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Logic and Curiousity

Posted on Thu Dec 19th, 2019 @ 3:07am by Lieutenant Skovik cha Silask

Mission: What Stalks The Night
Location: Science Vessel Soval

A PADD lay illuminated next to the glow of a meditation candle. Its lettering in the spiky Gollic Script glowing a pale golden contrast to the cream of the candle wax. The play of blue light and golden light was quite visually pleasing. The Intelligence officer had been given a most curious set of instructions while in his briefing regarding this posting, and he found himself pondering which of the directives was most prudent to focus upon.

This was a puzzle that he first had to tease the pieces from out of the darkness before hazarding a guess as to how they went together. The picture they made a complete unknown. He'd found that humans sometimes did puzzles without first looking at the picture to increase the challenge of the puzzle itself. While he found human puzzles to be a bit simplistic, he admired the tenacity of doing one without first knowing what he was building. It was a leap of creative thinking that most Vulcans did not share.

Vulcans that followed the old ways called it "Amp'fereik'es" A deep and abiding passion for creation and discovery sometimes to the point of insane focus on their primary subject. While such dedication still existed on Vulcan, most of that desire had been melded into the concept of IDIC.

What would this new ship bring in the form of infinite diversity? Skovik was anticipating great changes in his daily routine due to the newness of the position he now held. Those changes were as inevitable as the passing of one season into the next. It was illogical to protest such changes, and yet he found himself contemplating the possibilities of variables he was not yet acquainted with. Equally Illogical

There was too much chaos in his mind for him to focus his thoughts. Having neglected his meditations would do that to even the most adept of Vulcans. Steepling his fingers, he focused on the single point of light that glowed from his candle. Quietly he spoke the words of the immortal Surak as written on the Kir-Shara. "Dakh pthak. Nam-tor ri ret na'fan-kitok fa tu dakh pthak. *"

Focus brought the bright blue around the wick into his primary vision, the yellow and orange flickering calming his thoughts to a razor sharp edge. His calm trickled back in, as the tides drew water onto the oceans. It was then that the tentative voice of a male human interrupted his meditations.



“Um. I. ” The yeoman, a man of barely adequate years to be aboard a ship, had the white around the eyes look of someone fearful of disturbing him. Perhaps just fearful in general, there had been instances in the past where his demeanor had frightened those around him. Something about body language. "Uhm.." There were some that still found Vulcans too similar to their religious devil imagery. Again, totally illogical. One wonders what the child is doing on a vulcan ship in that case.

“Speak your message”

"Oh. Yeah. Captain says we will be arriving ahead of schedule if that's alright?"

How could his acquiescence change the fact that they would arrive early? Ah, the boy seemed to be requiring a response from him, even as he shrank against the wall. Humans demanded such varying social niceties it was difficult to keep an order to their social rules. They were such an emotional, illogical species, and yet he found their varied emotional states compelling.

"That is acceptable."

He heard the quiet footsteps of his eldest daughter, the captain of this vessel. The vessel itself was a multidisciplinary science ship of the Vulcan Space Agency called the Soval. An appropriate moniker for the ship which carried scientists affiliated with the Vulcan Science Academy, those from Starfleet and a smattering of other prominent scientists from other worlds.. Pride was illogical, but he allowed himself a small flicker of it for the accomplishments of his child. "You have my gratitude for the accommodations on this journey."

"No gratitude is required Father. It was logical, when your destination is on our route to Kathar Star Nursery. It is my wish that the new posting brings you peace." The captain raised her hand in the traditional Vulcan salute. "

Raising his hand in the ta'al "Live long and Prosper my daughter."

She left him to his preparations to depart, secure in the knowledge that she had said all that was required to her father at this time.

The telltale flash of phaser fire as they dropped out of warp drew his eye to the large window in the room. He must have been mistaken, but the reddish orange flash of phaser fire once more lit the ring that passed over this room. It had drawn his complete attention, and the ship slowed in response, alert lights illuminated on the status board.

Why was the ship he was heading to under attack? Stepping out of the conference room in which he had been working Skovik entered the bridge. The officer at the operations terminal was speaking as he entered, the firefight being broadcast upon the viewscreen.

“Captain T’Prai, the attackers appear to also be of federation origin. That is illogical- the Federation does not attack its own.” It was a sentiment that Skovik echo’d within the privacy of his mind. There was clearly much more going on here than just what he’d been briefed upon before being dispatched.

“Are we prepared to render aid?” T’Prai and Skovik spoke in the same breath, echoing each other.


“Begin scans of the attacking vessels, acquire as much information about them and their crews as possible.”


Curious indeed.

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*Cast out fear. There is no room for anything else until you cast out fear.


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