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Work Doesn't End

Posted on Thu Jan 30th, 2020 @ 8:01am by Katie James & Fleet Captain William Hood

Mission: What Stalks The Night

The capture of the disabled Akira went smoothly, with damage to the main computer and secondary back ups not only were they unable to activate the self destruct but the lack of sustained life support encouraged a surrender. The entire of the surviving crew were transported to the Dreadnought and placed in a vacated Hanger Bay for the fighters. Under guard and accepting that there was nothing to do but wait and see what the future held. Medical aid was provided, security scans made to ensure that nobody was able to conceal anything or guards were posted at the upper level, all of which were armed.

Nearly an hour after his shift ended he was encouraged to leave the Bridge and get some rest and currently found himself at a table on the Promenade reading a report. He'd been nursing the same cup of now cold Coffee for the past 20 minutes as he fixated on the report before him. He'd still not heard anything from the away team and that nagged at him, part of him wanted to send another team but he had to consider that perhaps they would get trapped too.

On the Promenade things seemed normal, families were out eating and shopping, for a moment it seemed like any other place on any planet or station.

Round and round the cup went, rotating it with his fingers as he read, glued to his report and all that was around him unnoticed.

Katie had been watching him. It was hard not to. There was just something about him that drew her in. The set of his jaw, the lines etched on his face as he concentrated on the words on the screen, the idleness with which his hand turned the cup round and round.

"Hey Katie, I'm off! Do you want me to deliver the to-go order to the Jorgenson's on my way? Their quarters isn't too far from mine."

The voice of Eliza broke through her reverie and caught her attention. Turning toward the other woman, she cast a quick smile. "Hey, do me a quick favor before you go?" she asked, grabbing a clean white plate and putting a mocha flavoured cupcake on it. Picking up the piping bag, she deftly piped on an overly generous swirl of frosting and added just a hint of a caramel sauce drizzle for decoration. "Take this to the table just there? Tell him it's on the house," she said with a smile.

Once Eliza had left, Katie took off her apron and dropped it onto the counter before reaching up and undoing the pins that held her long hair neatly in place, shaking her head and letting her hair fall down her back before she picked up a cloth and started wiping down the counters in front of her, starting her usual close up routine.

Lost within a familiar world of command he sat still reading, still rotating the cup of long forgotten beverage. What pulled him out of it was a figure, a plate and a cake. "Oh..." Yanked fully from his report. He took in the view of the decorated treat and smiled as it was placed before him. "Thank you."

"It's from Katie," Eliza said with a half shrug as she indicated toward the small cupcake and coffee shop behind them.

Katie watched as Eliza delivered the cupcake, the cloth in her hand slowly moving in the same lazy circle as she watched him smile. The smile was definitely a vast improvement on the tension that had been etched on his features not all that long ago.

Making up her mind, she dropped the cloth back under the counter and made up a fresh pot of coffee, setting it on a tray with cups, milk, cream, sugar, and a to-go box of cupcakes, the last of her inventory for the day.

Carrying the tray carefully, she walked across to him, sliding the tray onto the table in front of him. "I thought you'd like a fresh coffee to go with your cupcake," she said warmly.

"Thank you." Will was not used to this kind of generosity, given his position and duties it was not often that he was able to get out and about in a more social or civilian setting. The thought of such did make him think that he should do so more often but for now he had a fresh Coffee and a cake to enjoy. "Might you be Katie?" Suggesting that he remembered the name from the other woman that gave him the cake.

She sank into the seat next to him. "That would be me," she said with a smile. "Katie James, cupcake extraordinaire," she said with a smile.

"William Hood." He replied in introduction. "So, this is your shop I take it?" Seeing that it was rather popular before when he arrived. "It must keep you busy?"

"Very busy," she replied with a laugh. "Thankfully I'm at the end of the day," she said with a quick smile. "Or, at least, I will be if you take these home with you!" She slid the take away box of cupcakes off the tray and pushed it in front of him.

"I'm sure my Doctor, Commander Patrovski, would advise against it but my perks allow me some flexibility." Will spoke though they did look good and if they were anything like the one he was enjoying now, tasty.

Katie laughed. "Well, remind me to send him a whole box," Katie said with a grin. "Know what his favourite flavours are?" Setting the two cups out she poured hot fresh coffee into the two cups. "I didn't know how you wanted it, so I have milk, cream and sugar, but you should know that this is a freshly ground brew, not replicated."

"I'll do one better and send him here when I next see him." Though the idea of proper Coffee was a welcome one, often his own went cold on his desk from neglect.

"I always welcome new faces," Katie said with a smile, picking up her mug and taking a sip, sighing happily at the taste. "And familiar ones as well... so, will I see you coming back for more?" She asked, somewhat pointedly, her blue eyes carefully fixed on him, watching him as she waited for a response.

"When duties permit, I often get busy but thats all part of the uniform." Will replied. "Busy was something they left out of the recruitment pitch. Unless you make deliveries?"

"For you, always," Katie replied with a grin. "Just tell me when, where and what you want, and I'll see you get it."

"Now that is service." Will spoke sipping his Coffee.


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