NCC - 77447 - B
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Prisoner escort

Posted on Sun Jan 19th, 2020 @ 6:37am by Lieutenant Nimeeh Vixil & 1st Lieutenant Krahl

Mission: What Stalks The Night
Location: Medical

Krahl stalked down the halls towards Sickbay to carry out his orders. I'll never earn my name being a guard. I heard this ship had the worst luck on missions but also had the most action. He thought to himself. He stopped outside the door and straightened his uniform. He stepped in, ducking down slightly to get his 8 foot frame through the door after it had opened. He straightened up and looked around for anyone in charge. His ears twitched and turned as his eyes fell upon those that were the reason for him being there. "First Lieutenant Krahl here for prisoner transfer." He called out.

Nim was exhausted, thoroughly exhausted, as was everyone else in sickbay. She heard the voice and sighed, dragging herself out into the waiting area. "Sorry," she said with an apologetic smile as she cast a quick gaze over the Marine standing in front of her. "The nurses are all tending to patients, do you know who you were here to transfer?"

Krahl looked down at the Doctor. He holds out the PaDD with the prisoners nams. "Are all of the prisoners off deaths door Lieutenant?" He asked as his eyes searched out the prisoners whom were not wearing Starfleet or marine uniforms. He still wasn't use to the height difference between the Kzinti and most of the other races he'd encountered. He looked back at Nim and offered a fangy grin, his canines were almost 4 inches in length.

The Trill medical officer stopped in her tracks, her purple eyes slowly travelling over his body. At a mere 5'2", she was definitely on the petite side, but his sheer height and bulk made her feel even smaller. "Just let me check," she finally said, offering a weary smile. "They've been moved to isolation bays so they can be restrained. I didn't want to take any risks," she said. "Come into my office and we'll take a look."

Krahl smiled again when he heard that they had been isolated and restrained. "Very well Lt. Please lead the way." He gestured for her to preceed him with his hand, it had 3 fingers and a thumb. His claws were retracted and his ears were perked forward. His tail swayed back and forth slowly as he was starting to relax a bit. "Have any of them given you any problems while under your care Lt.?"

"There were one or two that were less than happy to be here and more than willing to express their displeasure at our hospitality," the much smaller Trill said with a smile. "We handled it rather effectively, I expect they'll wake up some time tomorrow." As they entered her office, she moved to the far side of the desk, leaning down and tapping in her access code to bring the console to life. "Okay, it looks like we currently have eleven of your friends here... three are still under observation, two will be waking up some time tomorrow, and there is one still in surgery." She looked puzzled momentarily. "No... that's not right..." her puzzled expression became one of concern.

Krahl had followed a couple of steps behind the doctor into her office. He had to duck to make it through. He had been looking aroung as he listened but when he heard the concern and seen it in her face, his ears flattened back against his head and his tail swished agitatedly. "Is something wrong Lieutenant? Is there anything i can do to assist?" He asked. His hand balled into fists as his claws extended and retracted.

"Transporter records indicate that there were eleven people transported directly to sickbay with serious injuries requiring immediate medical treatment. There were twenty two more transported to the cargo bay that were flagged for triage and non urgent treatment." Nim, turned the console and brought up her list.

"I have two that were sedated and will wake up tomorrow. Three under observation. One in surgery and three that are in isolation rooms four, six and nine, ready to be returned to the cargo bay. Now, colour me crazy, and I know math isn't my strong suit, but it seems to be that two plus three plus one plus three does not entirely equal eleven." She looked up at him. "We seem to have two guests somewhere on the ship unaccounted for."

"Can you show me where they were supposed to be contained?" Krahl asked. His tail twitched wildly as his nose tested the air, trying to memorize the doctors scent.

Nim sank into her chair, leaning forward on the desk, her fingers dancing on the console. "That's the thing," she said, clearly confused. "I don't have a record of them being triaged or assigned a bay..." her fingers moved again as she flicked between screens. "I see them arriving... but then nothing."

Krahl lowered his head in thought. "Are there any security feeds that I may access?" We need to locate and apprehend them before they cause anymore grief." His ears twitched in multiple directions. "Do we have an idea to their injuries and a description of them as well?"

Bristling slightly, Nim looked up at him, refusing to be overwhelmed by his sheer size. "You may not have realised, but we've been slammed in here," she replied, her voice becoming surprisingly quiet. "We don't have security guards on our doors or keeping us safe, we're doing the best we can under unpleasant circumstances." The fatigue was starting to come out now. "I have nothing other than a number. I'm just a medical officer, it isn't MY job to know."

The large feline raised his head to look at her. "My apologies, I just don't want any more injuries or deaths except maybe a few of theirs." He sat down in the chair which groaned slightly under his weight. "Do you know if they were bleeding by any chance? If they are, I could hunt em down." His tail was wrapped around to lay across his lap.

"I don't know anything except what the transporter records tell me," Nim replied with a shake of her head. "They were injured enough to be transported directly here, that's all I can tell you. I didn't see them come in. We've had people in and out all day. I couldn't tell you who's who."

"Can you hold the prisoners here a bit longer? I'm going to try and locate them.they can't have gotten far in only a couple of hours if they are injured." Krahl stated as he stood up. He looked down at Nim and smiled.

Nim nodded. "Of course, I'll keep them isolated. I'll get some of my staff together and we can search sickbay as well, make sure everyone else is accounted for."

"Thank you Lieutenant, I'll start in the halls for them." Krahl said as he bowed his head to her and headed out of her office. As he left, sniffing could be heard from him as he walked out.


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