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The Calm Before The Storm

Posted on Thu Jan 16th, 2020 @ 12:44pm by Lieutenant JG Cassandra Mathews & Commander Bianca Caselli

Mission: What Stalks The Night

The discovery of the virus had rattled them all. Stefan had become tight lipped again, refusing to answer any more questions. Xavier had started doing rounds of the crew to check everyone individually and James was still doing the best he could with the systems.

Bianca had held a hushed conversation with Vic before making her way around the small room, checking in with each of the officers herself. This away mission had already proved to have been well beyond anything any of them had expected, and with the news that they were likely to all die in a reactor explosion, an eerie calmness had settled over the room.

She stepped in next to Cassandra, touching her arm lightly. "How are you holding up Lieutenant?" she asked quietly.

Cassandra glanced at the woman momentarily then back to the ventilation grate she was covering. The news of their impending doom made her think of her late husband and daughter. After so many years would she finally get to join them in the next life? It was a comforting thought. "There are worse fates then death. I'll be alright." She kept her phaser pointed at the access point.

"Do you want some water?" Bianca asked, clear concern in her voice, concern she had echoed for every member of the away team she had spoken to so far. "There are some electrolyte packs that Commander Patrovski has cleared as not being contaminated, I can grab one for you if you want one."

"No, but thank you for the offer.". Cassandra took a breath. " I had something of an idea. We need out of here but that thing is in the way. But if we could find a way to lure it off maybe we can get the techmonkey where he needs to get to go stop the blast."

Bianca shook her head quickly. "Lieutenant Hebron and I considered it. We have already lost enough of this crew to this creature. As soon as Lieutenant Bradshaw works out where we're going, we'll go as a group. The plan is to head to the medical section so Commander Patrovski can get what ever information he can about this virus, then we'll try and locate a pass card so we can get back to the surface. We're going to opt for safety in numbers at this point I think, it's going to give us all the best chance."

Cassie nodded. She was glad to hear that they had a plan in place. She shifted in her shooters stance to loosen the cramps from holding it for so long. She didn't dare drop it though she'd seen the mess that ...that thing had made of poor Josh. So much like her Nova.... No! No..she couldn't let her mind go there. Not now. She had a job to do. If they lived to get off this rock she'd cry about it to a counselor later. "Sounds like a solid plan. Let me know when we get ready to move out." She wasn't sure if she was responding to the XO or her own thoughts.

"Are you okay Lieutenant?" Bianca asked quietly. "Do you want me to get someone to take your place and give you a break for a few minutes?"

Cassie shook her head. "No.. I umm I need to do this right now. A break wouldn't be in my favor." She said again her blue orbs glanced at Bianca. The kindness and concern was not lost to her and was appreciated. "I just .. I need the focus." She tried to explain. This was not the time for storytime and even if it was Cassie didn't know Bianca well enough to explain her anxiety to her. It was still a very private pain. Still if they were about to die anyways... "The way that thing kills brings back memories of my husband and daughter." She admitted keeping her voice soft. "I won't let it get anyone else from our team."

Bianca's hand closed gently over Cassanda's forearm. "I'm sorry," she said softly. "Do what ever you need to do Lieutenant, but if you need a break, let me know and I'll have someone take over from you. We'll be heading out soon."

Cassie nodded appreciatively. "That's probably for the best. It won't stay away for to long. It's defending it's territory the longer we stay put the more time it has to figure out how to pick us off."

Bianca nodded sagely. "I'll start getting everyone ready," she said calmly. "The sooner we get going, the sooner we can get back to the ship. I don't know about you, but after this, I need a bottle of wine and a long soak in a tub," she offered a vague smile.

Cassie nodded in return. "PJs and home movies I think on my end.....thank you,. For understanding." Cassie said her voice still low.


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