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Shaking it Up

Posted on Thu Jan 23rd, 2020 @ 3:45am by Commander Bianca Caselli & Lieutenant Vic Hebron & Lieutenant Amélie D'Aramitz & Lieutenant JG Cassandra Mathews & Fleet Captain William Hood

Mission: What Stalks The Night

It was almost impossible to believe that a group the size of the away team could move in near total silence, but having already witnessed so much brutal death, they all knew what was at stake.

None of them wanted to be out in the corridors again. Bianca had little doubt on that fact. If she had suggested that they just hole up in the control room none of them would have objected, at least, not without the threat of imminent death.

They had already returned to the medical labs so Xavier could retrieve any information he could find that might help him work out what this virus was that they had all been infected with. Now they were nearing the science labs to try and find one of the bodies that held the access pass that would get them out.

Cassie moved carefully working with what was left of the security detail to secure the area as best they could while systematically checking bodies. Cassandra let herself go to that numb place where training took the lead and the body followed. She wanted to track the beast down and kill it. It wasn't a smart idea in any form. But something about it she hated, it was that part of her that saw it as akin to the same murderous thing that had so ruined her life. Which was nuts and irrational but it was still there. Her jaw clenched at the idea though of hunting the hunter and shooting it down without mercy.

Vic was tired, they all were. He was most tired and irritated that they where now going back and forth through areas they already had been and so far all he has seen is a ravenous monster tear people apart and now they where infected with some virus. What was left of his security detail where true warriors and without a question were doing their jobs. That is what was driving him to continue through the stress.

Cassandra moved around but was careful to stay close to the group. She moved closer to her CO then leaned in and as quietly as she could into his ear. "This thing is using hit and run tactics. Once it realized that no one is going to stray from the heard it's going to try and ambush us. We should prepare for it." She advised. Though she was sure he'd likely already figured it out.

"Agreed" Vic said in as low of a boom as possible for someone his size. "We keep the smart people in the center and move as a tight group. Its our only chance." He said as he spoke he was scanning the vents and ceilings trying to hear any movement.

Stefan was busy holding some of his sleeve to his nose that had started to slowly bleed. The cause was now obvious to all but also a sign of what was to come as the symptoms progressed.

It was almost imperceptible at first, the slightest tremor beneath their feet, easily missed as they moved. Then another. The rumble grew and the ground became uneasy beneath their feet, then it stopped.

Bianca held up her hand stopping the group. "Lieutenant Bradshaw..." she started to speak as the shaking started again.

'Well when it rains it pours.' Cassandra thought as she moved away from the Co to cover anther opening. The shaking was a friendly reminder that there were other options to death by murderous alien mutant. 'Always nice to have options' she mused as she continued to scan the area.

"Lieutenant Bradshaw, I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that this is the reaction you were talking about?" Bianca asked as the trembling beneath their feet stopped.

After listening to his response, the XO sighed heavily. "Let's keep moving, we need to find that pass before the quakes start again."

Cassandra knelt down her nose twitching at the smell of death and decomposition as she ruffled through yet anther dead bodies pockets. 'join StarFleet!' her father had said, 'adventure and fun galor to be found in the big black'. Cassandra held in the urge to vomit. Yup loads of fun here. She finished with that corpse finding nothing she moved to anther.

The ground started shaking again, this time more violently, an ongoing tremble and rumble that continued to increase in violence as it went on, objects falling from walls and off shelves, shelves themselves falling over.

"Get into doorways!" Bianca shouted over the noise. "Find somewhere with structure and brace yourselves!"

The voice was almost imperceptible at first, amid the static and crackle of the communication and the background noise around the away team.

"...Selli... ...dre...ght... ...hear..."

As the violent shaking around them started to ease, the voice came through again, this time loud and clear. "Commander Caselli, this is Lieutenant Teesha from the Dreadnought, can you hear us?"

Bianca exhaled audibly, a feeling of relief washing over her as she reached for her commbadge. "Lieutenant Teesha, you have no idea how glad we are to hear your voice," she replied. "Any chance you can get us out of here?"

"We're working on it Commander," the voice came back. "There's a lot of interference where you are and we're having trouble getting a clear transporter lock on you. Can you move the away team to a single area and close together? We can try a wide beam transport."

Bianca nodded slightly. "Lieutenant Teesha, it's likely the away team has been infected with some kind of viral contagion. You'll need to transport us to an area set up for biohazard containment."

"Understood Commander," Teesha replied. "We're establishing a containment field now. As soon as we can get a stable transporter lock we'll get you back to the ship."

"Right, people, lets get into the junction at the end of the corridor. It's time to go home," Bianca stated, relief evident in her voice.

"You heard the XO, pile in security on the perimeter we still have that thing out there." Vic said as the team started to move into position to get out of here.

Cassandra did as ordered. This place had been very much like a nightmarish fun house only with out the fun. She was ready to kick rocks as soon as possible.

The away team gathered in the junction, phasers still drawn, watching intently for any final signs of the alien before they made their escape. The ground beneath them was starting to rumble again, the shaking growing more and more violent with each passing second.

"Commander Caselli, we can't narrow the transporter field so we're going to do the wide beam. Stand by for transport," The voice over the comms spoke again.

"Standing by," Bianca replied, a sense of relief starting to wash over her. This was it, they were finally

"Initiating transp..."

Everything happened quickly. There was a piercing scream, the sounds of phaser fire, bodies moving quickly and then the blue shimmer of the transporter beam.

No sooner had they rematerialized on the ship, Bianca felt herself being pushed to one side, a startlingly strong figure holding her down protectively, the sounds of more phasers being fired, screams echoing through the contained cargo bay.

"Commander Caselli, can you confirm the status of the away team?" The voice of Lieutenant Teesha came through the ships internal communications system as the chaos behind her started to die down.

Straightening up, Bianca looked around, taking stock of the situation, more specifically, the Brikarian Security Chief who had thrown himself bodily on the alien that had tried to attack and been caught in the transporter.

"Everyone that survived is back on the ship," Bianca replied, though her words were somewhat muffled by the sounds of a scuffle. "And one genetically modified alien is bleeding out on the cargo bay floor."

"Lieutenant Hebron, are you hurt?" the XO asked, approaching the security officer. "Is anyone else harmed?"

Cassandra held her phaser on the creature. Her heart was racing a mile a minute. The direct result of the flood of adrenaline that had dosed her veins at the sudden attack. Outwardly she looked calm if one could ignore the faint trembling in her hands as she moved to try and help her superior officer to secure the dying creature.

"I am whole." Vic groaned using all of his muscle to keep the monster pinned. "This thing is injured but still has a fight to it." He struggled to keep it pinned and there was no way he was going to let it loose on his ship.

Cassie was not sure what possessed her to do it. She changed the settings on her phaser from stun to kill getting as close as she could she took aim at the creature and shot it.

Bianca watched for a moment as the creature writhed. While still not dead, the fight was definitely out of it now and it lay on the floor, offering little more than ragged breaths and intermittent screeches. "Give it credit where it's due," the first officer said quietly. "It's determined." She turned her attention to Vic. "Put it out of it's misery and keep everyone else away from it in case it's contaminated with something else. As soon as Medical can have isolation rooms prepared we should be able to transfer to sickbay. You'll be able to clean up there."

Moving away from the group, Bianca moved to the nearest console, keying in her access codes as she tried to work out what the hell had been happening on the ship while they were gone.


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