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Something In The Air

Posted on Sat Jan 11th, 2020 @ 11:07am by Commander Bianca Caselli & Lieutenant Commander Xavier Patrovski & Lieutenant James Bradshaw & Fleet Captain William Hood
Edited on on Sat Jan 11th, 2020 @ 11:08am

Mission: What Stalks The Night
Location: Control Centre

Xavier hearing what the Commander asked turned and walked to Stefan who looked a little worse for wear. Considering the state and condition that he was found in it was hardly a surprise but still. Placing his medical kit on the chair next to the pair Xavier visually assessed the man. "Stefan, everything alright?" Xavier asked as he opened his kit, he'd noted that there were blood smears on the mans white coat sleeve, tops of his hands, palms, corner of the mouth.

Stefan nodded, turned away from Xavier slightly which Xavier took as another indicator that something wasn't right. Pulling out some equipment he ran a scan of Stefan to discover an elevated temperature, faster heart rate, raised blood pressure but the strangest reading was signs of organ failure. Accepting that the man had been under considerable amount of stress, lack of sleep, poor eating, dehydration it was expected that his body might not be upto par but this was more than that. "Stefan, how long have you been feeling this way?"

"What do you mean, there is nothing wrong with me." Stefan remarked back to the nosey Doctor.

"Stefan, I'm a Doctor and a good one, I'm not fresh out of Starfleet Medical and I can see with my own eyes that something isn't right." Xavier rattled off the signs that he could see then coupled them with the scan readouts he'd collected.

"Few days." Stefan admitted seeing that he wasn't about to get away with hiding things from the Doctor.

Everything pointed to a viral infection, but Stefan said he was not injured and a scan revealed some cuts but nothing that would cause these kinds of issues. "Rations the only food you have eaten?" Xavier watched Stefan nod. "Water from sealed containers?"

"Ration pack water, why?" A now worried Stafan spoke.

"You have a viral infection, it explains you feeling hot, tired, sweating. I'm guessing by the blood on your sleeve you have been finding it hard to breath too, coughing." Xavier thought about taking a blood sample for testing but he didn't have the right equipment to do it. Walking to James he knelt next to him. "James, got a second?"

James was on his back under a console trying to get systems operational. "Yeah Doc, what's up?"

"Are the internal sensors in this room operational?" Xavier asked.

"Should be, but why?" James asked stopping what he was working and sliding from under the console a bit to look at the Doctor.

"What kind of capability do they have?" Xavier replied.

Sitting up and grabbing his diagnositics kit James ran a check. "Usual spec with heat, atmospheric particulates, oxygen, carbon dioxide....Why?" James showed the run down to the Doctor. It was no so much the question that worried James but more so the look on Xavier face.

"Where can I run the scan from?" Xavier spoke as he tried to keep his voice down, he didn't want to alarm anyone just yet.

"Over there, second console next to the knocked over chair." James answered.

Xavier patted James on the knee and walked to the console indicated then ran his scan. Part of him wished that he didn't, but the warnings were hard to avoid. The warnings came in a list of red flashing indicators. There was a viral contaminant in the air, which meant it was airborne. Walking back to his kit he grabbed his scanner.

"Doc, what's going on?" James asked watching Xavier work, his worry grew when he watched Xavier scan himself. James stood up and walked to the man with that expression that was a mix of many emotions and all of them worrying.

There was no hiding the slight drop in Xavier's shoulders. The news was bad, worse than bad but he had to report it. "I've just scanned Stefan, myself and the air. There is a viral contagion present, we have all been infected."

Bianca listened as Xavier spoke, her own expression remaining as stoic as possible. "I see," she said quietly. "Commander Patrovski, keep monitoring the team, alert me if anything changes. It might pay to check the water packs we bought back from the science labs to make sure they aren't contaminated with something," she ordered calmly. "Lieutenant Bradshaw, lets see about getting these systems sorted so we can find a way out of here before fate decides to throw another brick at us."


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