NCC - 77447 - B
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The Gloves Come Off

Posted on Wed Dec 18th, 2019 @ 2:29pm by Commander Mark Bawden

Mission: What Stalks The Night
Location: Bridge. U.S.S. Dreadnought

Mark could only stand and watch as the three unknown yet clearly Federation in design starships opened fire. It seemed a bit like David and Goliath at first, the much smaller ships taking on the largest in service, what could be considered a mobile station. Their weapons fire didn't need to be accurate, they just had to fire and it would strike the ship but Mark had less of a task than he anticipated. The Defiants flew close hoping to make a target lock difficult but there was a flaw to the plan.

Flying close meant distance, close for some weapons but perfect for others and the Dreadnought was covered in pulse phasers just like the Defiants were. The amount of them compensated for accuracy with the ability to barrage fire a given sector. The Akira kept distance using its strength in torpedoes to lay down a battering volley of fire but the shields were holding, comfortably.

The new Type XIII phasers worked better than Mark expected as he used them to focus down the Akira, while weapons couldn't fire on the more nimble Defiants he turned their attention to the Heavy Cruiser. There was a saying 'Peace Through Superior Firepower', well the Dreadnought had it in spades. Mark watched as the readouts on the magazine counters for the turrets slowly trickled down as they launched micro torpedoes at the aggressors.

Micro torpedoes wouldn't do much, not by themselves but 132 launchers paired in 66 turrets would put enough of them out to cause problems for anyone and Mark had to suppress just a hint of elation at watching the ship dish out far better than it was taking. The shields were the same mounted on Stardock class Starbases, a few ships were no threat, it would take a considerable fleet to batter down the gate to this fortress.

"Shields are holding, weapons are operating within capacity, munitions consumption nominal." Mark reported amidst the minor shakes of the ship from weapon impacts.

With a ship the size of the Dreadnought meant weapons overlapped especially the phaser arrays and because striking the Defiants would be difficult, attacking the Akira was far more rewarding. "Akira's shields are fluctuating, I'm detecting power variances in the forward weapons arrays, engines and secondary systems."

An Akira was a hard hitter, in-hit-out. It could take a bit of a beating but a bit was far short of what the Dreadnought was dealing.

As minutes passed the weapons didn't let up and surprisingly nor did the ships attacking us, Mark had to admit they were determined but with any attack there comes a point where it becomes pointless to continue, losses outweigh the objective. That point came when a phaser strike pierced the Akira's shields impacting the port nacelle, the familiar blue trail of warp plasma left behind as the ship manoeuvred.

"The Akira has taken critical damage to the warp engines." Then the list of other issues followed as a few more phasers hit home. "Shes lost power on several decks, shields are down, minimal weapons, impulse engines are reduced capacity."

The Defiant's broke off the attack and made a hasty retreat, leaving their crippled comrade behind.

All this in the space of 19 minutes.


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