NCC - 77447 - B
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Posted on Mon Jan 6th, 2020 @ 12:13am by Lieutenant Acacia Thomas

Mission: What Stalks The Night
Location: Sickbay

A chirp sounded. Then another and another. The incessant cheerful chirping of her comm badge finally woke Acacia from what had been a sound sleep.

"Yes?" she said into the silence of their bedroom. She missed Jack's warmth beside her, but knew he was busy as she was.

"Doctor Thomas. I need you here right now, it's an emergency" The nurse's voice was tight and strained.

"What's the emergency" she said as she glanced down at herself to ensure that she was adequately dressed to run down to sickbay should she need it.

Pajamas would suffice for an emergency situation

"Sargent Palmiro's graft is tearing free. I'm holding pressure, but..."

Acacia was up like a shot and out the door the moment she shoved her feet into flats. Running down the corridor, people cleared the way for her by now understanding that she only EVER ran in an emergency situation. Making it to sickbay in record time, she walked straight into the 1:1 recovery area where a nurse was liberally splattered with blood. Her gloved hand was stemming the blood loss to a trickle, which was slowly spreading down the underside of Palmiro's shoulder and arm.

"Good save." Acacia commented as she saw all of the supplies she would need to repair the graft on the table neatly stacked. She hadn't left it there, so she made a murmer of appreciation as she slipped her arms into a sterile gown, and over that she accepted a pair of sterile gloves from another nurse. Her tools were already open and freshly so as the single line marker for time open had not even turned the first color as it oxidized.

"Alright. Tell me what you feel under your fingers."

"I feel the edge of the graft, like a bubble on top of the artery. " The nurse replied, her face pale as she held pressure on the arteriograft that Dr. Thomas had placed earlier.

An aneurysm. Damn. "Good. Don't let go until you feel me take your place. I am going to press below your fingers. " Sliding her fingers along side the nurses she nodded slowly. Blood spurted for a moment as the pressure was transferred from RN to MD, and Acacia took up a tiny probe. "Fill me a syringe with Amnion growth serum please."

A small syringe was placed in her outstretched hand, and moments later she guided it through her fingers to bathe the area before applying the dermal regenerator probe. It glowed blue, which also helped to control bacteria.

"What's his hemoglobin?"


"Crossmatch and replicate 2 units of blood."

The computer spoke as the nurse punched in the keys "Confirmed blood type B, rh factor negative. Replicating now."

The blood replicator glittered, and the blood came with it's own set of primed tubing. The nurse, now clean of bloodspray came back and started the infusion running into the small port on the side of his neck.

Acacia spared a brief thought that she was greatful just this once to have not put on a negligee. Knowing that Jack wasn't going to be around to appreciate it, she didn't bother. That would have been difficult to explain to the bosses. "Anyone else need my attention while I'm here?" she asked the room, confident that if they did someone would mention it.


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