NCC - 77447 - B

Lieutenant Zeri Zanti

Name Zeri Zanti

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Ba'ku
Age 53 (*32 apparent)

Physical Appearance

Height 1.81 meters (5’11.5”)
Weight 52 kg (115 lbs)
Hair Color Dark Blonde
Eye Color Golden/Amber Irises*
Physical Description She looks younger than her actual years due to naturally occurring properties of her homeworld, and has been accused of possessing an exaggerated pulchritude because of this, but in truth it is just how she looks with time interrupted.

Zeri is not a ‘shapely’ woman by prescribed standards. Polite qualifiers of her physical description might be slim and lean, but you’re just as likely to hear her described as a bony twig. Her angular body does not come across as vigorous or powerful, and indeed it is not. But she is tall with an uncommonly tempting face, though these matters are relative and subjective.


Spouse Husband - Paul Zanti - Deceased
Other Family (I haven’t decided if natural family will play any part in this character’s story, whether it be motivations for the future or regrets of the past. I’ll update this section as needed.)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Perhaps a pacifist, certainly peaceful; Zeri will go a long way to avoid physical conflict. But the same could be said for each of the Ba'ku. In many ways, life in the village of Ba'ku was ideal. Conflict was set aside in favor of the greater peace and all were deemed equal among one another. Unfortunately, the agrarian life never appealed to Zeri - and truth be told, she was never cut out for it. Manual labor was a struggle for her and from her earliest days, she was disinclined towards 'raising barns and drudging through fields.' Even as a child, she hadn’t enjoyed playing outdoor games with the other children; not particularly. Zeri had always been what the Ba'ku called - a dreamer. She would happily live inside her own head if given the opportunity.

She joined Starfleet for the comfort of familiarity and civility, but in her heart, Zeri is not an explorer. She has continued her education into the world of psychology and mental health, but advancing in rank has never been a high priority for Zeri. She has an excellent understanding of the human mind and its essential nature. She genuinely enjoys being around others and encouraging them to share in a feeling of functional completeness. She’s kind and easy going, but appreciates the need to find ways to assist others who may not want to voluntarily pursue the necessary avenues for personal growth and advantageous release. She’s not looking for patients, but if a crewmember would benefit from her help and chooses instead to avoid her, she knows how to force a session.

Time has a way of casting memories in a happier light and at times she wishes she'd never left her home. Because despite it all, time was that which her planet offered most freely. In joining Starfleet, she gave up a spot at the fountain of youth and after the death of her husband, she began struggling more and more often to substantiate such a sacrifice.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Intuitive

-Physically inefficient
-Her dedication to Starfleet is an unsettled arrangement in her own mind.
Ambitions Zeri's first pick for duty assignment, if she continues her career in Starfleet, would be a transfer to a longstanding outpost tucked safely away in some sheltered pocket of Federation space where she is free to engage in the pursuit of knowledge, without the need for actual application.
Hobbies & Interests +Zeri has come to appreciate the complexities of getting an entire crew and manifest to work together at their best.
+In her free time she enjoys reading, writing, painting and playing various string instruments in ship ensembles.
+She participates in group and solitary yoga, and seeks out opportunities to dance.
+She is well represented at communal events and social gatherings.
+She has 3 service animals which are actually genetically neutered Tribbles. They are often in her quarters or office where they coo, purr and generally sooth members of humanoid species.

Personal History With the village on Ba'ku consisting of less than 1000 people, there were only first names so she was known simply as Zerij. And since the colony was so small, they really had no use for a formal government. People got together and discussed what was needed and then worked together to achieve those goals. Unfortunately, not all situations could be talked through. Following the failed and violent revolt of the Son'a, there were some few among the Ba'ku, peaceful as they were, who still wished to explore offworld or pursue a way of life beyond the scope of the planet. With Outpost 40’s (Deep Space 12) permanent Starfleet presence established in the near vicinity to Ba’ku in roughly 2377, those so wishing were extended the opportunity to embrace technological advances and immerse themselves with outsiders while remaining near to home; relatively safe from the inevitable effects they’d experience if or once they decided to leave Ba'ku completely. And for those who decided to reach out farther into the cosmos, life beyond the bounds of the Briar Patch was now an option, though it came at the personal forfeit of the regenerative effects of the planet; more specifically the planet’s rings with their metaphasic radiation.

Zerij was eager and quick to put her Ba'ku life behind her and take that shuttle flight up to the station. In many ways, she’d been trying to get away from that Ba'ku life since she was a young child. Even so, she was not prepared for the technology-rich environment enjoyed by Starfleet personnel and she spent the next year aboard the station acclimating to those subtle changes. Early on in that year she was compelled to embrace technology further when her vision abruptly failed. This was not a surprise; she’d been prepared for the biological fallout surrounding her decision to leave Ba’ku, but she had hoped the inevitable would be longer in the coming. As a teenager, she’d pierced and lacerated her face during an infrequent and misguided attempt to climb a tree. The injury to her eyes was severe and would have cost her the vision from both were it not for the healing properties of the planet. But at the age of 37, and no longer at the epicenter of those metaphasic particles, otherwise immutable injuries returned. In the medical bay of Outpost 40, her sightless eyes were removed and she was given ocular implants. Her natural irises were blue, but in her new eyes she’d decided upon the color of her favorite sunrise. Or, as close to it as the medical facilities could manage. She transitioned well to the implants and over the years they have been upgraded, but she always favors the orange, ambers and golden pigmentations.

Around the time of her implants, Zerij also elected to recast her name in keeping with her own examinations of her thoughts and feelings. As she’d later discover in regards to so many aspects of the mind, one small change was all it took to set things into motion for harmony. For Zerij, she simply dropped the ‘J’ from her name and became Zeri.

Settling down on some other planet would have been one thing, but joining the cosmos and those warp-capable species that move within it was something else and a considerable education became the stage for the next eleven years of Zeri’s life. Her time at the Academy, and later the Medical Academy, was a blur. There was much to learn and she enjoyed the scholastic environment immensely - with the exception of unarmed combat training or armed combat training or zero-G training or Survival courses… Books, art, study and classrooms; these were where she flourished, but she struggled with the physicality of a Cadet’s education.

During her second year at Starfleet Academy, she met the man who would go on to become her husband. Paul Zanti was a second year cadet as well, but had recently transferred to the Betazed campus from San Francisco. Their names were similar enough that they often found themselves paired up or called together for administrative purposes. He was on an engineering track so they would not share many of the same courses beyond that second year, but three semesters were enough to set the two of them on course for true love, following an ardent romance. They wed shortly after graduation; a hasty decision in the minds of Paul’s friends and family, but a foregone conclusion between the bride and groom. The next four years were happy, short and insufficient in number. During Zeri’s fourth year at Starfleet Medical, with the two planning for children in the near future and domestic bliss (in as far as Starfleet Officers can find), Paul died in a rockslide while exploring a First Contact planet. It was a tragedy made all the more devastating for Zeri because she had no experience with death or loss in this way. She went through a prolonged period of bereavement, and was on the receiving end of much counseling during her final year of Medical Academy, but avoided the need for formal time away from her studies. She graduated 24th in her class. She was a forty-eight year old widow, but younger by far in the eyes of most, and her career with Starfleet was only beginning.
Service Record 37 - 38 | Basic pre-entry geared towards Federation acclimation - Outpost 40 (Deep Space 12) in orbit of Ba'ku
38 - 40 | Starfleet Academy Preparatory program - Cestus III
40 - 44 | Starfleet Academy - Betazed
Major - Psychology: Terran, General
Minor - Xenobiology: Physiology
44 - 45​ | Cadet training cruise - USS Pinnacle - Counselor’s Aide
45 - 49 | Assigned rank of Ensign as she begins Starfleet Medical Academy & graduates as Lt. jg
45 - 49​ | Starfleet Medical Academy - San Francisco, Earth
Speciality: Advanced Psychotherapy
49 - 50 | Assistant Counselor & First Contact Specialist - USS Dallas (Lt. jg)
49 - 51​ | Xenopsychology Certification via Correspondence Courses and off-ship Seminars
50 - 52 | Counselor - USS Guardian (Lieutenant)
53 - Present | Counselor - USS Dreadnought (Lieutenant)
53 - Present | Diplomatic Policy and Affairs - Endorsement