can't get a good lock on them," Teesha called back over the bridge. "Helm, See if we can open a communication and get them to move to a clearer area."

"Aye ma'am." Jack said as he opened a channel to the away team. "Channel open."

"Commander Caselli, this is the Dreadnought, can you hear us?" Teesha spoke clearly, waiting momentarily for a response before speaking again. "Commander Caselli, this is the Dreadnought. Can you hear us?"

"The instability on the surface is getting worse, I'm starting to read severe structural damage on the surface," Yates stated.

"Commander Caselli, this is the Dreadnought, can you hear us?" Teesha spoke clearly, waiting momentarily. She was just about to speak again when they heard the reply.

"Lieutenant Teesha, you have no idea how glad we are to hear your voice," Bianca's voice was broken with static.. "Any chance you can get us out of here?"

"We're working on it Commander," Teesha replied. "There's a lot of interference where you are and we're having trouble getting a clear transporter lock on you. Can you move the away team to a single area and close together? We can try a wide beam transport."

"Lieutenant Teesha, it's likely the away team has been infected with some kind of viral contagion. You'll need to transport us to an area set up for biohazard containment," Bianca spoke again.

"Understood Commander," Teesha replied. "We're establishing a containment field now. As soon as we can get a stable transporter lock we'll get you back to the ship."

"Cargo Bay four has been equipped for biohazard containment," Yates said quickly. "We can transport the away team there until Sickbay is ready for them."

"I still can't narrow the transporter beam," Teesha said with a shake of her head. "Captain, I can initiate a wide beam transport and take all biosigns within the field, it's a risk given we don't know what's down there, but it's probably our best choice."

"The activity on the planet is increasing again," Yates chimed in from the Science station.

"Helm, standby to take us out of the system, have the twins take the Akira in tow. Beam the away team up as soon as possible." Hood spoke, the sooner this whole ordeal was behind him, the better.

"Aye Sir. Setting course for 16456 mark 45.52. Warp 5 on your mark Sir." Jack said as his hand raced over the consule setting the coordinates in and prepping the warp field.

Christine continued to monitor the situation as well as get the forcefields for the containment area activated and ready for the away teams arrival.

Teesha watched the console in front of her closely, her fingers moving across the touch pads. "I still can't get individual transport locks on them, I'm going to do a wide beam transport. Open a channel to the away team."

"Channel open."

"Commander Caselli, we can't narrow the transporter field so we're going to do the wide beam. Stand by for transport," Teesha said calmly.

"Standing by," Bianca replied.

"Initiating transp..." The transporter activated, Teesha's words were cut off by a splitting scream through the comms system.

"Do we have them?" Hood asked.

"Commander Caselli, can you confirm the status of the away team?" Teesha asked, opening a new comm link.

"Everyone that survived is back on the ship," Bianca replied, though her words were somewhat muffled by the sounds of a scuffle. "And one genetically modified alien is bleeding out on the cargo bay floor."

Teesha cast a glance at Yates, raising an eyebrow slightly. She could already see the curiosity piqued in the Science Officer's face.

"Dispatch Medical and Security to the cargo bay," Hood ordered firmly. "Helm, get us out of here."

"Aye Ma'am." Jack's hands hit the commanda he had been waiting for and the ship jumped to warp in an instant as the view screen became. Streaked as stars flew past in line of light.


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