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Just a Bump

Posted on Thu Jan 30th, 2020 @ 8:01am by Lieutenant Amélie D'Aramitz & Lieutenant Acacia Thomas & Alain D'Aramitz
Edited on on Thu Jan 30th, 2020 @ 8:02am

Mission: What Stalks The Night

Cradling her arm carefully, Amélie made her way to sickbay, having let the medical personell that came to the Zen Playground deal with Zeri first and foremost as her injuries were much more significant than her own. Though her medical training was little more than basic triage and field first aid, but given the fragment of bone sticking through the skin on her arm and the awkward angle her shoulder was sitting at she was pretty sure that she had dislocated her shoulder as well as breaking her bone, and that wasn't even considering the impressive looking gravel rash along one side of her face.

Though the distance between counselling and medical was short, the movement was proving to be somewhat painful. With tears in her eyes, Amélie stepped through the doors, approaching the first medical looking person she saw, a red headed woman. "Excuse me?" she asked softly, biting down on her bottom lip. "I know you're probably busy, but can you please tell me where I go to check in?"

Acacia turned, took in the woman before her who she swore she recognized. However, that mattered not at all in the face of the injury before her eyes and the clear pain on her patients face. "No need to check in. Up on the bed. How did this happen?"

Moving to the bed, Amélie pulled herself up into a sitting position, trying not to make too big of a deal out of it. "There was a gravity plating failure," she said with a chagrined smile. "One minute I was on the ground, next thing I know I'm floating through the air with enough sand to cover the coastline... then gravity kicked back in and here i am..." she winced as she tried to move her arm. "I was in the zen garden, that accounts for the gravel rash."

"Ship is trying to kill us" Acacia muttered sotto vocce, turning with a scanner in her hand and a pair of scissors. She cut the uniform from her arm, starting at the wrist she was cradling as it was soaking through with blood. "Let me do the moving for you with that arm, you've broken it quite spectacularly. "

Amélie winced and looked away as the doctor started to manipulate her arm. "I've always been told I never do things by halves," she said, her voice edged with pain. "Apparently I still haven't grown out of it."

She couldn't help but snort with laughter at that, before she pressed a hypospray to her throat. "Nice deep breaths, I need to get the rest of the uniform off. You might need to go to surgery briefly"

Screwing up her face, Amélie shifted her gaze away from her arm. "Really?" she asked, her voice suddenly filled with concern. "Is that really going to be necessary? Surely you can just put it back in place and heal it?"

"If it was just broken and displaced I could do that. Unfortunately, since it came through the skin, that's a bit more involved. Won't take me more than 10 minutes to fix in the suite though." The pain medicine she'd given her should be starting to work by now.

Amélie sighed heavily. "I don't want to go to surgery," she said sulkily, her voice sounding almost childlike. "I've never had surgery, and I like that. I've never had a broken bone either, and I like that too. Can't we just pretend this never happened?" she closed her eyes and sighed again. "Funny isn't it? I'm a counselor and I don't like medicine."

Acacia's eyebrows raised in surprise at the admission, and she wasn't afraid to show it. "Once I fix it, you can pretend it never happened, if you'd like."

With a slight giggle, Amélie leaned forward and motioned for Acacia to lean toward her. "Can you not tell my husband?" she asked with a sudden giggle. "He might think being a counselor is dangerous."

"We can not tell your husband" she giggled with her, squeezing the good hand gently. "But he ought to know that being a Starfleet officer is dangerous, regardless of position. Now, what do you say we get you fixed up?"

Amélie sighed but gave Acacia a wan smile. "I guess, if I have to," she resigned. "Is it going to hurt?"

"Nope. It sure won't." reassuring the counselor was done quietly as she indicated for an OR to be prepped so that she could do what would be a 10 minute surgery. "You'll be awake about 15 minutes after I take you back, with an arm that's good as new."

With a silent nod, Amélie finally gave in accepting her fate.

== LATER ==

Amélie wasn't entirely sure how much time had passed, but it was the sound of a familiar voice that made her open her eyes, finding herself looking directly into the concerned face of Alain, her Husband.

"They weren't supposed to call you," she said sleepily.

"I know baby, come on, let's get you home." His voice was filled with warmth as he helped her out of the bio bed, steading her on her feet before sliding his arm around her waist, holding onto her protectively as they walked out.


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