NCC - 77447 - B
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Backpost - Meeting the Team

Posted on Tue Dec 24th, 2019 @ 11:10am by Lieutenant Amélie D'Aramitz & Lieutenant Zeri Zanti

Mission: What Stalks The Night
Location: Counseling Offices
Timeline: Primary Onboarding of Crew

Nervousness was part and parcel of starting any new position, especially on a new ship. Alain was off checking out the restaurant on the Promenade, so Amélie decided to take a peek at the counseling offices and maybe if she got a chance to check in to sickbay.

The counselling department seemed pleasant enough. There was a central waiting area and a series of offices off to the sides. It was well decorated and definitely designed to be comfortable, but it could still do with a few personal touches.

She had been about to go check out her own personal office when the main entry doors opened behind her. Turning on her heel, she cast a quick smile at the newcomer. "Hi," Amélie said warmly. "Sorry, I wasn't expecting to see anyone in here just yet. I'm Amélie, one of the new counselors. I was just taking a sneak peek."

“No atonement needed, Amélie,” the second woman assured as she stood in the receiving area with her hands on her beeline hips, head scanning left and right looking favorably upon the space dedicated to the department. “There are certainly enough doors, yes?” She regarded Amélie for a moment, as good as mesmerized by the woman’s striking green eyes, sonsy disposition and smooth curves. In juxtaposition, Zeri was rapier-thin; feminine of a certain, but not in the same ways. Her eyes were almost forceful in their contrived, jazzy gold and orange. But they were prosthetic eyes and so there had been absolutely no reason at all to affect a commonplace coloration. She slowly registered that her gaze had fixed overlong and so moved forward with her hand held out in greeting. “I am Zeri Zanti; likewise a new counselor. Rather, newly assigned to the Dreadnought.”

Amélie smiled warmly and accepted the hand that was offered to her. "Amélie D'Aramitz," she replied easily. "I just came aboard yesterday, still settling in. How many times have you gotten lost so far?" She asked with a soft laugh.

"None, but I can take no credit for that. I've avoided going astray by the simple, and perhaps cowardly method…” Zeri gave Amélie a friendly wink. “...I haven't done any wandering. Did you know there are 172 decks on this ship?!” Zeri shook her head in disbelief. “I would never have believed such a thing to be possible.” She’d been glancing around the office as she spoke and settled over near one of the doors. “Let us see what they keep behind this one, shall we?”

With a nod, Amélie fell into step behind Zeri. "I've wandered a little, but mostly between my quarters and places I need to be, like here and the Promenade."

“Now that I would like to see. A boardwalk and shopping strip, all in one. This ship is a marvel.” Zeri gave a quick wave of her palm against a panel mounted in the wall beside the doorway and the room beyond came into view. The room they were now standing in was an amalgamated collection of zones, ostensibly designed with relaxation and tranquility in mind. (I’ll describe this more when the words come to me, but it’s like a 24th century Zen playground.)

“Oh yummy. I was hoping they would accommodate this request of mine when finalizing the construction of our department. What do you think, Amélie?”

Amélie looked around curiously, taking everything in. "It looks calming," she said softly as she walked across the room. "I imagine it would be a good place to destress and relax. It could get a bit messy though, don't you think?"

“The attention diverting burden of a banal chore can be a restorative for the anxious mind. It is my hope that patients will draw a connection between setting right the disorder of this room and the reconditioning of their thoughts disarrayed. Failing that, we still have assistant counselors, junior aides and seven thousand potential caretakers for this room’s immaculate imperturbability.” Zeri gave her counseling comrade an impish grin. “I’m not planning to personally pick up a broom with any regularity.”

With a laugh, Amélie nodded in agreeance. "It's probably a good thing there are others to take care of that side of things. Honestly, I'm really not the tidiest person in the universe; just ask my husband," she finished with a grin.

Zeri held an arm out indicating the direction from which they’d come. “You are married; I’d nearly forgotten. To a brilliant chef, if I recall your file correctly?”

Amélie nodded quickly, her face lighting up, as it always did when she thought about Alain. "Yes, he's a chef on the Promenade. We've been lucky; since being married we haven't had to be apart; he's always managed to find a position where ever I have been assigned. Are you married, Zeri?" Amélie asked softly. "Any other family here with you?"

“No longer. My Paul died a few years past and I am unlikely to bond in such manner again.” There was a longing in Zeri’s voice and she was quick to turn away, moving the conversation and tour along. “Let us find your office. Mine is on the far side, but you may pick any of these that befit your fancy.”

"Number Eight," Amélie said without having even seen the offices in question. "It's my favourite number," she offered quickly as an explanation.

“Number eight....” Zeri drew it out in a studied approach to the matter. “I’m not sure there are so many doors in all the suite. Let us count...oh, you speak truly. There you are, last office on the left. Are you sure you want this one?”

A soft smile formed over Amélie's lips. "There is no office I want more," she said softly. "This office is where I'm meant to be," she finished with conviction.


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