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Broken Crayons Still Make Beautiful Colours

Posted on Sun Jan 19th, 2020 @ 2:42pm by Lieutenant Amélie D'Aramitz & Lieutenant JG Cassandra Mathews

Mission: What Stalks The Night
Location: Counselor's Offices
Timeline: Right Before the Away Mission

It was late when Amélie finally left her office. With Alain working on the promenade there had been little point her going back to their quarters, it just felt lonely, and she hadn't been on the ship long enough to start making any real friends, so her patients had been the ones receiving all her attention. Still, her last patient had left well over an hour earlier and Amélie had decided there was no point hiding in her office any more.

She almost missed seeing the woman sitting in the waiting area at first. Between the lights already being lowered when everyone else had left for the day, and the fact that she was just sitting there quietly, Amélie almost glanced straight passed her. Walking across, the young counselor sank into a seat next to her and offered a smile. "I'm sorry, the computer didn't tell me there was anyone had checked in. I hope you haven't been waiting for too long?"

Truth was Cassandra hadn't checked in. All she'd promised the doctor was that she'd go and see a counselor. Sitting here she'd 'seen' a great deal of them come and go. Perhaps that was skin to splitting hairs but Cassie felt it counted in some way. She hadn't expected anyone to notice her as she sat in the furthest most section of the waiting room debating on getting up to leave finally. Cassie looked up at the green eyes woman and with a sigh she said. "Sorry I must have neglected to sign in. It's been a busy day. Perhaps I should return tomorrow?"

Amélie cast a quick glance over the woman, making a visual assessment. This one was going to need to be handled with kid gloves. "There aren't any appointments left for today, she said softly. "Why don't you come into my office? I'll replicate us some hot chocolate and I'll see when we can fit you in, we're a bit busy at the moment so it might be a few weeks."

Cassie glanced again at the woman. "Oh I will be alright. You don't need to do that. I much rather leave a spot open for someone else that needs it more than I do especially if you are very busy." Already she felt like a cool for coming here. In due course the nightmares would fade again the pain would recede like an ocean wave. 'only to come crashing back in next year' she thought atomically. "I'm just here because the doctor asked me to look into seeing someone. But really I am fine."

"Well, if the doctor asked you to, then we'd better find you an appointment," Amélie said with a warm smile. "Come on, you'll be doing me a favour anyway. I was avoiding going home, and I really could do with a hot chocolate. I'm Amélie, by the way," she held a hand toward Cassie.

"Cassandra" Cassie said automatically shaking the woman's hand. "I guess since we have the same goals in mind I'd be happy to join you."

"Come on, my office is just up here. Room number eight." She started walking back down the hall she had just come along. "Which department are you assigned to Cassandra?" Amélie asked, making small talk as they walked.

"Security. I am assigned to the third shift." Cassandra replied as she followed. She wanted to ask the counselor what she was avoiding at home but that seemed like a far too personal question to ask of someone she'd just met. But the curiosity was there no doubt. Instead she asked. "Perhaps a coffee on my end? I umm. I only drink hot chocolate with... Umm while watching home movies." She explained.

"Anything you like," Amélie said with a smile as they walked into her office. "Choose where you want to sit, the black armchair is the most comfortable one. I don't know who designed that sofa, but it's as uncomfortable as it is hideous!" She replicated the coffee and a hot chocolate for herself as well as some cookies and carried them back, handing the coffee to Cassie and placing the cookies on the table before she grabbed a PaDD and headed for a seat.

Cassie took the offered chair and the coffee with a soft "thank you.". She took a few sips of the black bitter substance grateful for it's warmth and ability to wake her up a bit. "So I can't help but be nosy but what's at home?" She finally asked.

Amélie laughed softly and shook her head. "Absolutely nothing, that's the problem," she said as she tucked her feet up under her, making herself comfortable in the massively oversized armchairs. "My Husband is a chef, he works on the promenade. I don't like going home to empty quarters." She took a sip of her hot chocolate and set the mug down on the side table, picking up the PaDD and thumbing into it. "What about you?" she asked curiously.

"Same as you. A lot of nothing." Cassandra said. Which was precisely her problem there was nothing where something should have been. Her mind raged at this. At the fact she only had memories and brief clips to remember the faces and voices of the only people who seemed to even to this day matter to her. She felt robbed, cheated even. Still she shoved that down again as deep as she could. Anger like tears would not bring them back. Instead she spun the conversation away again. "A chef that must be really nice. How did y'all meet?"

"He was a chef at a small restaurant that a lot of us used to go to when I was at the Academy," Amélie replied with a smile. "Did you go through the Academy on Earth? He was at Fridays, just off campus?"

"Yeah I did Thomas and I use to go there back when we were dating." Cassie said her face broke into a rare smile. "I think we both would have starved if not for those restaurants being so close by. I sure as heck couldn't cook and try as he might not could he. There where many a burnt sacrificial chicken cow and pig in the name of love and romance back in those days. Still." She laughed much like she did while alone in her quarters watching those home movies. And very much like that she felt the warmth of unshed tears come to her eyes. She hid them by looking down into her cup and taking a sip. This was not the place nor time for this.

Amélie silently noted the change in her demeanor and filed it away. The woman didn't want a counseling session, that much was clear. "I used to go there to hide from my roommate," the counselor said with an exaggerated eye roll. "She was the most obnoxious cow I have EVER had the displeasure of knowing. That was how I ended up at Fridays. I'd work there on weekends and in exchange the owner let me study in the staff room during the week. That's how I met Alain. Is Thomas your partner?" She attempted to phrase the question as innocently as she could, watching Cassie carefully as she asked.

Cassandra nodded. "He was my husband. I met him during training." She said rolling the cup in her hands to make the fluid swirl. "What sort of things do you like to do together?" She asked not sure why she was interested but finding she was she asked.

"We've only just come on the ship so I haven't had time to meet a lot of people or make new friends," Amélie said quietly, again noting the tenses she used and filing them away. She'd need to make some notes after Cassie left. "We don't have a lot of down time together, when I'm not working he is, and when he isn't I am. If we are lucky enough to have time off together we mostly just spend it alone." She watched Cassie carefully for a moment. She wanted to ask questions but she also didn't want to drive the other woman back into her shell. She wanted to lead things out slowly. "How are you finding the ship so far?" she asked instead, giving Cassie the chance to lead the conversation.

"Its alright. Different from the Titan but the schedule is not as much of a grind as I am use to. But it helps as far as getting my reports in on time so I guess I can't complain. I have gotten to meet some of the crew and put a few in the brig from time to time." Cassandra said with a bit of a shrug not looking up until she was sure the tears had retreated completely.

Amélie smiled. "Well, you know, nothing wrong with that. Have you been down to the promenade much? There's a little cupcake store down there, Oh my gosh! The cupcakes are absolutely amazing! And she has great coffee too, I think she's actually the only place on the ship that does fresh ground coffee and you can really taste the difference.." her voice trailed off momentarily. "If you want, we can go down tomorrow?"

Cassandra had been to the promenade on her patrols. But not recreationally. Normally Cassie avoided socialization at all costs. Especially during this time of the year. Still the promise of real great cup of coffee was something of an Achilles heel for her. "My shift starts at 0200 tomorrow. So anytime before that should be fine." She found herself saying.

"How about 1200?" Amélie suggested. "I can take a long lunch break. If you have any cupcake preferences let me know and I can request them tonight from Katie." She picked up her mug and took a sip of hot chocolate before setting the mug back down again. "I suppose I should look at scheduling that appointment for you, shouldn't I?"

" I guess so. It couldn't hurt." Cassie said before finishing off her cup of coffee. " However if someone else ends up needing it more just make a note to reschedule me for later if need be.".

Amélie smiled. "If for any reason YOU can't make it, you know, if your work schedule suddenly changes, or something else comes up, just let reception know and they can reschedule for you, okay?" she said with a conspiratorial smile. "And, I'll see you tomorrow for lunch."

"I'll be sure to keep you in the know. Your easy to talk to. A good talent for your feild of work." Cassie said getting up she put her now empty cup into the recycling unit. "See you tomorrow at lunch." She said as she headed out the door.


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