NCC - 77447 - B
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Illusion of truth.

Posted on Fri Jan 31st, 2020 @ 7:18pm by Lieutenant Skovik cha Silask

Mission: What Stalks The Night
Location: VSA Soval

Skovik looked intently at the enormous ship that sat in the middle of the viewscreen. The size of it would have been daunting, were he not in control of his reactions. He had never seen nor been on a ship of this magnitude.

"Do you have time to abide here a while with your mission parameters?"

"We can remain to assist for 18 earth hours, should that be necessary before we must reset course for the stellar nursery. It would be illogical to delay further for a situation we cannot assist with."

"Indeed." Skovik was a man of few words the majority of the time. On a Vulcan ship, this was a matter of appropriate discourse, on a Starfleet vessel he would be expected to be more elusive. Small talk was a ridiculous requirement of humans and many non-Vulcan species. Stepping back into his office for a moment he gave the computer some specific instructions.

"Access scans from VSA Soval and copy to my personal database. Mirror the computer database from the Dreadnought and copy all current logs into Orb1. Access voice command, passcode and biometric scans, when no other bioscans are present."

"Agknowledged. Copying data."

"Run diagnostics on Orb1, side by side with Dreadnought main computer systems and the Soval's scan results. Search any discrepancies between the three."


"List user access points, locations, and critical/noncritical access to computer operations in order of star-time, note any users logged in but not active."

"Compiling information onto Orb1. "

Satisfied with the work being done, he could look back on the data at his convenience without drawing any attention to his research. He would track down what was going on, and going through the files was only one part. Walking back onto the bridge of the Soval he glanced at his daughter. She met his gaze, and there was a flicker of warmth in those dark eyes for him, and an answering warmth in his own gaze. "I am prepared to depart. When the orb finishes compiling, please have it beamed to my office."

"Of course. I will accompany you to the transporter room."

He inclined his head in response and when the doors to the turbolift closed he looked at her expecting her to speak and was not disappointed when she did "I reviewed some of the sensor records we compiled. Something is deeply amiss with your ship. I would advise caution on your part."

"I appreciate your warning. I have already instituted safeguards on my information. A completely separate computer database, done in the Vulcan way. My person however, should I be threatened I am capable of defending myself should it be required of me. Be at peace daughter."

"I will endeavor to do so. I have found peace difficult to attain since mother...I find her loss deeply troubling." T'Prai's words were soft, as she admitted to being touched by her mothers death

Admitting to any emotional turmoil was not something he was accustomed to doing, however his children had been witness to his collapse when she'd died...and had assisted the healers with the wound in his mind. The sudden shattering of a bond held since the age of 7 was often traumatic on the mind, especially given what they'd shared together. She had been his constant, the one he could share his innermost thoughts with for she'd shared in them. A bond as seamless as theirs was not the normal, and he'd been improved by her presence in his mind. Her death had torn a rift in his mind, causing a complete emotional breakdown. They'd seen him without control, utterly lost to his trauma and grief. "I understand." was all he said, the wound still present in his soul. Still he suffered. Still he bore the mark of her spirit upon him, and still he missed her. "I urge you daughter, should a healer be necessary to your peace that you speak to one. The loss of your maternal bond is...disconcerting. There is no logic in suffering just for the sake of control. Control is an illusion of strength, and not always something one can achieve without assistance."

Stepping from turbolift into the stark lighting of the transporter room caused him to blink a few times at the suddenness of the transition. She too was blinking and simultaneously raised their hands in the ta'al.



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