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A Moment of Calm

Posted on Wed Feb 19th, 2020 @ 1:21am by Lieutenant Colonel Jason "Jack" Frost & Lieutenant Acacia Thomas

Mission: Under A Glassy Surface, Where We Don't Belong...
Location: Quarters
Timeline: Backpost

Nebulous dreams of colors and swirls faded into the dim not quite focused haze of eyes just waking up. Shifting slightly sapphire eyes opened to assess her surroundings. Acacia was tucked into bed with a stiff neck and a blanket that hadnt been over her before. Shed vaguely remembered it from a box that had stood at the end of the bed when they moved back in

Jack was in the living room reading a few reports, catch up work mostly with soft music playing but not loud enough to wake Acacia. Reading up on the ship and his officers some more he thought since he didn't want to make any noise and wake her it would be an ideal time to read as he hummed to the music that played, sipped the Coffee that he made more of after taking Acacia to bed.

The delicate classical tune was lovely, and the fact that Jack was humming along just warmed her inside to hear. This man was extraordinary and it was almost tragic for her that no one really noticed what a gem he was. Except perhaps her, for he'd noticed her uniqueness. Turning down the blankets quietly, Acacia just laid there for a while enjoying the sound of his voice.

The details he was reading in the reports were fascinating especially when looking at the officers that made up most of his leadership team. The varied walks of life, experiences, deployments and training were just what he expected from marines. He was unaware that Acacia had awoken as he sipped his Coffee and started to read another report.

She slipped silently out of bed and walked into the bathroom to rummage in her bag. Knocking over the bag, she sent a few bottles of fancy soap and shampoo skittering across the bathroom floor. Oops.

Jack heard the noise and almost sprang from the sofa to his feet with the zeal of youth long passed. He walked through the bedroom door to see the bed empty, Acacia was awake. "Babe?" Jack called. "Is everything ok?"

"Just knocking over things. Nothing to worry about I assure you." she giggled "Might have spilled a bit of soap on the floor, and it might smell like peppermint and rosemary in here for a while.

Jack smirked as he walked to the bathroom seeing the door open and one of the soap bottles on the floor. "Well Im sure that will be a little change in here. I wonder if it will drift down the hall when we leave leaving people guessing."

"Only if you use it on your hair too" she said with a giggle, then looked at herself in the mirror. Lifting one bright pink curl she sighed softly, the color was starting to fade and some red could be seen underneath. It was time to do another changeover.

"Oh yeah, I'm sure that will do wonders for my image and position." Jack replied with a smile. "You want a hand or something?" He offered figuring he'd at least try and be helpful.

"I think it would. They'd wonder who you lost a bet to. As for help, I'd love some." she murmured, eyebrows raising just slightly. "You really want to help me dye my hair?"

"Well, why not. If I can field strip most weaponry, how hard can colouring hair be?" Jack spoke, bravely. He actually had no idea what to do but he was willing to try at least.

"Again with the comparing me to a deadly weapon. One of these day's I am going to be offended by that." she threw back at him with a subtle challenge in her eyes. "Since I'm looking for a true change, lets go bright green into white. " It was also a subtle way of saying whom her partner was.

"Hey just because you are a Doctor, doesn't mean you are all nice and heal everyone. Pretty sure you can do some damage yourself considering people still talk about the fight you got into with my previous assistant." Jack spoke then considered her choice, green into white. Just how does he do that? "Uh...what?"

"Don't worry Marine, for this one thing, I have a manual." The twinkle in her eye was positively wicked as she untied the tie holding her shorts up. "First...start up the shower, on water setting, to your comfort level and grab that bottle of dye releaser."

"You have, or you are?" Jack answered as he turned the shower on and grabbed the dye bottle, he read the wording on the side. The teasing made with the shorts didn't go unnoticed too as he grinned.

"Both are accurate." Bending over to shimmy out of them she gave him a good lingering look at her cleavage before rising again to challenge him with her eyes. A tug and the tank was over her head and onto the bathroom floor. Acacia walked by him without a second glance and into the warmth of the shower.

"Hey, you keep those antics up and colouring your hair is going to wait. You know what happened last time you did that and you ached afterwards remember?" Jack spoke as he not only admired the sexy curves Acacia had, and the views she was deliberately teasing him with, but the fact she was his partner also was a massive boost to the moment.

Tugging him in beside her she gave him a long lingering kiss, tasting the faint flavor of his tea on his tongue, before darting under the water. If she didn't issue the challenge she was going to find herself with hair undone, after having been pounded against the tiles. "Finish my hair marine and I'll be the reward for a job well done."

"Yes Ma'am." He smiled after the kiss. Jack having read the instructions read them again. "So don't we apply this to dry hair?" Jack didn't have a clue, he didn't care much about his hair and he liked the greys it held but this....this was something else.

"Nope. This allows me to rinse out the dye that is already in my hair. Giving us a clean slate to play with. Then we apply the dye. I'm going to have to bleach down my hair first this time, for the white, but thats pretty easy."

Pretty easy she says.......sounded like a tactical operation to Jack's ears. "Oh, yeah, pretty easy...." And here was Jack looking utterly clueless on something as 'pretty easy' as colouring hair.

"I havent done a white in a while." She clarified. It might take an application or two to get her to the right colour.

"Well you tell me what to do and go from there." Jack knew she prided herself on her hair and it was one of the things he loved about her, but this was different because he was helping and that meant...results were uncertain.

"Squirt out a handful of that, and rub it into my hair like it's shampoo. Don't leave anywhere out. Its got to cover everything or ill be streaky. "

Jack worked hard to make sure he didn't miss any bits, doing so would mean Acacia doing this whole thing all over again just to correct it. Often changing his position around her so that he could clearly see where he was going and what he was doing he worked.

There was something deeply intimate about having him wash her hair, and the warmth she felt it was not something that she'd expected. She relaxed, practically melted actually at the sensation of his fingers in her hair

Jack was gentle about her hair not wanting to snag, pull or catch her hair that would be uncomfortable but he did make sure to give her hair a good washing and her scalp a damn good massage. "Not too rough?"

It took Acacia a few moments to realize he was speaking to her, and then to process the words. Oh- he'd asked her a question. Was it to rough? Gods no, it was perfect. "Mmmm, no. It's good."

Jack continued, his hands were those of combat, marked by war and hardly gentle but he was trying his best to be just that with them laced through her coloured hair. He made sure not to miss a bit, making sure he got it all to avoid her hair streaking. It was one of the things he liked about her, the dash of colour, it was different and an pleasant one. "Okay, done."

After a long moment of just resting against him she sighed her disappointment with him being done. Shaking herself a bit she raised bright blue eyes to meet his, and smiled warmly. Ducking her head back under the shower's warmth, she sighed as the sunrise washed away leaving a warm red. Next would be removing the red, so that she could dye it that green gradient that she'd chosen. Rising up on her toes, she kissed him softly "That was lovely, thank you Jack."


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